• Show Date: 22/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers – West of England Ladies Kennel Society

My thanks to the society for their invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for their support and sportsmanship.

JD 1 - X - My Dreams Sharbest Imp Cze (Mrs P D Evans). A little rocket, absolutely full of himself and showing a great deal of potential for when he is more mature, just right for size and shape, compact with enough loin. Really liked his head, dark and expressive eyes. Perfect level topline. BD 2 Jestidek's Alfredino (Ms A Haisova) BP. Liked his overall shape and balance, expressive and dark eye. Moved reasonably well.

PGD 1 Stadmeyer Romeo (C Conway). Rather on the large side, but still I appreciated his proportionately small ears, dark eyes and overall in good condition.

OD 1 Murtagh The Macho (B Kerchey) RBD. Correct for size and overall balance. Expressive dark eyes with high set, small ears. Moved well, maintaining a level topline throughout.

SB 1 Murtagh The Macho (B Kerchey)

JB 1 Lavieest Perl of Britany (Miss Ivita Plaude). Neat, compact and balanced. Liked her head and expression, and small ears. Nicely angulated, moved with enthusiasm. 

PGB 1 Jestidek Sparkling Alenka (Ms A Haisova). RBB A little on the large side but with plenty to like. Straight and glossy coat with correct texture. Moved with drive, maintaining a level topline. 2 Everything Nice of Hello Yorkies (Imp Rom) (Miss E K O'connor). Prefered her for size but the winner had a better topline and tail carriage. Coat in good condition with correct texture, dark and expressive eyes. 

OB 1 Litalees Sunflower (Mrs S Lee). BB & BOB. Pleasing bitch, correct for size, compact and conveying that typical air of self-importance that suits this breed. She was alert throughout, showing off her better qualities. Lovely silky and glossy coat with correct colours. Proportinate and small head with dark, ideally sized eyes. 2 Xenny Szafran (Miss Ivita Plaude). Sound and well built, with good glossy coat of silky texture but not showing the steel blue colour required in the standard. Liked her head and expressive, dark eyes. Moved with drive, maintaining a level topline.

Derfel Owen