• Show Date: 25/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dee Hardy Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hungarian Vizsla Club

Breed: Hungarian Vizsla


25th September 2022

Judge: Mrs Dee Hardy

My thanks to the committee of the club for this kind invitation, one I have looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed. Special thanks to my very efficient steward Debbie.

I would ask breeders going forward to keep in mind the very essence of the Vizsla it is not a generic brown HPR dog and the heads, size and shape should be retained as we go on. I found some long muzzles which create the wrong head shape and particularly on some females they were too heavy and blocky. After 34 years in the breed I have seen some great dogs and many of these are in my mind when I judge, having said that I was delighted with my open bitch class which was full of quality and would have equalled some of the classes of old. I would like to thank everyone who entered and for your appreciation of my decisions.

Minor Puppy Dog (3 entries)

1 Green & Ryan’s Goviz Spring Rains by Viszaset – 7mth a good start to the day with this lovely class of puppies this one won on his correct size and balance for age, he has a promising head and expression, good ears, into a lean neck giving an elegant line, he needs to tighten in movement but everything in place for that to come as he matures. Best Puppy Dog and BPIS

2 Spearman’s Nadorpusztai Gore (NAF) – a bigger framed boy of good colour, with maturity his chest will drop and his eyes darken but the makings of a smart dog here, he held his well set tail on the move which again needs to become tidier as he showed his paces.

3 Cavye’s Goviz Spring Tide – another of nice size for age, litter brother to 1st and not quite as together at the moment, he needs his front movement to strengthen but I liked his head and shape he just needs time to come together.

Puppy Dog (3 entries:1 absent)

1 Spearman’s Nadorpusztai Gore (NAF) Repeat of 2nd in MPD

2 Cavaye’s Goviz Spring Tide Repeat of 3rd in MPD

Junior Dog (6 entries:2 absent)

1 Bradley’s Highforce All or Nothing JW – this boy was very well conditioned and that showed as he moved around the ring, he is balanced fore and aft of correct size for a male. His deep chest gave hm the correct infill and forechest, his head showed a good eye shape and colour and nice sized ears set in balanced planes, his tight feet were some of the best here today. In the final line up he stood out and could not be denied the CC to end his junior career, he will stand his ground in among the older boys.

2 Ramsey’s Vazaszfai Balhes Ebervadasz (Imp Hun) – For me this well muscled dog needs to carry a bit more weight over his ribs, he had a heavier head than 1st and was straighter in his fore and aft angles but he was of a good size and shape carrying good colour, he moved with purpose and drive.

3 Wyatt’s Yackerboon Lionheart – Another bigger set dog with a shorter back which gave the appearance of square rather than the slightly longer than tall shape we require, he needs to develop some infill as his chest deepens and his eye was lighter than ideal in a nice headpiece. He did prove difficult to go over on the day.

Yearling Dog (4 entries:1 absent)

1 Northwood’s Vizash Crisanto Del Acquadoro – lovely size and shape to this 23mth old showing a nice eye in shape and colour, well set ears and a good neck flowing into his young body which shows a straight front and good angles both front and back demonstrated as he moved around the ring

2 Ramsey’s Vazaszfai Balhes Ebervadasz (Imp Hun) Repeat of 2nd in JD

3 Pachana’s Slavinja(FCI)eter (imp Pol) (NAF) – I liked his head and eye and he is a good colour but his feet need to tighten and front and rear showed looseness in movement.

Novice Dog (4 entries:1 absent)

1 Ramey’s Vazaszfai Balhes Ebervadasz (Imp Hun) Repeat of 2nd in JD

2 Briley’s Nemzet Kincse Hunor for Canal Game – this boy was too short in leg to give the balance I was looking for but he had an appealing head and eye shape and showed a prominent forechest, he was decent on the move but his feet need some work to tighten.

3 Ryan’s Luxatori Dedevari Kedvence Pelsonius – unfortunately quite well overweight and heavier in the head for my preference but he has a lovely dark eye and although I was told he hasn’t had any show training he had a delightful attitude to the job in hand.

Graduate Dog (1 entry)

1 Briley’s Nemzet Kincse Hunor for Canal Game Repeat of 2nd in YD

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries)

1 Watson’s Oakswarren Inferno – just my style of young dog but still needing time to mature, he has the basics of correct size and shape and the angles of his bone structure fore and aft lead to very good feet. My notes say great neck leading to elegant outline shape and nicely dark eyes set in a not overdone head. He moved well just needs time to become a finished male but undoubtedly promising and deserved the RCC

2 Harrison’s Glenbrows by Design JW – a darker coloured dog than 1st he tended to throw his front on the move but undoubtedly eye catching on the stack. Well set tail ending his level topline and balanced angles, he is squarer in muzzle than my first placed dog and his eye could be darker against his coat colour.

3 Jones’ Nordicfield Dancing Brave – a bigger overall dog than my first two and his very short dock does not give his outline the balance I look for, his ears are set well but I felt his eyes need to darken, he was quite loose both front and rear in his movement.

Limit Dog (4 entries)

1 Rutherford’s Kincsem Its Now or Never – a heavier built dog another one with a short dock, our standard says only one third of tail taken if docked. He presented a good head shape and eye with his well-set ears topping a good length of neck, he is deep chested and moved with balance.

2 Carter’s Falcanvadasz Andris – overall a slighter built dog I did find his head to my liking carried well on a good neck. Another one with a good tail set on from his level topline and he has a good front which gave him ability to move out well.

3 Zafar’s Avar Hunter Danube Slovakia – Nicely balanced dog with attractive head and eye, unfortunately his topline dropped over his loin and his feet were somewhat looser not showing the desired catlike appearance.

Open Dog (4 entries:3 absent)

1 Elliott’s Aldom Dark N’Stormy – A paler dog of correct size he carries a deep chest and moderate angles fore and aft, his head is quite attractive with a good eye shape. His feet do tend to be on the longer side of ideal but he moved quite well just not the stature and command of a stallion dog.

Veteran Dog (3 entries:1 absent)

1 Da Silva’s Sh Ch Bournehouse Crispin – I have done this gentleman well in the past and delighted to see him looking well at nine and half years, lots to like and a deserved title holder but just starting to show his age he couldn’t compete with the younger boys for top honours today, however, he still moves well and all his good points from his head to his tail remain in tip top condition. Best Veteran in Show

2 Wyatt’s Ismeya Saint Isaac – Eight and half year old, a taller dog not giving me the ideal length to height ratios not helped by a drop at the croup to his tailset. He has a nice enough head but his eye is not as dark as it should be therefore not giving me the expression I look for.

Field Trial Dog (4 entries)

1 Mills’ Karrouki Windfire JW –Nice moving dog of a good size and shape, correct eye shape and tone he has a deep chest quite well into his elbows however he does dip in topline which detracts from the overall picture

2 Northwood’s Northey Emperor Del Acquadoro – Level topline and moderate angles front and back I liked his head and expression all there without exaggeration he moved well around the ring

3 Harris’ Szajani Szeder

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 entries) a difficult class to judge, in most cases no or little training and so having a stranger giving them the examination was outside of their comfort zone. However, no adverse temperaments were displayed just over enthusiasm

1 Adams & Aynsley’s Vizash Elenk – Big enough for her age but balanced with the correct outline and head carriage combined with correctly shaped oval eyes obliquely set, moderate angles she needs to settle and develop in movement but a promising youngster.

2 Davies’ Matraivillam Zala – Loved this little one she was giving away a couple of months to most of the class but she was well trained and happy with herself as she showed me her paces. She is slightly bum high at the minute but a nice shape and a pretty head with prominent forechest, everything needs to tighten as she grows and she should get there

3 Warner’s Nordicfield Desert Gold – A lovely puppy of better size, she has a lovely neck and her ears are set well and correctly held, she just needs to settle on the move to make the most of her chances

Puppy Bitch (8 entries:1 absent)

 1 Porter-Manning & Porter’s Roughshoot Quintessential – I thought this one was attractive in head and neck of a promising size and shape, her coat was a good texture and colour but her eye needs to darken. Her tail is well set and carried nicely on the move, a pity she was entered against older mature girls in subsequent classes. Best Puppy Bitch

2 Priestley’s Eltrym’s Talihina Sky – My notes say she was an attractive puppy of good shape and size, she has the desired forechest and depth but everything needs to tighten when moving she was rather proud of her tail

3 Adams & Aynsley’s Vizash Elenk – Repeat of MPB 1st

Junior Bitch (5 entries:1 absent)

1 Rutherford’s Kincsem Ferrari – A lovely 13 mth girl with the correct overall shape, a lovely head and expression helped by a correctly shaped eye, she has a depth of chest leading on to good skeletal angles throughout and she moved out well

2 Novis’ Szajani Ekko at Novapak – Close up to 1st many of the same comments but her feet let her down on closer inspection they were a little too long. An attractive mid colour with a pretty head

3 Winkworth & Woodcock’s Oxanaember Thai Pumpkin – A nice girl for shape and make up but I found her muzzle a shade long giving her head a longer outline than the standard desires

Yearling Bitch (5 entries:1 absent)

1 Bailiff’s Oroshaza Iren at Cazadorado – My notes say I liked this one, she had the desired shape with a deep chest and prominent forechest, she does drop slightly over the croup to her tail but otherwise she is all in order and she moved well

2 Davies’ Shelseivad Hocus Pocus – Nice shape to her head and eye leading into a good neck but her chest needs to drop which should come with maturity as the angles are all there to accommodate

3 Price’s Chica Queen of Locura at Aldom (Imp Cze) – Straighter angles to this one but a good size with a level topline, correct length to depth size but she was quite wayward on her rear movement

Novice Bitch (4 entries:1 absent)

1 Price’s Chica Queen of Locura at Aldom (Imp Cze) Repeat of 3rd in YB

2 Porter-Manning & Porter’s Roughshoot Quintessential Repeat of 1st in PB

3 Mill’s Nemzet Kincs Gloria at Karrouki – A bigger girl showing a decent head but loose at elbows and flatter feet

Graduate Bitch (5 entries:1 absent)

1 Harrison’s Glenbrows Desire – Just right for size but a shade darker in colour than me preference, shown in lovely hard condition with good head planes but for me slightly too square in muzzle. She has lovely moderate angles front and back which gave her movement drive and purpose, she carries her tail well from its good set on

2 Binkowska’s Omri Ruda Szata (imp Pol) Another bigger girl showing a longer muzzle which gives the whole head too much length, a good tone to her coat colour, another one with a well set tail and decent feet and she moved out well

3 Warner’s Nordicfield Dawn Run – Good head planes on this one but she dropped in croup and was loose in elbows, she unfortunately moved with a sideways gait

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries)

1 Priestley’s Silvestre Practical Magic at Eltrym – A well-muscled girl shown in hard condition and she scored in head, size and shape, good angles and tight feet she moved well as expected when in that condition

2 Carter’s Facanvadasz Banu JW – Bigger all through but balanced her tail set is a bit low but she has a nice flowing neck into her shoulder and her ears are set well, a nice colour she was ok on the move

3 Dolman & Harper’s Pitswarren Gloriana – I didn’t find the femininity I wanted in this one

Limit Bitch (4 entries)

1 Fishlock’s Afanleigh Anna

2 Aynsley’s Your Choice Mega Heist by Carorun (Imp Swe)

3 Dolman’s Daxpack Striking Spirit

Open Bitch (10 entries:1 absent)

1 Shooter’s Sh Ch Nevedith Nyari Gail

2 Watson’s Oakswarren Magic in Mind (AI)

3 Ward’s Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz

Veteran Bitch (5 entries)

1 Rutherford’s Kincsem Enna Llatsew

2 Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx VW

3 Da Silva & Sexton’s Ertekes Lucky in Love

Field Trial Bitch (2 entries)

1 Wall’s Ch Piroseg Mandarin of Perllanside JW

2 Mill’s Ch Karrouki Windrush D’lyla JW ShCM

Brace (2 entries)

1 Carter’s – Dog and bitch well matched moved nicely together

2 Warner’s – Nice pair of girls giving their handler a hard time wanting to move in two different directions

Judge – Dee Hardy