• Show Date: 30/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dawn Dixon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Chinese Crested

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for their entries and support. I also must thank my two ring stewards , Avis and Preston, who kept everything running so efficiently.

MPD 2/0 1st Peppett’s Way To Go Heybett – well presented Sable / white powder puff who is very showy, although  up to size for my taste, he is so well balanced with good length , masculine head, large well set ears , good neck and shoulders , firm level top line , nice angulation, moved so soundly for a baby.

2nd Brooke’s Karamouche Kiss This At Zetamaz – raw black / white powder puff who’s size I preferred. Nice balance to head, dark eye, good mouth, fine boned, good tail carriage , not the length of winner nor as settled on the move .

PD 2/0 1st Peppett’s Way To Go Heybett.

2nd Hampton ‘s Zerachiel Smoke And Mirrors – true hairless baby who really wasn’t making the best of himself today, balanced head, lovely dark almond shaped eye, excellent mouth, strong ears, fabulous skin, fine boned, unsettled on the move.

JD 3/0 1st Moyes, Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis Fab’U’lous Strictly – Well presented powder puff. There is to much of him for my personal taste but he is balanced and well constructed, masculine head of correct proportions with nice chiselling, good mouth , well set ears , straight front , firm top line which he held on the move, won this class on his ground covering movement.

2nd Boden’s Jean Dark Zimzallabim at Gemadar ( imp Swe ) – Mahogany hairless , nice size, straight front, would prefer a little more refinement to head, good mouth, well set ears, strong body with nice length , correct tail set, moved ok.

3rd Parker’s Doonbeg Carbon Copy at Khatira.

PGD 4/1 1st Boden’s Ensidias You Me You Wish at Gemadar ( imp Swe) – Mahogany hairless of good proportions and size. Well set ears, straight front, level top line, strong body with good depth, lovely soft skin, correct tail carriage, steady on the move.

2nd Hinton’s Parcauwen Perfect Edition By Cheeswood – Attractive well presented cream powder puff, nice for size, lovely dark almond eye, strong erect ears, correct veil coat, nice rear angulation, not as good in front as the winner 

3rd Coulter’s Scherzando Quill.

LD 9/0 difficult class to judge due to the variation of type ad size.

1st Parker's Ynchreenoo Black Magic At Khatira – balanced powder puff who was well presented, pleasing head of correct proportions , strong ears, nice dark almond eye, firm body with good depth, moved freely, tail carried a little tight on the move.

2nd Coulter’s Scherzando Betelgeuse – Masculine hairless who doesn’t make the best of himself.

Good balance to head, strong well set ears, dark eye, correct bite, good depth of chest, lovely soft supple skin, sound but lacked animation.

3rd Kenney’s Be My Dog’s Vote for Mr. Red Via Epiphany.

OD 4/2 1st Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero JW ( Imp Deu ) – lovely size mahogany hairless, well proportioned head which would benefit from a little more chiselling, strong ears, good mouth , straight front, fine boned, pleasing neck and shoulders, firm body of good length, lovely fine skin, well angulated hind quarters moved soundly RCC .

2nd Masters & Shakeshaft’s Doucai show Boy – Stronger made blue hairless, pleasing head proportions , lovely dark eye , broad chest, firm level top line, nicely angulated hindquarters, moved freely , would benefit from a little less weight.

VD 3/1 1st Moyes, Moyes & Hunter’s Bryelis The Ring Master JW – Quality mahogany hairless not the easiest dog to show but full of breed type, lovely well balanced head with clean cheaks and correct chiselling , nice almond shaped eye, strong well set ears, good neck , deep chest, well made body with good length, strong muscled hindquarters, moved with reach and drive, pleased to award him his third CC.

2nd Masters Esquimaux Skin Deep – 10 year old mahogany hairless shown in lovely condition for his age, lean head with long tapering muzzle, well set ears, adequate neck, straight front, nice body , movement not as good as winner.

SBD 1/0 1st Farquharson’s Shanshal Prince of Arabia – full coated white powder puff who was immaculately present ad a credit to his owner, masculine head with lovely dark eye, good mouth , pleasing front, nice bone , strong body with good length, moved with ease.

MPB 2/0 1st kempster & Rees Oolagha Kristal Ayla – attractive gold powder puff who was well presented, feminine head with nice chiselling and correct proportions , lovely dark almond shaped eye, strong low set ears , long slender neck leading to well laid back shoulders , firm level top line which she she held on the move, please body length, nice rear angulation, when settled moved soundly BP.

2nd Frame’s Elfallons Naked Angel – blue hairless who is well grown for her age , lovely large well set ears, dark almond eye , good mouth , straight front with long slender legs , correct hare foot, nice body length with good tuck up, chest still needs to drop and she needs to settle on the move.

PB 3/2 1st Hampson’s Zerachiel All Eye On Me – feminine cream powder puff who was throughly enjoying her day out, balanced head, very dark almond eye, correct bite, adequate neck , firm top line, nice rib with good depth , lovely veil coat, correct tail set and carriage, full of herself on the move.

JB 3/0 1st Koroleva Balemila with Apailana – very pretty cream pp, pleasing head, nice dark eye although a little round, good front, sound body with level topline, well presented coat, needs more confidence on the move.

2nd kerry’s Godpeakiki Viva Andromeda – Ultra feminine cream pp , pretty head , nice eye, straight front, good rib , firm topline, nice bend of stifle, showed well.

3rd Hampson’s Zerachiel Perfect Vision.

PGB 7/3 1st Bowers Bryelis I’m On My Way At Riveralca – black / white hairless, nice size, pleasing head balance but a little full in the checks, nice dark eye, good mouth, straight front, fine boned, lovely soft supple skin, sound on the move.

2nd Eaton’s Chestnutcre Miss Femmie – black/ white powder puff, small feminine and so pretty, attractive head with exquisite expression, lovely dark almond eyes ,strong well placed ears , long neck leading to well back shoulders, correctly proportioned body with good depth of chest, unfortunately dog and handler need to work together on the move.

3rd Jacoobs and Stevenson’s Chestnutcres Cut and Blow To Go 

LB 5/3 1st Gwynne's Delissa Crystal Ice Avec Chezic – white /black powder puff with correct veil coat, balance head with lovely dark eye, large well set ears, good bite , straight front, pleasing neck , well laid shoulders, firm body of good length, nicely angulated hind quarters, excelled on the move covering the ground with ease.

2nd Hampson’s Zerachiel Game Changer – mahogany true hairless with lots to like , pleasing head, nice eye, strong well placed ears, excellent mouth as did all from this kennel, broad chest, strong well made body, firm top line which she held on the move, lovely soft skin, but couldn’t match the winner on the move.

OB 4/2 1st Dunlop’s Ch. Habiba Hold My Purse – well know champion who is a credit to her owner , beautiful balanced and so well constructed, excellent neck and shoulders , broad chest, nice body length, immaculate skin, on the move she owns the ring and commands your attention, CC and BOB.

2nd Hampson’s Zerachiel Game Changer.

VB 1/0 1st Frame's Ch Myvallo Inclined To Dance at Elfallons – nice sized mahogany hairless pleasing head with gentle expression , lovely dark eye, strong well set ears, nice chest with good depth, soft skin, showed well.

SBB 3/0 repeat of PGB

1st Bowers Bryelis I’m On My Way at Riveralca BSB 

2nd Eaton’s Chestnutcres Miss Femmie

3rd Jacobs & Stevenson’s Chestnutcres Cut and Blow to Go .

Dawn Dixon