• Show Date: 25/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dee Hardy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hungarian Vizsla Club

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
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Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries)

1 Priestley’s Silvestre Practical Magic at Eltrym – A well-muscled picture of elegant shape and correct size, lovely head features and good neck into well angulated front, she stands on padded feet and moved well

2 Carter’s Facanvadasz Banu JW – A bigger one than 1st all through but balanced with a length of neck adding to the picture, nicely set good ears, but her tail is set on low from her dropped croup

3 Dolman & Harper’s Pitswarren Gloriana – I found this one a bit cobby all through and therefore not giving a feminine picture, head a little heavy for me but a good colour and coat condition, close behind in her movement

Limit Bitch (4 entries)

1 Fishlock’s Afanleigh Anna- Lovely conditioned girl of the correct outline and size, she has a lovely lean head with correct muzzle shape and dark oval eyes well set. Well made throughout with nice angles front and back she moved very well, I would just prefer a shade lighter coat colour

2 Aynsley’s Your Choice Mega Heist by Carorun (Imp Swe) – Bigger all through than 1st but another one in very good condition, attractive head not too heavy and well balanced throughout she moved well around the ring

3 Dolman’s Daxpack Striking Spirit – A good front and chest on this girl and her head leads into well set ears and a good neck, she rises slightly over the loin then her croup drops to her tail set which leads to an uneven topline

Open Bitch (10 entries:1 absent)

Beyond doubt the class of the day, teaming with quality bitches, a delightfully hard decision for me

1 Shooter’s Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail – A picture of an elegant Vizsla bitch, totally feminine in size, shape and outline, there is no doubting you are looking at a girl. Her head carries the correct slight stop between skull and slightly shorter muzzle, which is well tapered with close fitting lips, correctly shaped eyes and well set ears leading into a shapely neck which flows into well laid shoulders matched by her moderately angled hind quarters, she has enough forechest and is presented in good condition. Moved with drive delighted to award her BCC and Best in Show

2 Watson’s Oakswarren Magic in Mind (AI) – unlucky to meet 1st in tip top form as this is another elegant one which fits what I look for. Super balance and correct size and shape with the required angles front and back, shown in super condition she has a deep chest closely fitting elbows and prominent forechest. Her head fits my minds eye with nothing overdone from her nose to her well-set tail, when asked she moved off with drive and purpose and pressed hard. RCC and Reserve Best in Show

3 Ward’s Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz – Another super one I have admired from ringside on occasion. She comes up slightly bigger than the first two but is well balanced with a good tail-set adding to the correct outline, beautiful headed girl with lots to like about her, she just was not so accurate on the move today and so lost out

Veteran Bitch (5 entries)

1 Rutherford’s Kincsem Enna Llatsew- Nine-year-old girl in super condition and colour for age, Lovely head and expression, very good front assembly and well held topline. Moved well and purposely

2 Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx VW –Mature bitch of eight years well balanced with good structure well made head into neck of good length, nicely angled front and rear she just drops slightly over her croup. Moved well with drive

3 Da Silva & Sexton’s Ertekes Lucky in Love – Heavier built girl which detracts from her shape and outline, lovely head and eye and shown in nice condition but she was dipping in topline today.

Field Trial Bitch (2 entries)

1 Wall’s Ch Piroseg Mandarin of Perllanside JW - Another heavier set one of correct height she drops in croup to her tail, lovely front and deep chest showing good forechest just not as feminine as I would want

2 Mill’s Ch Karrouki Windrush D’lyla JW ShCM – 4th in veteran shown in good condition just not the outline I was looking for she has a longer head as her muzzle is lengthy and dropping at the croup to her tail

Brace (2 entries)

1 Carter’s – Dog and bitch well matched moved nicely together

2 Warner’s – Nice pair of girls giving their handler a hard time wanting to move in two different directions

Judge – Dee Hardy