• Show Date: 26/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Debra Harker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Setter & Pointer Club

Breed: Gordon Setter




Thank you for such a wonderful entry and to the exhibitors accepting the results so sportingly.  Having not judged for such a long time due to Covid, I think all the dogs were new to me, which made it all the more interesting.

There were some difficult decisions in some classes, where 1st and 2nd could change places on another day.  Coats in some cases; were excessive and in others the dogs seemed to be mid change of coats, although this did not affect my placings, as construction is key the coat is the icing.  

Having looked back at my critique from my last time judging, I noted that I made comment about level bites There were a number of dogs with these today and one dog with very small teeth.. This is a real concern and needs to be watched.

Thank you to my two stewards Fiona and Jen who kept everything flowing. To finish off the day, watching my BOB going BIS topped the day and was such a thrill.  

VETERAN D (1, 1)

1    Robson – Liric For Your Eyes Only by Yohenoak JW; 9 years old but I am not sure if this boy knows how old he actually is. Moving out with real verve and one who could show some of the youngsters how it is done.  An overall picture of a dog of substance with a well constructed outline.  Masculine head with low set ears, clean in neck with a super topline.  Well muscled hind quarters and long from hip to hock all of which enabled him to drive around the ring.  BV

MINOR PUPPY D (4)     

In my notes it says what a naughty bunch of puppies!

1    Fudge – Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor – At only just 6 months spotted this exciting young man when he entered the ring where his balanced shape was evident.  His head was correctly proportioned, balanced with a gentle expression, low set ears and a nice dark eye.  Long neck which flowed into a super topline and tailset.  He has correct bone for his age, mature in body with a good depth of brisket.  Well constructed forehand and rear which enabled him to move out on a steady stride.  Good tan and lovely tight feet.  One I would have liked to take home and will watch his progress with interest.  BP

2    McCarthy – Hernwood Wizard of Oz – Another on very similar lines and giving his handler a real hard time on the move.  Well constructed throughout with a super topline and in lovely coat just preferred first’s head proportions.

3    Marsh – Kilnrae Black Hawk


1    McCarthy – Hernwood Wizard of Oz


1    Mitchell – Carotaliena Thief of Heart at Brobruick JW – 16 month old male and one who I have admired since a youngster and was not disappointed when I went over him.  Masculine head of correct proportions. Good bone throughout, excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, correctly angulated straight front assembly, with a good depth of brisket, well ribbed up with correct length of loin, hind quarters well muscled, short hocks.  Moved out well.

2    Poynter – Hernwood Cooper King – Well presented young male who was built on a lighter frame than one. Correctly constructed, with a deep brisket, short coupled leading into well angled quarters and an excellent width of thigh.  Moved out well if not a bit too fast.

3    Inglis – Caradilis Jumping Jack


1.    Poynter – Hernwood Cooper King

2.    Ozog – X-Man Black Lofty at Amberlove (Imp Pol) – At only 21 months a very mature young man with a profuse coat.   Correct bone, straight front and lovely tight feet, deep in brisket with plenty of heart and lung room.  Moved out well although a bit untidy going away from me.


In my notes have written a real mixed class

1    Nagaty – Marlbeck Maldini – Probably not my first choice when he came in but as he relaxed and his correct construction showed through he more than deserved his place.  Not a big dog but well put together with a correct forehand and a straight front.  Well-proportioned head with a good stop and low set ears.  Deep in brisket, level topline and good tan.  He is a nice dog when allowed to relax and move out.  His handler just needs to allow him to do this.

2    McCarthy – Hernwood Boston High Flyer – Liked this boys profile but unsure what had happened to his coat as was not in the best order.  Well balanced masculine head sitting on a long reach of neck, correct forehand with a good lay of shoulder, deep in brisket, well held topline when moving out.

3    Fudge – Kattandale Black Crusader at Rufusmoor (AI)


1    Danks – Colquhally Major Tom – This young man certainly gives his handler a hard time.  At 4 he is just coming into his own and I feel there is still more to come.  A masculine head with a soft expression, good stop and low set ears. Long neck leading into well laid shoulders, correct topline with a slight arch over the loin running off into a correct tail set.  Moved out well.  Good colour and nice tight feet. RCC

2    Street – Paradise Picking Parsley at Bridgemere – A longer cast dog and not as mature as one. Correctly proportion head, with a clean reach of neck leading into his correct forehand.  Well held topline on the move and used his well constructed quarters to drive around the ring.

3    Smith – Palangor Moonligh Shadow

MID LIMIT D (4, 1)

1    Horler – Hernwood Jock O’Lantern by Rackens JW – A real rugged Gordon it says in my notes. Masculine in head although would prefer more stop, well balanced outline both standing and on the move. Correct forehand assembly and rear angulation allowed him to move out on well muscled quarters holding his topline.  

2    Sweryda – Wasley Sweet William – Preferred his head to one, straight front with good feet, good depth of brisket but needs to mature in his rear end as not as balanced in outline as one.

3    Upton- Lovatt & Upton – Roydack Peaky Blinder

LIMIT D (4 1)

1    Bain – Palangor Moonlight Echo at Pangarak – Well balanced male correct head proportions, dark eye, with low set ears, a good length of neck which flowed into well laid shoulders and a level topline which he held on the move, straight front, well sprung ribs and deep in brisket, strong in coupling.  Correct taill set, super muscled quarters which drove him round the ring.  Strong contender for the RCC just tended to stick his head out spoiling his profile when stacked.

2    Sweryda – Wasley Sweet William

3    Bell, Millar & Bell – Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles

OPEN D (3)

1    Whiting & Cops – Locksheath Black Ice – My find of the day a truly rugged Gordon with a super outline standing four square.  Just what I was looking for not overdone in any way.  A masculine head, dark eye with low set ears.  His topline flowed from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.  He has a straight front with correct bone, deep in brisket giving him plenty of heart and lung room, deep back ribs and a correct length of loin.  Well muscled quarters and has strength across the loin.  Rear angulation which matched his forehand and allowed him to move out on short hocks.  In the challenge unlucky to meet the stunning bitch.  His first and the owners first CC hopefully the other two will come along. CC

2    Phillips, Watkins & Miles – Sh Ch Glenmaurangi Mandalorian JW - A well known young male who has done a lot of winning.  Fabulous head with a lovely dark eye giving a soft expression.  Long reach of neck into well placed shoulders, level topline into correct tail set.  Long from hip to hock with a good width of thigh.  Balanced forehand and rear angulation allows him to move out correctly although would prefer it not to be so fast.  For me he still needs to fill his frame and preferred ones more rugged appearance.

3    Halliday – Yennadon Barra JW


1    Halliday – Yennadon Reiss SGWC – Another veteran whose movement belies his age. He struck me as workmanlike, nothing in excess just sound construction and good movement.   Masculine head sitting on a well arched neck, correct forehand and good in body and strong hind quarters which allowed him to drive around the ring.  Was in super condition and certainly fit for function.

2    Thomas – Chartan Maple Mayhen – Young bitch and daughter of my winner.  Feminine head with low set ears.  Construction balanced all through allowing correct movement.  A bit of a fidget.

3    Thomas – Chartan Treacle Tart JW


1    Norman & Robertson  – Yennadon Kyllachy – Compact dog with good body proportions and correct angulation fore and aft, masculine head, clean in neck leading into a good forechest, deep brisket, correct bone and excellent feet, lovely colour, well ribbed with strong hindquarters which he used well on the move

2    Nagaty – Ch Forester’s Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck (Imp Deu) – Feminine bitch with correct head proportions and super long, low set ears, a lovely arch to her neck flowing into a level topline.  Correct bone and lovely tight feet.  Well sprung ribs and deep in back ribs.  Well muscled quarters just preferred the hind angulation of the dog.


1.    Nagaty – Ch Forester’s Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck (Imp Deu)

2.    Ackerley-Kemp – Sh Ch Yennadon Reiver – A more compact bitch than first with a lovely feminine head, clean in neck with a good forehand, deep in brisket, and well angulated quarters and long from hip to hock, moved out well.

3.    Thomas – Chartan Treacle Tart JW


1    Whiting – Locksheath April In Paris – Although she stood alone was very worthy of her place.  A real sweetie at just over 6 months with a lot of growing to come.  Liked her compact shape and well constructed forehand.  Long reach of neck flowing into a level topline.  Moved out steadily.

PUPPY B (1, 1)


In my notes it says two stunning youngsters who could easily change places on another day.  Both exciting prospects who I will watch out for in the future. Feminine heads with good clean neck into excellent forehand, topline well held on the move, a good width of thigh which was well muscled which enabled them to drive out on a good stride.  It really was splitting hairs placing them.

1    Sandiford & Lewis – Hernwood Gin Fizz JW

2    Palliser – Lignum Oro

3    Hardy – Cafoteliena Hello My Love


Lots of variation in this class

1    Boxall – Laurelhach Renaissance JW - Feminine bitch who appealed for type.  Correctly proportioned head with super low set ears, strong neck leading into a correct forehand and straight front, good bone.  Deep in brisket and a level topline and tail set.  Correct rear angulation with a good width of thigh and well muscled quarters which allowed her to move out at one with her handler.  RCC

2    Ackerley-Kemp – Yennadon Highland Heidi – A smaller more compact bitch than one but still giving a balanced outline.  This young lady was giving away a lot in maturity. Feminine in head with a good clean throat, moved out on well muscled quarters.

3    Hardy – Cafoteliena Hello My Love


1    Boxall – Laurelhach Renaissance JW –

2    Alpe & Abram – Amscot True Lies (AI) not one I have come across before but her striking outline draws the eye.  Preferred firsts head but this bitch is well put together with a long reach of neck into a super forehand with well laid back shoulders. She flowed from the top of her head to the tip of her tail holding her topline on the move.  Deep in brisket with well sprung ribs correct in loin and with a good bend of stifle into short hocks.

3    Jones – Roydack The Duchess


My first and second were probably at opposite ends of the size range.

1    Burke – Beechlake Hey Jude – A smaller bitch with a feminine head, clean reach of neck, straight front, a level topline but perfectly balanced correctly angulated forehand and a good lay of shoulder, wide width of thigh which was well muscled allowing her to move out.  

2    Wrigley – Kattandale Blac Highlander (AI) – Although larger than I prefer her qualities could not be over looked with her balanced outline and driving action winning her the placing.  A good depth of brisket giving plenty of heart and lung room, good width of upper thigh and nice short hocks.  Carrying a bit too much weight today.

3    Thomas – Glynderys Moonstone


1    Macara – Cromasaig Daisy’s Choice JW – A nicely balanced bitch, with an excellent reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder with a well balanced forehand, moderate spring of rib and well let down elbows, long from hip to hock with tight feet, moved out well.

2    Upton-Lovatt & Upton – Roydack Portrait Of A Lady – Different type to winner built on a more rangier frame.  Super arched neck and correct lay of shoulders, flowing down into a level topline, just drops off at the croup, correct depth of brisket with good deep back ribs, lovely tight feet.

3    Horn – Ordett Love Me Do At Keaswood JW

LIMIT B (7, 2)

Two quality bitches headed this class and could easily change places on another day.

1    Boxall – Laurelhach Ovation – A more rugged bitch than 2 but still retaining her femininity.  Strong clean neck flows into well laid back shoulders.  Excellent spring and depth of rib, strong bodywith width across her back, level topline.  Strong backend which she used as she drove round the ring.  Considered for top honours but was unlucky to meet the winners on such good form.

2    Mappin – Bryerdale Qookaburra (AI) - A mature bitch in full coat.  Feminine head, sitting on a good reach of neck.  Ideal depth of chest with plenty of heart room.  Well balanced between front and rear assemblies.  Excellent bend of stifle with short hocks, holding her topline on the move, just preferred the more rugged winner.

3    Green – Balnakeil Creag Na Caillich

OPEN B (9. 2)

1.    Phillips & Watkins – Sh Ch Flaxheath Top Model At Glenmaurangi – What can I say but a good wine gets better with age.  Have always liked this girl and was not disappointed going over her on what was her 7th birthday!  This lady has certainly matured into a beauty she just oozed quality.  Beautiful head with feminine expression.  Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders.  Straight front, excellent ribbing and body depth.  Strong in loin and well constructed quarters which she used to great advantage moving in style with a free stride.  She simply filled my eye. Happy to award her, her 30th CC, BOB and then delighted to watch her go BIS in a strong line up.

2.    Johnston – Glenquin Phoenix – Shorter cast than winner and not overdone in any way having both substance but retaining her femininity.  Feminine in head onto a long neck, well ribbed showing plenty of heart and lung room, strong well muscled hind quarters allowing her to move out well on short hocks.  

3.    Bielecka – Willow Black Lofty At Evenflow (Imp Pol)