• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Deborah Penniston Fleming Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: AVNSC Terrier

Border Union AVNSC Terrier

PD (3/1) 1. Maughan Brocolitia Do it for they Sen, smart, sparky wire, well presented lovely head with dark eye and arched neck. Square body with good length of leg, outmoved for BPIB by his sister. RBD 2. Youngs Itus from Michel at Chadbrook, welsh terrier liked his head with good eye and ear set, moderate length of neck and nicely arched, strong loin and good depth of chest.

JD (2/1) 1. Schmidt’s Omar vom Granitfelsen, welsh terrier, another nice boy, liked his dark expressive eye, correct dentition, well ribbed body, good cat like feet

LD (1/0) 1. Claytons Nisyros Cappuccino lakeland, red 4 year old male, excellent coat, good topine, short backed, balanced angulation. Easy movement.

OD (3/1) 1. Averis & Baker’s Ch Turith Adonis, whose presence dominated the ring. Very well presented and handled dog, liked his length of head with classic eye and expression. Good length of leg and overall balance, super topline, moved with style. Best NSC and delighted to watch him take Group 2 Irish terrier rich red well presented, lovely neck. BOB and Group2 2. Forbes Bulliewills Dark Prince, very well-muscled, good depth of head, good underjaw, charming personality, good bone and depth of chest .

PB (5/2) 1. Maughans Brocolitia Crystal Glow, very nice WFT and sister to PD winner, head of correct balance, liked her length of leg and square construction, really up on her toes, BB and BPIB 2. Mcwilliams Parting Glass , cairn, wheaten ok, neat ears. 3. Griffiths Brocolitia Aurora

JB (2/1) 1. Griffiths Brocolitia Aurora, sibling to pd and PB but lacked the sparkle and style that they both had. Liked her neck and front assembly, moved well to and fro.

LB (3/1) 1. Bains Unique in All ways of Malton Airedale, well presented, liked her shape, tended today to put her ears down and looked bored, exc shoulder, croup and tailset RBB 2. Forbes Bulliewillis Grizzly Girl bull terrier, charming girl, liked her good eye, wide front, good bone, strong front legs, excellent muscle.

OB (3/2) 1. Forbes Maria Carminho the Northern Proudbulls, bull terrier, 14 month bitch red and white, sound well muscled, strong neck, good topline.

Deborah Penniston Fleming ( judge)