• Show Date: 19/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dennis McLellan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Ridings Labrador Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

The Three Ridings Labrador Retriever Club Championship Show

19th March 2022. Dogs. Mr Dennis N McLellan

MPD 12 (1)

1 Mrs D M Hopkinson’s Rocheby Havana. Yellow with an extremely pleasing head in good proportion, dark eyes and pigment, good reach of neck and has an excellent lay of shoulders and a good line down the legs and tight toes. A good depth of chest and spring of ribs. A perfect level top line. An excellent thigh and turn of stifles and true when viewed from the rear, with well let down hocks. A beautiful dense coat. Tail is set perfectly off the top line. Moved truly and with ease away, across and toward. I was very pleased to award this puppy BPD and ultimately with agreement with my co-judge BPIS.

2 Mrs L Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor. Yellow with a gentle expression, broad in skull, well placed ears, clean neck with good reach, strong very good looking front end with a good lay of shoulders and a good forechest, very balanced proportions. In very good coat. Longer in body than 1 and the topline slightly risen on the rear but of no concern at this age. An excellent well muscled width of thigh and second thigh to beautiful tight toes. His tail is correctly placed and is well covered. He moved very well without fault but could benefit from a little more speed.

3 Mr D Coode’s Warringah Timouron Winmalee (NAF)

PD 5

1 Mr D Coode’s Streamanda Balla Balla from Warringah. Chocolate with a kind expression and head which is un-exaggerated, an excellent eye colour and clean defined skull features. He appears to be up to height at his 9 months of age. Good reach of neck into perfect angled shoulder placement, strong legs and neat feet. Depth of chest is balanced with length of leg. Level topline and no extra weight carried in the body or tummy. Very good rear quarters again with no exaggeration of angles. Showed in excellent full coat. Moved with ease and at good pace.

2 Mrs D Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. A shorter black puppy with a handsome gentle expression, pronounced stop and kind eyes. Strong and good reach of neck, excellent forechest, deep chest and a good lay of shoulders. A little shorter in leg in front than 1 with tight toes. A good topline and underline, short coupled to a well-developed rear end. Lovely otter tail in constant movement. He moved well in all directions.

3 Mrs C & Mr D Allen’s Timouron Secret Liaison.

JD 9 (3)

1 Mrs E Young’s Optimist Vision. Yellow with a very kind head. Length of muzzle to skull is perfect and clean cut features. Very good reach of neck and a good depth down to brisket and chest. A good balance of leg to chest, with good well sprung ribs. Short coupled with no excess weight. Very well developed thigh and turn of stifle with well placed feet on the stand all around. Excellent tailset and in very good coat. Settled into a good flow of movement and pleased to award him his place at the top of this class.

2 Miss C M Smith’s Flyenpyg Pie Eyed JW. Black dog with skull shape and proportions of 1, kind dark eyes, clean and good reach of neck, well placed shoulders of good angles around a good forechest and good depth of chest. A level topline, good set on of tail and super developed thigh to well let down hocks. This boy led the exhibitor around the ring with excellent flow of movement and at one with handler. Places could easily swap over with 1 on a different day.

3 Mrs H Cain’s Hannabee Applejack.

YD 7 (1)

1 Miss L A Lewis’s Crammondkirk Buckley. Black young dog of 13 months. Excellent body shape and type. Beautiful balance head with an expression of kindness abound. Very good reach of neck into well angulated shoulders. A very good forechest accentuating those angles. Straight legs to tight toed neat feet. Well sprung ribs with a good clear underline up to his loin and short coupling. Excellent thighs and correct tailset. His tail was notably inanimate although held up on the move and set on correctly. He also was the best mover in the class flowing around the ring in reach and drive.

2 Mrs C & Mr D Allen’s Tylersgreen Narsil at Timouron. Black with a handsome head and pronounced stop with dark eyes and well placed ears. Good reach of neck, deep brisket and chest with good width. Good shoulder placement, longer ribcage than 1, and short coupled. Very good depth of thigh which is well muscled, a good turn of stifle. A good topline to the croup, with a slight drop to the tailset. Stood very well in presentation. Moved well and covered the ground easily.

3 Ms H Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket

MD 4

1 Mrs L Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor. As 2 in MP

2 Mr D Coode’s Warringah Dalhalou Oombabeer. Very clean head features with an attentive expression. Good reach of neck and a well constructed front angles and a good depth of chest. Good leg to body proportion and enough depth of chest and spring of rib. Not heavy in bone. Very good coat, I did see he rose a little on the rear along the topline as did all in this class. Correct tailset and moved very with pace and ease.

3 Mr D Falshaw & Miss T J Elliott’s Lonicerium Jack Sparra

ND 6

1 Mrs L Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor. As 2 in MPD & 1 in MD

2 Mr D Coode’s Streamanda Balla Balla from Warringah. 1 in PD

3 Mrs D Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah. As 2 in PD


1 Miss L A Lewis’s Crammondkirk Buckley. As 1 in YD

2 Mr D Coode’s Streamanda Balla Balla from Warringah. 1 in PD 2 ND

3 Mrs E R & Mr S C Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana

GD 5 (1)

1 Miss L A Lewis’s Crammondkirk Buckley. As 1 in YD & 1 in UGD

2 Mr A Mrs S Ellis & Mrs E Matulla’s Dolwen Stargazer. A lighter yellow with not too broad a skull, dark pigment around eyes and nose and a very happy and pleasing looking expression. A good reach of neck but perhaps just a tad heavier around the throat before the chest. Very good lay of shoulder with tucked in elbows and straight legs. Would benefit from a little less weight around the shoulders, well sprung ribs, and not carrying weight in the rear. Good strong rear quarters, well clothed tail and set correct, well let down hocks. Moved and covered the ground well

3 Mr & Mrs M Lawton’s Meadowline Monsoon.

PGD 10 (2)

1 Miss L J Finney & Mrs P Carpanini’s Carpenny Kipling. Very good outline all around. Kind head with an intelligent alert expression. Good reach of muzzle and also length and width of skull. Very clean lines down a good reach of neck and correct lay of shoulder with sufficiently boned legs and a spring in the pastern. Deep rib cage with good spring. Level topline. Good muscle tone in the rear and a good turn of stifle. His movement was free flowing, covering the ground easily without fault.

2 Mrs P L Lesley’s Sledderwood Sako Flyer over Steeleigh JW. An exuberant exhibit which is a darker yellow, with correct eye shape with dark pigment. Good line from the neck down the forefront. Well boned legs from an excellent lay of shoulder. Well sprung ribs and deep chest and very good topline strong rear end with a good turn of stifle. In excellent coat. I would like to have seen a better flow of movement, although nothing was out of place, he did need to settle.

3 Miss C M Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW

MLD 5 (1)

1 Mr D Coode’s Warringah The Bluff JW. Perfectly balance head with a beautifully kind expression. Excellent front construction and a super outline from chin through to tight toes. Excellent spring of ribs and a good solid muscular body. A level topline with tail following that line, and again a solid muscled rump and thigh all covered in super dense coat, with a good second thigh and excellent let down hocks. These gave him super drive around the ring excelling in movement. Stood in my last four in consideration for top honours.

2 Mr & Mrs R I & Miss M Dawson’s Beskerby Pageant. Yellow with a beautiful kind calm expression, a good shaped skull with a good width and depth of muzzle. Very strong in the neck and over the shoulders. Very good lay of shoulder and a good line from withers down to front leg. Very deep chest and an excellent spring of ribs. A little weight held just behind the shoulder. Level topline with a good line through the tail, and a good tuck into the tummy. Neat turn of stifle with good developed rear muscles. Handled very well and showed off a good stride of movement away and forwards.

3 Mrs P L Lesley’s Aramis Britannica Archipelago at Steeleigh (IMP LTU) JW

LD 10 (1)

1 Mr A Mrs M & Miss M Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver. Outstanding black in this class. The most beautifully attractive head with dark eyes and melting expression. Well placed ears. Excelling in reach of neck with a good depth of chest and forechest. Excellent lay of shoulder and tucked in elbows. A balanced depth of chest with front leg length to neat feet. Good length of ribcage to a short coupling carrying no unwanted weight. Super turn of stifle and visually muscled rump, well let down hocks. Lovely clean and thick double coat. He showed perfectly and moved in the same manner. Driven easily from the rear and a good reach in the front. I was pleased to award him the RCC.

2 Mrs D Meredith’s Tweedledum Off The Record. Black very much the same type as 1. Excellent broad head shape with dark eyes and pleasing expression. A super muscled neck flowing down into well placed shoulders and well boned legs. A noticeable good coat. A lovely line from the shoulders flowed to the tip of his tail. Well developed thigh and stifle balanced with the front. Standing four square in presentation and very much at one with the handler. Moved well from the front and rear and using little effort to do so.

3 Mrs S M B Walton’s Gallybob Marmalade

OD 8 (2)

1 Mr & Mrs A R V & Miss R Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken East Meets West (A.I.) JW. Eye catching black who stands at the top end of the height scale. Splendid head with handsome features and kind expressive eyes. A well clothed body with a fabulous outline. A very good reach of neck down to an excellent angled well placed shoulder, down to good boned legs in balance with body. Well sprung ribs with good depth here, and a clear underline up to his tummy. No extra weight being carried along the back, which is toned muscle. A developed rear quarter and thighs with firm muscles. All stood up in tip top condition. He excelled in his movement in all directions. I was extremely pleased to award him the CC and with agreement from my co-judge RBIS.

2 Mrs E Grummitt & Ms A Dempsey’s Sh Ch Dromtacker Made To Order (IKC) CW 19/JUN CH/JD. Yellow with a beautiful clear and melting expression. Dark eyes showing intelligence and very tuned in to his handler. Excellent reach of neck flowing down to shoulders which are of a good angle through to a straight front leg. A lovely toned body which held the deep chest and short coupling, level topline and a perfectly formed back end. With this, he was able to move without hinderance around the ring and was moved with a very good pace.

3 Mr & Mrs M & J & Miss L Rawlinson & Mr & Mrs D Balshaw’s Sh Ch Pitch Battle at Shanorrell.


1 Mrs E R & Mr S C Wilson’s Stelainros Wabana. 3 in UGD, Black who has a masculine head with a kind expression. Quite heavy in the neck and front forechest, well boned legs and a good lay of shoulder. Good depth and width of chest, a level topline, his tail set is just a tad higher than I like and he carried it high on the move but not too far as to lose his place. Enough width in the thigh and let down hocks. A dense fairly long coat. He did move well.

2 Ms H Potter’s Harrop Pick Pocket. 3 in YD. Black who has much less body and substance than 1. Pleasant expression with good length of muzzle and width in the skull. Just enough reach of neck, a long shoulder but short upper arm, straight front legs. A lot of daylight beneath his chest. Better in the rear end with good tailset. Short coat. Rather lively in presentation. Moved ok.

3 Ms L Haslam’s Manorwell Buckskin at Lynquest JW

VD 4 (1)

1 Mr P & Mrs T McCrory’s Millroseglen Make My Day with Meadovillabs. 8 year old yellow with vitality. A very gentle looking head with lovely dark pigment. Very good reach of neck and a very good front assembly. He is quite heavy around the chest and shoulders, and also a tad weighty in the tummy. A good developed thigh and a good angle in the stifle bend. Stood four square in presentation and moved extremely well showing deserving his first place and BVIS with the agreement from my co-judge.

2 Mr K & Mrs B F Roberts’s Stormrose Golden Fortune JW ShCM VW. 9 ½ year old yellow. Broad head with deep muzzle and a very defined stop dark eyes, excellent reach of neck into a good lay of shoulders. Good bone and neat feet. Not carrying any extra weight. Good turn of stifle and level topline and correct set on of tail. Thinner in coat than 1. Moved around the ring very well and he is completely tuned in to his handler. A pleasure to see.

3 Miss J E Bold’s Shaymiloney Senate JW.

SP O Chocolate Dog. 3

1 Mr & Mrs A R V & Miss R Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy (A.I.) JW. Super head with a gentle expression and clean cut features. Clean throat and neck into a good lay of shoulders and deep chest. Notably feel his spring of ribs and visibly see that he has a good physique by way of lack of excess body weight. Short coupled, Excellent turn of stifles and tight toes. Level topline with his tail straight off the end. Presented to me superbly and moved in a perfect fashion. Faultless.

2 Miss B O’Dell & Mr T Bills Vetbonbetty Chocolate Box. Strong wide head with a happy expression. Quite a heavy looking dog in the front which hides his virtues such as his good lay of shoulder and spring of ribs. A level topline leading to a less weightier rear which has well muscled quarters. He has the right amount of bone, but just needs to lose a little weight to balance looks with substance to his benefit. Moves very well and at one with handler.

Dennis N McLellan