• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Penniston Fleming Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: AVNSC Gundog

PD (1/0) 1. Murrays Muireatai Teris Love, 6 month Chesapeake Bay Ret, a little unsettled at first but soon relaxed and settled to the job in hand, eye of good colour but correctly wide set, good neck and shoulders, good forechest for pleasing rear angles, liked his topline, moved well.

YD (2/0) 1. Woods Chanderhill Eagle Eye, Spanish water dog, liked overall construction smart on the move. Excellent side gait, good neck. 2. Mowbrays Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid, sussex sp, 18 month male, Good bone with good topline and classic roll in his movement, felt he was a little wide in front. Full of character and a pleasure to go over.

PGD (7/3) 1. Hanneys Maursett Moruisg ,clumber, so very sound happy confident dog, good bone excellent shoulder liked croup and strong back end. 2. Woods Chanderhill Eagle Eye 3. Mowbrays Crumbledor Regus Hagrid

LD (2/1) 1. Murrays Dakora Nathan Chesapeake Bay retriever, mature lad, front feet of correct shape but tend to turn out. Found him well ribbed with strong loin and good croup. Good temperament.

OD (4/1) 1. Jacksons Gunsyn Rumours (Bracco Italino) headed a super class with three top class dogs, 1. Orange and white mature male, felt he was slightly finer made than 2. Liked his head and front, deep chest and short coupled, good spring of rib. Excellent movement, driven from the rear. Best Dog and BOB 2. Pearsons Ch Braccorions Juno What at Kelevra, (Bracco Italino) stronger made dog, strong bone and good topline, again short coupled with well spring ribs. Powerful dog which showed in his movement. RBD 3. Grahams Sh Ch Eaid Dances with Wolves among Nyliram JW Sh Cm (sussex spaniel)

PB (3/0) 1. Thompsons Prizelands Fondant Fancy, (Spanish WD) really smart bitch, eyecatching with clean colour and good coat texture. Excellent construction, good topline, clean expressive eye. RBB & BPIB 2. Jacksons Dolly Il Senso Della Vita At Solwaypoint NAF TAF at that inbetween stage when shes all soft and fluid, lovely reach of stride but liked her length of leg. Topline needs to strengthen. 3. Murrays Muireatai Muracle of Dreams

JB (2/0) Bains Crimblescurl Time to Tango, charming curly coat retriever, so happy to be there, very sound, good length of leg and good topline, lovely reach of neck 2. Jacksons Iolanda Dii Cascne Croce at Solwaypoint TAF NAF,(bracco italiano) liked her neck and front angulation, good length of stride and very sound, preferred topline of 1.

YB (5/0) 1. Pearsons Kelevra Covo De Ladri (Bracco Italiano) , liked her free stylish movement, exc front prominent breast bone 2. Jacksons Iolanda De Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint TAF NAF, very good topline, length of leg and croup 3. Weavings Stanegate Cast a Spell (IWS)

PGB (7/3) 1. Stevensons Banshee white Roll (imp pol), clumber, such a pretty girl, liked her classic long shape, excellent tailset, correct feet which assisted with her rolling gait. good topline, feminine head, suffient bone, sound. 2. Murrays Luisaidha Eva (Chesapeake Bay Retreiver) mother of both pups here today. Of good size with sufficient bone, good topline and croup, correct hare feet. 3. Mowbrays Crumbledor Bella Lestrange

LB (2/1) Weavings Kandalin Golden Storm, iws, mature girl strongly made. Eye of good colour and shape, well ribbed with barrel like appearance, good topline, good rear angulation.

OB (4/2) 1. Pearsons Int Ch Braccorions Nesta Vipas , another very sound girl, 4 years old, head of good balance and well carried on the move. Like her overall proportions, super movement assisted by a powerful back end. Best Bitch and BOS 2.Weavings Kandalin Golden Storm.

Deborah Penniston Fleming (judge)