• Show Date: 08/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Rathmell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Boston Terrier

I would like to thank you for my super entry for a show with no CC’s, also thanks to my two stewards. I found type to be very varied and some movement left a lot to be desired. I made some allowances as it was obvious quite a few of the dogs weren’t happy either with the blue floor or the atmosphere. On saying that I had what I considered some quality dogs to go over and was more than happy with my winners.

PD (2,1)

1. Kingsline Musketeer

11m youngster still with some maturing to do – as he should have at this age. Masculine head with correct round, dk eye, good ear set. Compact well balanced dog who moved well if at times a little over eager. He stood alone but well deserved his 1st place. BPD

JD (2,0)

1. Wildax Jurgen Klopp

Lovely clean, masculine head, held on good neck. Eyes round and dark, ears well set. Well off for bone, stood on good feet. Front and rear angulation correct and balanced. Was a little unsure of himself today but he won this class on his maturity and movement.

2. Delaws Artistic Dreams

Another nice well-made male. Clean in outline and well balanced. Moved well but topline still a little soft, but this should tighten with maturity.

PGD (2,1)

1. Aprika Dirty Harry

Well presented slightly larger male with very clean outline. Masculine head of good proportion with well-set ears. Good eye and expression. Good straight bone and correctly angulated. Well balanced. Feet could be tighter. Well handled, moved ok.

OD (8,3)

1 & 2 are both very worthy champions who can and will change places many times I’m sure, with a lot to like about both. Different types but both well made with correct breed type, and very stylish.

1. CH Wildax The Real Thing

A pleasure to go over with everything as it should be. Clean masculine head, eye of correct shape and colour. Neat well set ears, neck well arched of good length. Level topline, good feet and bone. Moved well and showed his socks off for his handler. BD & BOB

2. CH Eairycor Celtic Manxspirit

As stated, a different type to one but similar general remarks apply. In outline an elegant but masculine male who is usually the ultimate showman today he was the ultimate clown. He must have swallowed a bag of worms, he was as giddy as a kipper, but did enough to be awarded RBD

3. Aprika Dirty Harry

SpBD (1,0)

1. Texas Dream Boy

Smaller type. Nice outline, topline level. Good eye and set of ears. Head of correct proportions would prefer a little cleaner. Enough bone for size, tight feet. Well balanced, moved correctly. Smart little dog. Would just prefer a cleaner head. BSPB/SpBG3

PB (11,3)

Very much a mixed bag of a class, but some promising puppies.

1. Norcairn Years N Years

What a smart baby. Lovely clean feminine head of correct make and shape with round dark eye, ears set correctly. Neck well arched of good length leading to level topline. Very clean and smart well-balanced outline. Moved and handled well. Should have a good future. BPIB

2. Kingsline Muskette

Similar remarks apply as to 1. Two lovely promising puppies who can and will change places. One just had the edge on maturity today.

3. Frenbosen Rockaby Lullaby

JB (7,2)

1. Wildax Summergate Brenda Rowendale

Stronger headed well-made girl. Outline clean and well balanced. Good length of neck, level topline. Presented in good clean condition. Well-handled and won this class on her movement.

2. Zoist Rebel Commander Snips

Smaller type than one with a lot to like. Good head carried on neck of desired proportions, topline level. Well balanced but one just had the edge on movement today.

3. Wynele Whos That Girl at Keycharm

PGB (3,0)

1. Wildax Little Mix

Well-made girl of good make and shape. Correctly made clean head, well set ears held on strong neck. Nothing to dislike about her. Looks good in profile and moved with purpose. Well-handled and presented in good condition.

2. Keycharm Magic Moments

Pleasing girl. Head square, dark eye, good muzzle, would prefer a better set of ears. Overall, a well-balanced girl but she wasn’t overally happy today.

3. Bostontime Silver Lady

OB (7,2)

1 & 2 totally different types but both good specimens in their own right.

1. Esangee My Shining Star over Antrix

Lovely girl who took my eye straight away. Loved her head and expression. In profile she has a clean, well-balanced outline that takes your eye, and she doesn’t disappoint on the move. Put down in good condition and well handled. Pleased to award her BB & RBOB

2. Wildax Penny Lane

Larger in make than one but full of quality, very smart in profile. Feminine head on good neck. Level topline, stood on good bone and feet. A well put together girl who moved and handled well.

3. Bostontime Silver Lady

SpBB (1,0)

1. Bostontime Silver Lady

Pretty young lady who wasn’t having a bar of it today. Really had it on her and refused to move more than 5 steps for her handler. I would respectfully suggest that her owner finds a good ringcraft to help bring this girl round.

Dawn Rathmell