• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Robson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Weimaraner

LKA December 2022


I'd like to thank the committee of the LKA for inviting me to judge their Championship show. I enjoyed my day and hopefully so did the exhibitors. I’d like to also thank my stewards Stephen and Linda for keeping the ring running efficiently.

Overall, I was happy with the high quality of dogs present today but I must say that I found some of them lacking muscle tone, carrying too much weight and some with really long nails which detracted from their overall picture. I did find a couple of suspect bites and some with longer loins than I prefer.

The floor surface did give some exhibits some problems due to being slippery but I did take this into consideration when assessing movement.

MPD (5,0a)

1. Hesford & Campbell & Timmons’ Pipwell Hay Jude

7 mth old. A real baby but showing lots of promise. Pleasing head proportions with a good ear. Well placed eye with a kind expression. Good length of back. Deep brisket. Nicely constructed front assembly Well off for bone. Moved well with reach and drive when settled.

2. Hartley & Myers’ Glasarian Russett for Astrazone

Another very nice pup with very similar attributes to 1. Good head of correct proportions, Strong neck flowing into well laid shoulder with ideal front angulation. Correct height/length measurements. Good turn of stifle which allowed good drive from the rear. Just preferred front movement of 1.

3. Suett’s Silberliss Peckham Pouncer

PD (4,0a)

1. Isherwood's Gunalt Schweppes At Caleydene

11 mth boy who has all the essentials. One I’ve admired previously from the ringside especially for his rear movement, and he didn’t disappoint today. Good head and with a pleasing expression. Plenty of bone for age. Correct height to length ratio. Nicely angled both front and rear. Moved very well with strong drive. A smart puppy just preferred the overall balance of the bitch for BP.

2. Filby & Brown's Desjiem Billy Don’t Be A Hero

Smaller dog than 1 but still lots to like. Nice balanced outline. Arched neck. Well placed shoulders with good angulation both front and behind. Nice grey coat. At the moment I feel his head needs to come on but I suspect that’ll come as he matures. Another nice puppy

3. Suett’s Silberliss Peckham Pouncer

JD (1,0a)

1. Filby & Brown's Desjiem Billy Don’t Be A Hero

YD (2,1a)

1. Arnold's Gunalt Roku .

Just out of junior and at that midway stage. Good forechest , well sprung rib. Nice head with a kind expression. Well placed ears of reasonable length Clean strong neck. Strong level topline which he maintained on the move. Well muscled thigh of good width, Correct slightly sloping croup. Moved well.

PGD (4,1a)

1. Hartley & Myers’ Silberliss Excalibur For Astrazone

A masculine dog but with nothing overdone. Good size and presented a balance picture stacked. Good length of body. Well sprung rib going well back into a strong loin Moderately angled both front and rear. Well let down hock. Moved very well with good reach and drive.

2. Thorne's Mabanika A Team JW .

A strong masculine dog who wasn’t playing ball today and gave his handler a hard time. Stronger head than 1 but with a kind eye. Good length of ear. Strong neck into excellent front assembly. Strong level topline which he kept on the move. Well muscled rear and a good bend of stifle which showed as he flowed around the ring with ease and good reach and drive.

3. Heuson’s Parhelis Corrino

LD. (5,1a)

1. Snaith’s Skilaki Move On Up To Bifonda JW

Another nice dog of great size and body proportions. Struggled a bit with the floor but when correctly stacked he could not be denied his win. Pleasing head with a kind expression. Good length of ear. Arched neck. Good forechest. Moderately angled both front and rear. Good depth of brisket. Correct body/height proportions. Nice wide thigh with good muscle. Tight feet. Moved out well with style keeping his level topline.

2. Hunter’s Braefell Dragonfly

A strong mature dog. Masculine head of good proportions and deep flew. Clean neck into well placed shoulders. Well angled front assembly with plenty forechest. Good length to height ratio and great wide thigh. Exceptionally well muscled. Handler just needs to watch how she pulls his head back as it spoilt his top line. Moved well when settled but certainly moved a lot better in the later class.

3. Richardson’s Cheyenn Makeeta

OD (6,1a)

1. Alcorn & Ingram's Sh Ch Gunalt Hendricks.

What a showman. Medium sized male straight out of the top drawer. Pleasing masculine head with a kind expression. Correct shape and length of ear. Strong muscular arched neck. Correctly constructed front assembly. Good length of body with ribs going well back into short strong loin with slightly sloping croup. Good depth of brisket with ideal amount of forechest. Well turned stifle. Well muscled throughout. Possibly a little over muscled around the withers but it didn’t distract from the overall picture. Extremely well handled and flowed around the ring with such style, reach and drive DCC & BOB Pleased to see him shortlisted in a very strong group.

2. Kerr’s Sh Ch Kalimor Hudson .

A dog I’ve admired from the sidelines for some time. He’s matured nicely and presents a very balanced outline. Masculine head but not overdone. kind expression. Strong slightly arched neck flowing into well laid shoulder, Great height to length ratio with strong level topline and slight slope to croup, ribs stretching well back into a strong short loin. Balanced angles fore and aft. Well off for bone, tight feet. Moved out well with a flowing stride maintaining his strong topline. Just started to pull back in the final line up which spoilt his outline and denied him that winning place, but nevertheless a really stunning dog. RCC.

3. Pavey & Evan’s Sh Ch Gunalt Undeniable at Joneva

VD/B (2,0a)

1. Snaith's Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda JW

8 year old male of correct size. Masculine with nothing overdone. Well proportioned head with a pleasing expression, good length of ear, strong arched neck, well laid shoulder, great length of back with good ribbing and short strong loin. Well turned stifle with good thigh and low hock. Moved around the ring with plenty of drive.

2. Suett's Int Ch Dutch Lux Silvestre Last Tango With Silberliss JW

A bitch I really liked as a puppy and has matured into a very smart veteran. Feminine head with a pleasing eye, Good length to ear. Well placed shoulder. good neck and correct shoulder placement. Brisket to elbow. Good height to length ratio. Moderate bend of stifle. Nice feet. Moved well with reach and drive just preferred the overall balance of the dog.

GCD (1,0a)

1. Hunter’s Braefell Dragonfly

MPB (4,1a)

1. Hesford & Campbell's Pipwell Penny Lane

Litter sister to my MPD and very similar in attributes although a little more together than her brother. Pleasing feminine head with good depth of flew and length of ear. Nicely arched neck flowing into lovely placed shoulders. Good angulation both front and rear. Good length of back with strong short loin Great width of thigh and turn of stifle. Moved well for a youngster.

2. Suett’s Silberliss Saucy Mare

Another nicely constructed baby with a bright future. Just going through that bum high stage when stood at the moment which spoilt her topline. Gorgeous feminine head. Well angled. Moved well.

3. Knight's Wallaroo Sweet Caroline

PB (5.0a)

1. Tierney’s Gunalt Elderflower at Greyfurs

Litter mate to my PD. Gorgeous feminine head. Well placed ear. Good length of neck flowing into a good strong topline. Maturing nicely at 11 mnth A balanced picture in profile. Lovely wide thigh with well let down hocks which she used to advantage when moving around the ring with reach and drive. Loved this girl. BPIB

2. Suett’s Silberliss Saucy Mare

3. Caffrey’s Dianas Argentum Danika At Weidovan

JB (4,0a)

1. Dobbs’ Kalimor Summa Love

A 15mth old bitch maturing steadily. Classic head of good proportions with good length of ear. Looking balanced in profile with moderately angled front and rear. Good ribbing reaching well back. Good width to thigh. Stood on nice tight feet. Moved steadily around the ring with style.

2. Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Dottie JW

Litter sister to 1 and another with lots to like. Lovely feminine head. Long arched neck. Well placed shoulders and front assembly. Good height to length ratios. Strong level topline. Well turned stifle and good thigh width. Didn’t move her best today which gave her sister the upper edge.

3. Philip’s Farnfield Déjà vu From Rivertone

YB (4,0a)

1. Thorne’s Mabanika The Good Life

Medium sized bitch just out of junior. Very feminine head with correct proportions and a kind expression. Good body length. Moderately angled fore and aft. Beautiful coat. Well muscled. Strong short loin. Well turned stifle. Nice feet. Moved well when settled and loved her waggy tail throughout.

2. Murray's Mabanika Just Good Friends

Litter sister to 1 just not as settled today. Very pleasing feminine head. Correct body proportions. Balanced outline. Moved well but struggled a bit with the floor today.

3. Pilatova's Sabsky Syratka JW

PGB (8,2a)

1. Lewis' Rivertone Under My Skin Farnfield

Lovely feminine head of good proportions, pleasing eye, excellent length of ear. Balanced front and rear construction, Tight feet. Moved well. Stood a tad overstretched which may have been due to the floor.

2. Reake's Thrihyrne Love Letters

Lovely feminine L/H with a very pleasing head and kind eye, Plenty of substance without being overdone. Balanced in outline. Strong level topline and slope to croup. Good tailset. In excellent coat condition with ample feathering. Moved well around the ring showing reach and drive.

3. Brown & Filby’s Desjiem Dujardin

LB (7,1a)

A very strong class today full of some really good specimens of the breed.

1. Balmer's Mabanika Omega.

A smaller bitch with lots to like. Feminine head with a kind expression. Good ear length. Strong neck flowing into strong level topline. Balanced in outline with moderate angulation. Good bone. Just the right amount of spring of rib. Correct amount of forechest. Flowed around the ring with a great stride on a loose lead at one with the handler. Seriously considered for top honours.

2. Kelly's Kalimor Amazing Grace at Vansant

Different again to 1 but still a quality bitch just coming into her own. Pale coat. Well constructed with moderate angulation both front and behind. Pleasing head with keen expression. Good length of neck Well off for bone. Strong topline with the correct slight slope of croup. Well ribbed. Strong loin. Moved well

3. Suet’s Silberliss Summer of Love

OB (7,1a)

Another strong class with some very difficult decisions to make and I’m sure a lot of the dogs would change places many times.

1. Morris’ Kalimor Gem

A moderate sized bitch who is blossoming into a quality young lady. Full of breed type. Gorgeous aristocratic head with a moderate flew. Kind eye. Clean arched neck into well placed shoulders. Good return of upper arm Nothing overdone about this bitch. Correct height to length measurements. Moderately angled both front and rear. Good spring of rib reaching well back into a strong loin. Moderate tuck up. Great width of thigh. Nice tight feet. Moved around the ring with excellent reach and drive and sparkled like a true show girl. All topped off with a lovely colour. So pleased to award her the BCC.

2. Hostler's Kalimor Daisy JW

Another quality bitch from this kennel. One I’ve admired for a while but unfortunate to come up against 1 on top form today. Very feminine head with a gorgeous expression. Good length of ear. Strong neck. Good length of body. Very balanced angulation front and rear. Nice tight feet. Good depth of brisket. Level topline with slight slope to croup and good tailset. Good width of thigh. Excellent coat colour. Moved well but not with the positivity I’ve seen in the past.

3. Moore’s Kalimor Jazz at Cavalmist


1. Anderson’s Hollieseast Chanel Chic

A beautiful pale grey coat. Very balanced when stood. Pleasing head with good ears. Moderate angles. Level topline. Moved Ok.

David Robson (Judge)