• Show Date: 28/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Worgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

Driffield Championship Dog Show Society

Sunday 28th August 2022

Cocker Spaniels – Judge David Worgan

It was an honour to be asked to judge Cockers Spaniels at this show, I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge and the stewards that kept everything moving efficiently. As this was my first Championship appointment I was extremely pleased with my entry and with the hospitality show to me.

I would also like to thanks all the exhibitors for giving me the privilege of judging their dogs, I am truly grateful. I am pleased to say that there were many outstanding examples of our wonderful breed which led to difficult decision having to be made in the senior classes. The classification for this show forced some to enter into classes where they were up against much more mature examples.

Cockers are a gundog and therefore should be capable of a full days work in the field. Therefore I was looking not only to judge to the breed standard but I also was looking for good movement and well-muscled quarters.

The temperaments on the whole were very good and all bites were correct.

The day started off cool but soon heated up and I was mindful of the dogs overheating in the sun therefore insisted that they were in the shade wherever possible.

It was sad to see that a novice handle on her first show had entered a Sable dog which was purchased as a pet but was told that she should show it. The exhibitor was recommended not to show by a fellow exhibitor, which she compiled.


Veteran Dog (1)

1st TAIT, Amaroanne Glory Days ShCM - 7 year old Blue Roan, good outline and shape, balanced head, good shoulders and topline would prefer a slightly deeper chest. On good quarters with tight feet. Moved out with drive. (BVD and BV)

Puppy Dog (8, 2)

1st GRICE, Kyna MacKenzie - 8 month old Blue Roan. A super outline with lovely head and kind expression. Good length of neck and level topline. Good chest and ribs, well balanced quarters shown in full coat in great condition. Happy on the move. (BPD)

2nd VERE, Adrona Continental - 11 month old Black. This lovely dog presents with a balance outline, good body and in good condition. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Stands on well boned limbs, tight feet and moved off well but preferred the movement of 1.

3rd GILMOUR, Chavaz Silver Cloud

Junior Dog (2, 1)

1st WILLIAMS, Wilmerella Outlander JW - 17 month old Blue Roan, well-proportioned in outline. Mature head with dark eye correct length of neck on to well-placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and level top line onto set of tail. Took time to settle on the moved then moved with drive.

Special Beginners Dog (5)

1st HOLLAND Crimicar Indigo Magic to Holchancer - 21 month old Blue Roan, pleasing outline and in good condition. Mature head with good expression. Well ribbed and tight elbows, short in loin. Moved steady with a happy tail.

2nd ROBINSON, Wilmerella Perfect Storm - 5 year old Blue Roan, well shaped head, good neck balanced body, moved well but a bit unsettled on the table.

3rd PALMER, Cassom Sun Dreaming Over Colmeir

Post Graduate Dog (6, 1)

1st THOMAS, Claramand Cracker - 23 months substantial Orange Roan, well shaped skull on to good length of neck and level topline. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Well boned and good muscle throughout. Sound on the moved with wagging tail.

2nd TERRY, Shaggylands Desperate Dan - 2 year old Blue Roan that impressed. Lovely head and well places shoulders. Chest and ribs well developed, on good bone. Moved well but would prefer a better tail action.

3rd BARBER-BALL, Kalispell Couer De Lion

Limit Dog (8, 1).

This was a difficult class to judge as all exhibits were of excellent quality and on another day the placings may change.

1st RAHMAN, Sensqul Blackout - 3 year old Black. Impressive outline and very well presented. Masculine head and dark eye. Good reach of neck on to level topline and correct tail set. Well bodied with well muscled quarters. Coat in excellent condition and moved true and straight with drive. (RDCC)

2nd LOWERY, Amaroanne Theos JW - 4 year old Blue Roan. Very pleasing outline and in good condition. Appealing masculine head along with moderate length of neck into acceptable shoulders. Chest well developed and well boned throughout. Merry with true movement fore and aft.

Open Dog (9, 2)

1st ROBERTS, Rayol The Editor - 3 year old Black. Outstanding example of the male of the breed. Superb head with kind expression together with moderate length of neck and well placed shoulder on to correct tail set. Excellent depth of chest and well ribbed. Strongly muscled quarters on good bone with tight feet. Moved well for the handler. (DCC)

2nd LOWERY, Amaroanne Apollo JW - Litter brother to the dog that was second in Limit Dog with many of the same attributes and temperament. Another fine example from the breeder but could not quite match 1 today.

3rd WIGGINS Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield JW

Good Citizen (1)

1st HOLLAND, Crimicar Indigo Magic to Holchancer


Veteran Bitch (No Entries)

Puppy Bitch (11, 1)

1st WHITING, Annilann Miss Scary Poppins -, 10 month old Blue Roan, quality puppy throughout, short in loin and well balanced, beautiful head, clean eye and expression, deep body with good ribs and chest. Good reach of neck and strong shoulders, level topline. Moved with drive with wagging tail. There was nothing scary about this exhibit! (BPB and BP)

2nd STEELE, Ziennes Azzura - 10 month old Blue Roan. Another quality puppy with kind expression, moderate length of neck, straight topline and correct tail set. Moved out straight and true with wagging tail. Not quite the maturity as 1 but close.

3rd TERRY, Shaggylands One Hello

Junior Bitch

1st RAHMAN, Buddonness Irish Aoife - 17 month old Blue Roan, well balanced in outline, sweet feminine head with kind expression, clean neck into good shoulders with firm topline. Well boned with good chest and ribs. Coat in fine condition moved with ever wagging tail.

2nd MITCHELL, Glowhill Chiquitita – 12 month old Blue Roan. Quality bitch just out of puppy so giving a lot away. Very well balanced outline in good coat. Sweet feminine head and good expression. Well bodied with deep chest and adequate ribs. Moved well for the handler.

3rd ROBERTS, Joaldy Miss Kind

Special Beginner Bitch (4)

1st HUTTON-BARBER, Esqueen (FCI) Following Star at Babtonkelpie (IMP POL) – 17 month old Blue Roan. Well balanced in outline and in good coat. Feminine head, good reach of neck onto good shoulders. Well ribbed with tight elbows. Adequate muscles on good bone. Moved with purpose. It was a close decision in the Special Beginners challenge between the dog and the bitch but the bitch just took the title today. (BSB)

2nd TAVERNOR, Regaltav Moonbeam - 17 month old Blue Roan. Many of the same attributes of 1 and it was a close decision but the movement of 1 just made the difference.

3rd TAYLOR-KISTNER, Frieljoanipa Olea

Post Graduate Bitch (13)

1st KENGYELICS, Hebdene Haute Couture – 2 year old Black. Feminine head and good clean eye. Well bodied with deep chest and width of chest allowing tight elbows. On strong bone with good muscled quarters. Quantity coat and presentation. Sound on the move.

2nd SHINKFIELD, Quettadene Queen Of Stars JW – 22 month old Black. Typical of the breed outline. Pleasing head and kind eye. Well bodied, good bone and muscle. Excellently presented. A little unsteady on the move at first but then settled. Not quite as mature as 1 at present.

3rd BROWN, Annaside Yet More Trouble for Atherbron

Limit Bitch (7, 1)

1st WEST, Sheigra Simply A Star JW – 5 year old Black, she lived up to her name, well-proportioned throughout, clean head and soft expression, strong body with firm topline, strong quarters and moved with drive. (RBCC)

2nd KENGYELICS, Hebdene Harbour Nights – 4 year old Black. Good outline and well presented. Clean head and kind expression, firm body, level topline onto correct tail set. Well muscled enabling good movement.

3rd GILMOR, Chavez Over The Moon

Open Bitch (6)

1st WILLIAMS, SH CH Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella IR J CH – 4 year old Blue Roan. Well presented in excellent condition. Feminine expression, moderate neck onto good shoulder placement. Level topline and correct tail set. Balanced on solid quarters and good bone with good angulation. Move true and straight keeping the topline. (BCC)

2nd ADAMS, Whinburn Winter Eclipse – 2 year old Black. Well presented outline in good condition. Feminine head and clean eye. Moderate neck and well placed shoulders, plenty of substance in this compact frame. Solid movement.

3rd HILLIER, SH CH Coedcernyw Calender Girl JW

Gold Citizen Bitch (3, 1)

1st HATTON-BARBER, Esqueen (FCI) Following Star at Babtokelpie (IMP POL)

2nd WEST, Sheigra Super Special JW – 5 year old Black. Another good example from this breeder. Feminine head, adequate length of neck, good depth of chest and ribs. Solid condition throughout and moved in a consistent manner but did not seem to be on top form today.