• Show Date: 08/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Robbins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

"Joint Golden Retriever Clubs' Championship Show"

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

It was an honour to be asked to give my first CC awards at the Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria, a favourite show of mine that I have been attending for over 40 years. Thank you to the committee for your kind hospitality and to my lovely stewards Christine and Fiona for keeping the day running so smoothly. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was really pleased with the numerical entry and the quality of my bitches, some classes gave me lots to think about with the veteran, puppy classes, limit and open being strong with outstanding dogs which unfortunately meant that there were some very nice exhibits that went unplaced.

I was a little concerned that a handful were carrying too much weight especially around the shoulders, this often affected their front movement and, in some cases, resulted in crossing or paddling. On a plus this is something the owners have control over and could be improved with a little discipline. I also found a couple of incorrect bites which I was very surprised at especially at this level.



1. Ewart’s Beaupippin Dusky Lilac

 A 7 year old girl who was presented in excellent condition and carrying the correct amount of weight. She has a lovely straight front with tight cat-like feet. I liked that she was upright on her pasterns and that she moved correctly with drive. She has a good level topline leading into a correct tail-set. Well angulated both front and back with a good reach of neck.

2. Turner’s Grain of Gold’s Arwen of Amilone (IMP SWE)

At almost 9 years of age this lady has as much energy as the young ones. She moves with drive and vigour and covers the ground well. I liked her feminine head with dark eyes and soft expression. She has a good spring of rib, deep in body and she is short coupled which presents a good balance.

3. Middlemiss’s Evenmint Autumnal Leaves at Harmarjoy



1. Turner’s Turner’s Grain of Gold’s Arwen of Amilone (IMP SWE)

2. Middlemiss’s Evenmint Autunmal Shades at Harmarjoy

A mid-gold bitch presented in good coat. She has a good reach of neck and good lay back of shoulders. She has lovely round feet and nice straight front. Unfortunately, did not have the front or rear angulation of the winner.


1. Clarkson’s Drumkilty Venetian Glass

This 7-month-old pale coated baby caught my eye as soon as I looked around the ring, she is just what I would want for a puppy of her age. She is ultra-pretty and has a lovely shaped head with dark eyes and pigmentation. She has a good straight front, good bone and perfect feet. She has good shoulder angulation and a nice bend of stifle and I liked her length of leg. Her movement is correct and keeps her topline level, she was in a number of classes and she settled more into her stride with each one. I was pleased to award her best puppy bitch and with the agreement of my co-judge best puppy in show which I later found out she competed against her litter brother to win.

2. Towers’ Alibren Heidi High

Another lovely 7 month old puppy with the most beautiful coat and lots of character. Feminine head with good pigment and good reach of neck. Straight front legs with good fore and rear angulation. Although correct she was not quite as steady with her movement as 1 today but I am sure she will push for equal honours at another time.

3.O'Gorman’s Berrymeade Kinvara



1. Clarkson’s Drumkilty Venetian Glass

2. Hill & Smith’s Megarvey Clementine

This feminine girl of almost 10 months is another stunner with a beautiful pale to mid gold gleaming coat. She has a pretty head with dark eye and pigment. Super reach of neck with nice lay back of shoulders and good fore angulation.

3rd Towers’ Alibren Heidi High



1. McNeish’s Drumkilty Toodle Pip

There was no denying this lovely bitch the first place in this class however she did give her handler a hard time and in her subsequent classes she lost her spark and her owner found it difficult to get her to be attentive which was a shame. She has such a pretty head with dark eyes and pigment. She has a good reach of neck and nice straight front. Well bodied with a good spring of ribs and good bend of stifle.

2. Moncayo’s Cuenta Conmigo Yo Soy Lolita (ATC ESP)

A very nice bitch who has just turned 1 year old, she has a gleaming mid-gold coat with pale feathering that sets it off. A picture when stood with her lovely outline, she has a solid topline which she holds well. On the move she has a good stride covering the ground well however carries her tail a little high for my liking.

3rd Higham’s Lamancha Hope for Good Times



1. Zubair’s Thornywait I Spy (AI)

 Such a lovely girl with a feminine head and soft expression, super reach of neck and lovely shoulder placement. Nice and short coupled with a good bend of stifle and good muscle tone. I noted that she had good strong pasterns, well off for bone and super tight feet, a credit to her owner for presenting her in such good condition. She moved well, nice and steady and at one with her handler.

2.Foreman’s Ambersun Heart of Gold

A mid to dark golden girl with beautiful wavy coat and light coloured feathering presents a lovely picture. Pretty face with dark eyes and good pigment, she has a good reach of neck and good angulations front and back. Good strong topline that she holds well on the move albeit she didn’t stride out as steady as 1 today.

3. MacLeod’s Garline Just For You



1. Clarkson’s Drumkilty Venetian Glass

2. Towers’ Alibren Heidi High

3.Higham’s Lamancha Hope For Good Times



1.Clarkson’s Drumkilty Venetian Glass

2. Loverock’s Lovissa Russian Roulette

This lovely girl was presented so well with the most gorgeous of coats and she was trimmed to perfection. She has a lovely pretty head with gentle expression and she has dark eye and pigment. Good reach of neck leading into a level topline. Correct tailset and strong rear quarters. She moves well both out and in and at one with her handler.

3. Foreman’s Ambersun Lost In Music



1. Douglas’ Drumkilty Read My Lips

This girl is maturing nicely and has a good spring of rib, she is deep in body and has nice short coupling offering an overall balanced picture. She is presented in a lovely mid gold coat that is thick and shiny. She is well boned and I love her round cat-like feet standing on nice straight legs. A lovely mover carrying a strong topline and good tailset.

2. Carrington’s Lalique Lady Be Lovely

Another bitch with a darker gold and gleaming coat. Well bodied, deep in chest and has a good length of leg with super tight feet. Her head is not my ideal but she has good dark eyes and pigment. Moves correctly when striding out.

3. Pounds-Longhurst Mossburn Golly Miss Molly



1. Hill’s Sandaula Kiss From A Rose (AI) JW

This girl has got quality movement, front, back and in profile. She was presented in a lovely thick rich gold coat that had a gleam. She excels in her front with a good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders and good upper arm. She is short coupled and has a good bend of stifle.

2. Douglas’ Drumkilty Read My Lips

3. Williams’ Auristela Lady Luck At Lamhryn



1. Haxton’s Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam

This girl has a lovely shape. Her head is typical of the breed, intelligent looking yet feminine too. She has a strong neck of good length and well-defined shoulder placement. Her front legs are straight, well set under, close fitting elbows, and strong pasterns with superb cat-like feet. She is short coupled with deep rib cage and a good turn of stifle. Moves correctly with drive.

2. O'Gorman’s Terra Di Siena Are You With Me Berrymeade (IMP ESP) JW

Not as mature as my winner but there’s still a lot to like about her. I like the fact that she naturally stands four square with a lovely straight front and strong rear. She is well angulated both front and back and has a strong topline. She moves correctly but not quite as settled as 1 today.

3. Nelson’s Cadwst Eternal Flame



1. Smyth’s Kadaka Kissagram JW

This girl is so well balanced, nothing overdone but with everything in it’s place. She moves so well, freely and correctly which is helped by the fact she is in such good condition. She has good front and rear angulation with a good bend of stifle and deep second thigh. Her topline is held strong and she has a correct tail set.

2. Williamson’s Sandti Hits The Sweet Spot JW

This girl definitely gave her handler a hard time and she was determined to search for someone outside the ring. Once she was settled and stood freely she looked beautiful. I liked her glossy coat and she was presented in good condition. She has a good bend and depth to her stifle and strong rear quarters. She moves well with drive and a good reach of stride.

3. Little’s Bluebraes Jacobite Lass


LIMIT BITCH (17, 6 )

1. Youngson’s Linirgor Teachers Pet At Treeveville JW

This girl headed one of the best classes of the day! A super pretty bitch with a thick pale coat. She has clear dark eyes and has kept her pigment well. A good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders and a good return of upper arm. Her front is straight leading on to strong front pasterns and nice tight feet. She is well sprung in ribs and short in coupling. A good bend of stifle and strong rear quarters gives the picture of overall balance. She moved freely and accurately and looked good from all angles. Pleased to award her RCC.

 2. O'Gorman’s Thornywait Top Notch For Berrymeade JW

 Another nice bitch that has a lovely outline when in profile. She has a good neck and shoulders with well sprung ribs. She has a feminine head with a kind expression. She moves well with drive and good reach.

3. Neil’s Mousseglen Makes Me Smile With Moloko

OPEN BITCH (16, 7 )

1.Macdonald’s SH CH Flyngalee Teppum

My notes say OMG lover her! She oozes femininity with such a pretty head and alert expression. Her maturity and substance defies her age of just 2 ½ years as she is deep in chest and has a good spring of ribs. She is so balanced, her good reach of neck flows into well laid-back shoulders and good return of upper arm. Her front legs are straight and her pasterns are strong and her feet are round and tight. Her bend and depth in her stifle corresponds with her front and her hocks are square. Her coat is lush and thick with a gentle wave. Her movement is textbook and she flows round the ring with ease. I was pleased to award her with the CC and with the agreement of my co-judge Best In Show.

2. Rodgers SH CH Rojillair Evening Magic Of Odarla JW

Another bitch I have admired from ringside since she was young and it was great to have her present today. She is so soundly constructed with with a very pretty head, soft expression and nice shape of eye. She has a super reach of neck and her topline is faultless both when stacked and on the move. She is presented so well in a lovely light gold coat with plenty of feathering. Although her movement is powerful she was a little overexuberant today and didn’t seem to settle, I am sure she could have done with a larger ring.

3. Magson’s Castlegolden Classy Lady JW

Judge – Deborah Robbins (Brekswood)