• Show Date: 30/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Debbi Huggins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tyne Wear & Tees Boxer Club

Breed: Boxer

Tyne, Wear & Tees Boxer Club – Championship Show - 30 April 2022 - Dogs

 My grateful thanks to the Officers & Committee of Tyne & Wear Boxer Club for their invitation to judge the dogs at their April 2022 Championship Show. It was an appointment particularly special for me, as I had had to surrender my previous breed club appointment with Essex & Eastern Counties BC, having contracted C-19 with literally days to go before the show. Fast-forward 12 months, and judging here today, therefore, it was really a special appointment for me, and of course always an honour and privilege to be awarding CC's anywhere for that matter. My thanks also must go to my Steward, Wayne, who was, as always, top-notch in keeping proceedings ticking perfectly and seeing to my affliction that day for a Diet Coke(!!). Whilst my entry wasn't huge, there was quality all through the classes and I felt I had a line up to be very proud of. Thank you sincerely to everyone who entered under me. I feel we do need to watch length of back, which detracts from that beautiful square profile synonymous with our breed, and there were also too many poor and incorrect mouths for comfort. Presentation was very, very good and I felt the whole day was complimented by the Club's new venue - not too large nor too small - and therefore holding a smashing atmosphere all day long. So to the Club - thank you again for having me and for the lovely lunch and engraved glass gift – you made me feel so very welcome from start to finish - and to the exhibitors please know I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you all!!

VD: (4) 1. Fay-Smith's Ch Winuwuk Scouting for Girls at Lorrosa. 8yr old golden br/w. Clean over the skull, appealing eye and head proportions and a good mouth. He has a good shoulder, tight feet and correct pasterns and length of hock. His neck is clean, strong and muscular and he was in fine overall fettle and condition, just starting to grey now over the face. Very much at one with his handler, moved a just the right pace and speed, holding his topline as he went. He drove well from behind to win a nice class of veterans. Lovely boy to judge. BVIS. 2. Henderson's Taranut Stereotype 7yrs dark br/w, kind expression, and a clean head. He is lovely over the shoulder, well-muscled throughout, particularly on his backend with a correct length of hock, and in great overall condition. He is framed on good solid bone, and whilst he could come a bit untidily towards at times and isn’t knitted together as well as the winner, he was a decent mover on the go around with easy stride and gait. Handled well. 3. Murfin and Renshaw-Turner's Farvalley Dark Knight.

MPD: (4) 1. Griffiths' Lanfrese Cartello. Darkest br/w, just 6.5 months old, raw, rangy but with so much scope ahead of him. Grabs your attention as he enters the ring and he really is starting to come together since his debut, beginning to fit into his frame which sits on excellently boned limbs. He has a lovely clean head, super eye, and tight wide mouth. His front is clean and nicely set, allowing him reach in front on the move. He really is colt-like and has a long way to go, but for me everything is as it should be for a baby of that age and he really is such a smashing prospect. I'd not change a thing. He'll need time and nurturing for everything to come together through the middle piece and also to come up a little more through the foreleg and onto his feet but the framework and foundations are there. Shown in pristine condition as you’d expect from this kennel, he really is a lovely puppy with a bright, happy temperament and bright, successful future no doubt. A real delight to go over. BPD & BPIS. 2. Loadsby's Sashbob Double Oh Seven with Berwynfa, mahogany br/w, different cut, stamp and style to the winner, with a clean head, nice dark eye, good mouth and lean skull. He is clean over the shoulder, with good lay, a nice short back and, stood in profile, he projects a boxery balanced picture, moving off from well-boned limbs with spot-on conditioning and musculation. I would like him shorter in the hock. Nice baby, excellent presentation, handling and conditioning. 3. Fay-Smith's Lorrosa Roy Pretty Boy Shaw

J (5:2) 1. Keenan & Griffin's Duxsara Double Diamond. Darkest br/w, a super junior really starting to come into his own now, fill his frame and is maturing nicely since his debut. Good head proportions with a clean skull and dark eye giving lovely expression. He is clean over the shoulder and has a decent length and strength of neck with the most beautiful feet and bone. Stacked up, he fills the eye projecting a lovely side on image and, once fully settled, he moved out with a good reach in front and drive from behind. He was spot on in conditioning with everything just right for his age. Handler is made to work hard with him and he can lose his shape but he is a really good youngster all through. Last 4 for the CC. 2. Lowery's Danlow Magic Bullet. R/w 13 months, clean neck, beautifully clean over the skull, hammy quarters, good mouth and most beautiful eye. Lovely jacket and conditioning, and falls away a bit steeply at the croup causing him to lose his topline. A totally different type to the winner, but he set up well and went out happily with a good stride, handler moving at perfect pace for him. 3. Copeland's Danlow Magical Mystery at Kronos.

Y (5) 1. Wooliss & Flintoft's Boxania Roamin' Around at Rameleon. I really fell for this young lad. I had admired him for many months and I was so delighted he was here today to get my hands on. Darkest br/w jacket and so clean over the neck and shoulder. His head is just lovely with plenty of muzzle and excellent skull ratio. I loved his expression, and he has a good mouth. His front is well angulated, leading to a level topline and hammy backend. He is square with no exaggeration anywhere and he looks just right from any angle. When he's settled and his handler gets him right, he moves out with a beautiful elastic gait and, at 18 months, I think he is bang-on in every department development-wise and I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He really needs to be handled with assertion and with the true belief in him to go all the way, as he is a high quality male, so well made and will be well worthy of his title in time to come. Loved him. RCC & RBIS. 2. Lafferty's Geenawell Lorenzo. 20 months, golden br/w, presents a smart outline with his sire's presence and style. His head is good to handle, and he is good over the neck and shoulder. Feet and bone are excellent. A tad longer cast that 1st, and I did feel he looked too lean and light on the backend end today and therefore he didn’t move as I have seen him before, but a smashing boxer, well-handled and presented. 3. Mair's Glenauld Arthur Shelby.

N (3) 1. Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe Absolute Bug. Just 12 months, light br/w, lovely clean head and eye, good mouth, put down in cracking order throughout. Could do with just a fraction more height on the foreleg but a good all round boxer male, with a strong round neck, beautiful short strong hocks, and a hammy backend. Moved at perfect speed with a good gait and drive, and expertly handled as always to get the best out of him. 2. Bee's Beeann Cover Story. 13 months, dark br/white, he has the darkest eye, a clean neck with the best of feet and bone. I'd prefer a cleaner head over the skull, but he is excellent in strength of hock and backend. Moved a little unsettled today, but set a good profile stacked up and was shown in excellent coat and condition. 3. Woods' Arkeney Barrister

D (3:2) 1. Fox's Britespark Norman Moon, golden br/w, 2 yrs old, clean head, with a good eye and excellent mouth. He could do with a fraction on the foreleg, but stands on beautiful feet and pasterns, and was presented in excellent condition. Decent backend with a strong hock. Stood alone in this class, but worthy of his win. Moved, presented and showed very well.

G (3:1) 1. Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe Supernatural. 22 months, br/w, ultra-square and in hard condition throughout. Lovely clean skull, lively expression from dark eyes, and has a good mouth to boot. Clean, round neck and a decent shoulder leading to a strong level topline. Good backend and strong hock, nothing overdone on this lad and again, presented in beautiful order throughout. Went well on the move with a good stride and gait, very much at one with his handler. 2. Murfin and Renshaw- Turner's Farvalley Dark Warrior. Nearly 4, lighter br/w and much heavier set all through, but a decent shoulder and strong round neck, good topline and well-muscled quarters. Head just far too heavy for me, but he has a good mouth, and his frame is set on excellent feet with lovely bone, and he moves out well at a good pace with his handler with a purposeful stride.

PG (3) 1. Fielding's Newlaithe Suited n Booted at Lefergo JW. 3yrs golden br/w, head typical with good ratio and a beautiful clean skull. He is good over the shoulders, has a good neck and hammy backend. His feet are beautiful, and he moves out with a long reachy stride. I'd like him shorter in the loin and a tad darker in eye but he is so clean all through, presented and shown in peak coat and condition, expertly handled as always and put in a super performance to win the class. 2. Murfin & Cobbledick's Farvalley Heart and Soul. Dark br/w, 4yrs. He is a powerfully set dog, very male and stamps his presence as he sets up. I would prefer a much cleaner head, and he had a few extra pounds around the neck and shoulder, but he is good in profile, quarters and hock are good, and he is very much at one with his handler, moving out at the right pace with a nice stride and drive at all times. 3. Woods' Arkeney Barrister.

LD (8:3) 1. Mair's Glenauld Stormzy. 3yr golden br/w, really is of high station, unexaggerated anywhere and is so beautifully put together, with a gorgeous head and eye, he just absolutely melts you in head and expression. His neck is strong and he has a decent front. The best of bone and feet support his frame, and his topline is firm and strong with a good chest-depth and excellent backend which is strong and muscular with distinct thigh and correct length of hock. He was presented, as always from this kennel, in perfect coat and condition, and he just looked so correct from any angle you viewed him. On the move, he went at just the right pace, covering the ground well with an excellent gait and reachy stride. A super boxer, befitting of the standard, excellent in stamp and type and spot-on performance to boot not putting a foot wrong throughout. I was delighted to have him under me today, and to award him his second big green card. CC & BIS. 2. Humphries Norwatch Sunhawk Goodtime with Chribanna. 2yrs br/w. He has a very good head, and a decent mouth and lip placement. In profile, he sets up very well on good bone and feet. He is clean over the shoulder with a decent neck and topline, leading to a well-muscled backend and strong short hocks. Moved out smartly with a good stride and drive from behind, and overall is a lovely type to get your hands on. I did feel he carried a few too many pounds today, which detracted from his shoulder and overall outline. Beautiful handling, schooling and presentation. 3. Loadsby's Berywnfa Fifty Shadz Freed.

O (5) 1. Griffiths Ch Lanfrese Argento. 4yr golden br/w, headed a beautiful class of Open Dog males, and is an utter showman immediately commanding your attention with a package of presence, glamour and style. He has the most beautifully clean head, dark expressive eye, good mouth and correct clean skull. His neck is strong, beautifully arched and well-muscled leading to a decent shoulder, strong flat back and well-muscled backend. Feet and bone are excellent, and he loves the space of a big ring. As always, he was immaculately presented, knows his job, and his handler moves at perfect speed enabling him to stride out and drive from behind. Last 4 for the CC and on the day, just preferred the stamp and cut of my CC winners, but he is no doubt a class act, thoroughly deserves his many accoladesandIwasdelightedtohavehisundermetoday. 2.Brough&Cairns'ChGalicarInvestigating with Limubox. 4yr old stallion male, darker br/w, in beautiful condition throughout not an ounce of spare flesh anywhere. Sets up so well in profile on the best of bone, feet and pasterns. His head is clean in skull, and he has a very good mouth. His neck is correct length and strong and his shoulders are well placed. He has a strong backend, and he is well-muscled behind with a correct length of hock. Looking on at him, I would prefer a fraction more open eye to complete the picture, but he is an overall excellent boxer who moved out well at perfect pace. Again, superb presentation and conditioning, very much at one with his handler. 3. Pynegar's Berwynfa Billionaire.

Judge: Mrs Debbi Huggins (Daervlish)