• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Penniston Fleming Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: AVNSC Pastoral

PD (1/0) 1. Cummin, Clanquaich Dubh Gall, Turkish K/D BPD, 7 month boy with lots of growing still to do judging by the size of his feet. He impressed me though and has everything in the right place. Typical head with correct skull, black mask and ears, liked his length of leg and angulation. Elbows close to chest and good bone. Topline needs to strengthen. Strong backend and good hocks giving easy flowing movement. BPD

LD (1/0) 1. Bird & Caden, Hawksflight Paparazzi at Domburg Groenendael, RBD, groenendael, 4 year old male, liked his square body shape with defied withers . Head of good length, well split mouth and excellent pigment, very good parallel lines. Would prefer more forechest. Good rear movement

OD (1/0) 1. Arkleys, Domburg On My Mind, Tervueren , 3 year old mature male. Liked his length of head which is well balanced, excellent mask reaching above his dark eyes with typical expression. Good reach of neck, defined withers, good balance of leg to height. Easy movement with a pleasing sidegait BD

V (1/0) 1. Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida , Nl Ch Rainha Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt (Imp Port) Ejw'16, Estrella MD, rich fawn colour with black mask, correct rose ears. Liked her front assembly, Good croup and well carried tail, would have preferred a stronger topline. BV and Vet Group 4

PB (3/0) 1. Mcbeths Maclaurien Georgy Girl, H/Puli pretty girl, at the inbetween coats stage which hid her square construction, correct roof of mouth colour, excellent pigment, just beaten for best PB by her sister.2.Cummings, Clanquaich with Love Fae Me, Turkish K/D, sister to the winner of puppy dog and similar comments apply. Feminine throughout, liked her construction, topline needs to strengthen, good bone and length of leg. 3. Steels, Wynele Bee Outstanding, S/Collie, a real baby at just 6 months. Lovely lean head with sufficient stop and excellent parallel lines combined with a dark eye, giving a typical expression. Still to grow and mature but looking promising.

JB (2/0) 1.Forsyths Schnaubern Carina Star, Pumi , just a year old and full of character, square construction, good bone, tail set on high and well carried. An attractive girl whose dark eyes sparkled with character and is a great ambassador for her breed, would have happily taken her home. RBB 2. McBeths, Maclaurien Maggie Mae, H/ Puli, sister to the PB winner. Again at the inbetween coat stage but once you got hands on her construction is excellent. Moved with style. Preferred the topline of 1. Best Puppy Bitch and BPNSC

LB (2/1) 1. Hislops Tanellis Colina S/Vallhund, typical blunt wedge head with flat skull and good stop. Clean neck, strong body with good rib and strong loin, and powerful thighs.

OB (2/0) 1. Lester, Mackie and Smiths, Ch Domburg Made by Hawksflight, TervuerenBB, BOB and Group 1, It is 40 years since I got my first Tervueren and the glamour and style of this bitch was exactly what attracted me to the breed in the first place. She is such a show girl, never puts a foot wrong, beautifully presented. Best NSC and Group 1 2. Atkins Zaffiro Bianco at Silvermere, Maremma, four year old bitch, liked her head with good balance of skull to muzzle, dark eye and excellent pigment. Good bone with strong shoulder. Correctly sloping pasterns.