• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Rathmell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Rottweiler

Overall heads seem to have improved since the last time I judged, there were less of the narrow heads and shallow muzzles. Upright shoulders are still a problem in the breed, but again some improvement seems to have been made. A lot of exhibits had dirty teeth, and some had coats so dirty it altered the texture of the coat. You do both yourselves and the judge a disservice not presenting your dog in a good clean condition.

Bitches I thought were stronger than the males.

MPD (2,1)

1. Fantasa Lucky Strike

Stood alone but a worthy winner. Clean dry head, with correctly set ears, dark eye, held on strong neck of good length. Well balanced puppy stood on good feet and bone. In lovely condition for one so young. Moved well clearing the ground with ease. A quality puppy who I am sure will do well. BPD

PD (4,0)

1. Seittor Look of Love

2. Seittor Fast Love

1 & 2 litter brothers of a type and similar remarks apply. Two nice puppies with clean dry typical male heads, good shoulder placement, nice make, and shape. Correctly angulated front and rear. Moved and handled well and not a lot to choose between them but today I preferred the front movement of one, which at the moment is more together than his brothers. A credit to their breeder and I am sure they will change places many times

3. Kayshillblue Zeus

JD (3,1)

1. Whisperdown Ticket to Ride

Upstanding moderately angulated male. Head of correct proportions with medium eye, calm expression, and demeanour. Good bone, tight feet. Movement steady and sure footed. Shown in lovely condition.

2. Auchenharvie Bunny Mambo

Stronger male than 1 with a well-balanced outline. Good bone and substance. He really gave his handler a hard time. He moves with exuberance which has a tendency to throw his front out. Ringcraft/obedience training would be of benefit to him as he is a nice dog.

ND (2,0)

1. Kayshillblue Zeus

Was placed 3rd in PD. Pleasing masculine head which has yet to fully mature. Well made with straight front and good rear angulation which he used to move with drive. Should mature into a pleasing male.

2. Whisperdown Ticket to Ride

PGD (2,0)

1. Seittor Moment in Time

Medium sized with good head and expression. Dk eye, correctly set ears, strong neck of good length. Well sprung ribs, deep brisket, level topline held on the move. Certainly made his handler work – keep him off the gummy bears.

2. Apocalypto Ambassador

Nice male with a clean head and profile. Good bone, tight feet, well balanced, moved well.

Preferred overall type of 1.

LD (4,1)

1. Stairvale Frazer JW

Well-made male with good clean, balanced outline. Clean head of good width with correct length to depth of muzzle, ears well set. Strong neck of good length, ribs well sprung. Correctly made front assembly with required forechest, well angulated rear. Moved true and with purpose. RDCC

2. Jacraila Valdemar

Bigger male than one. Masculine head with well carried ears. Strong well carried neck leading to level topline held on the move. Moved and handled well. Would prefer cleaner shoulders.

3. Jianerot Jeffrey

OD (7,2)

1. CH Fantasa Blu Diablo

Quality dog with cracking head piece, held on strong neck of correct length. Excellent front construction with well-placed shoulders and required forechest. Ribs well sprung, deep brisket, top and underlines level. Well off for bone, tight feet. Well angulated rear that he used to his advantage on the move, moving with reach and drive a real powerhouse. Delighted to award him CC.

2. Minealea’s Busy Bee

Masculine head with slight wrinkle which doesn’t detract. Clean well arched neck, topline level and held on the move. A pleasing well balanced male with good bone & substance. Moved and handled well.

3. Westlodge Five Star JW ShCM

MPB (4,2)

1. Fantasa Lucky Green

Two very nice puppies but 1 for me stood away. Top quality baby with a beautiful head and expression, lovely reach of neck, clean well-placed shoulders, level topline. Beautiful balanced outline which showed to advantage on the move. Presented in cracking condition. I’d take her home. I’m sure she will have a bright future.

2. Abacab’s Duchess

Smaller made than 1 but nevertheless a quality baby. Lovely clean, smart outline. Head is clean, strong, and feminine with lovely expression. Was enjoying herself as babies should and certainly made her handler work. Another with a bright future.

PB (5,1)

1. Kayshillblue Nyx at Stairvale

Another cracking youngster with what for me is a classic female head piece. Lovely reach of neck. Correctly made front with developing pro-sternum. Clean and smart in profile with level topline, good tail set and well angulated. Another presented in top form. For one so young moves with real purpose delighted to award her RBCC

2. Seittor Lovebug

Another quality puppy with a beautiful, strong feminine head piece and lovely well-balanced outline. Smaller and more immature than 1 at the moment but will no doubt mature into another lovely girl.

3. Rhodilea Celtic Diva

JB (2,1)

1. Bugarivo Caoimhe

Stood alone but worthy of her 1st place. Pleasing girl feminine head with good expression. Well off for bone, good feet. Ribs well sprung, good depth of brisket. Correctly angulated front and rear which enabled her to move with reach and drive. Presented in good condition.

YB (3,0)

1. Darkarmar Don’t Stop Me Now at Mankell

Classic type as to be expected from this kennel with good strong feminine head & pleasant calm expression. Super clean outline with good length of neck, level topline. Correct front with good layback of shoulder, well angulated rear. Moved with purpose. Considered for RCC

2. Famba by Rominjay

Shown and presented in good condition. Good head with medium eye, strong neck which could be a little longer to complete the picture. Level top and underlines, well sprung ribs. Moved well.

3. Jianerot Nancy

GB (1.0)

1. Seittor Urban Dance at Ceearott

Very pretty of smaller type. Good head, eye could be a little darker but doesn’t detract from overall expression. Moved and handled well, would just like to see her tighten up a little more.

PGB (1,0)

1. Arka von Tishevitsa

Stood alone. Pleasing head, good length of neck. Nicely angulated. Moved OK.

LB (1,0)

1. Abacab’s Kuma

Lovely head and expression held on strong neck. Good front with defined forechest. Well off for bone, good feet and nicely angulated. Moved and handled well. To be picky would prefer just a tad more length of leg to totally balance her out but a nice girl.

OB (6,0)

1. CH/Rus CH Farvist Gold Candy Fantasa (imp Rus)

My notes say, ‘superb just my type’. What can I add? Absolutely cracking in every way. Beautiful head piece, strong elegant neck, correctly made front with required forechest. Level topline which is rock solid and when she moves, she is poetry in motion. She is correctly made which enables her to power round the ring never putting a foot wrong. A pleasure to go over and put down in superb condition. Well done a credit to you. Delighted to award her BCC & BOB and to see her go Group 1.

2. CH Juffther Happy Bunny

A bitch I judged as a Yearling who has developed into a lovely adult and worthy CH. Well balanced with a clean outline and correct front and rear angulation. She has a good head and expression with well-set ears, neck of good length leading to well set shoulder placement and level topline. Moved and handled well.

3. Peria Legend of Knez (imp Srb)

VB (2,1)

1. Jianerot Cuba at Julzez ShCM

9 yr. old and enjoying her day out. A pleasure to go over her. In super coat and condition, well balanced and still moves well. Long may she continue to enjoy her days out. BV

Dawn Rathmell - Judge