• Show Date: 10/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

It was a pleasure to be invited to judge for the club I was involved with for so long. Not a very good entry numerically but the competition for the top honours was keen and it was a matter of splitting hairs. On the whole, I was pleased with the quality of the exhibits. Presentation was first class and temperaments are so much better than a few years ago. My only concern was the number of broad plain heads. The standard asks for slightly domed with clearly defined stop and well chiselled below the eyes. Let’s not forget this when planning future breeding programmes. My co judge, Richard Stafford and I could not agree on Best In Show. So on the referee, Suzanne Backhouse’s decision it went to the dog Sh Ch Menstonia Minstrel Reserve to the BCC winner Glenbrows Rhapsody. We agreed on the other awards that Best Puppy in Show should go to Nyliram The Moth Catcher and Best veteran to Sh Ch Chanangel Sticky Wicket.

Puppy (2,1 abs)

1 Graham’s Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram

At 10 months is progressing well. In super body and coat for his age. Pleasing head with kind eyes. Well off for bone with straight legs and round feet. Strong clean neck with good layback of shoulder. Good rear angulation, hocks well let down. Best Puppy Dog

Junior (4)

1 Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden

Well grown for his 12 months but balanced through. Well-shaped head with dark eyes and gentle expression. He has a good reach of neck with straight front and super feet. Well developed in chest with good depth for his age. Strong in the quarters with good bend of stifle. He moved well in profile.

2 Holley’s Ferndel Dare To Dream

Showing plenty of promise. This 14 month old has a good head with the required work. Strong neck of good length leads to nicely angled shoulders. Correct topline with good width to his quarters. In good coat, he just needs to settle on the move to do himself justice.

3 Jackson’s Tigerrock Gardez La Foi

Yearling (1)

1 Ritchie and Scaife’s Waverleyline to Tobermory at Slapestones

Clean in outline with a well-proportioned head, clean neck and well boned front. He was in lovely muscular condition and firm over the loins giving a correct topline, He moved freely and easily covering the ring well.

Maiden (2)

1 Ferndel Dare To Dream

2 Tigerrock Gardez la Foi

At 14 months, he has a balanced head with good length of muzzle, lovely length of neck. In good coat condition and displaying an outgoing temperament. His exuberance made his movement difficult to assess. Just needs time.

Novice (3)

1 Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram

2 Clarke’s Tigerrock I’m Your Man

Promising junior with lots of potential. Correct in head with plenty of work below the eyes. Strong clean neck, well boned straight front. Firm in topline. He has good width to his quarters and well-turned stifles. In good body and coat for his age. Should go on to do well.

3 Tigerrock Gardez la Foi

Post Grad (3)

1 Clarke’s Heniverous Rainbow by Tigerrock

Looking well today, not ready for top honours but everything is coming along nicely. Lovely headed boy with typical expression and enjoying his showing. Clean neck with good reach and correct layback of shoulder. Good width and depth to his ribs. Well angulated quarters, hocks nicely let down. He moved freely here and this tipped the class in his favour.

2 Douglas’ Chanangel Yorkshire Gold to Santallina

Presented a lovely picture standing. Well-shaped head with dark eyes and clean throat. Balanced in body with good depth to his ribs and firm over the loins giving a correct topline. He has good width to his thigh giving strength to his quarters.

3 Tolladay’s Bethersden Brigadier

Limit (3, 1)

1 Millard’s Ferndel High Comand at Rubylea

Has really come on since last time I saw him. Presents a mature and balanced outline, undeniably Welsh! Lovely head with shape below his eyes. Has a clean neck of good length leafing to well-placed shoulders, elbows nicely tucked in. Good width and depth to his chest and firm in topline. Strong in quarters with well turned stifles and width to his second thigh. He moved well in profile to win the RCC.

2 Graham’s Nyrilam Lets Twist Again

Mature and presented in full coat and in good body. This three year old has a strong clean neck and is well boned. He has good width and depth to his chest. Strong quarters of good width and well set tail. Moved freely and easily.

Open (4,1)

Only three here but plenty to like about all of them.

1 Knowles’ Sh Ch Menstonia Minstrel

Looked the part today, just flows when you go over him. Refined in head with balance and shape, kind in eye, he has well placed ears and plenty of work giving a super welsh expression. Good reach of neck with sloping shoulders and correct front. Well developed in chest and firm correct topline, he has well angulated quarters, hocks are well let down. He moved truly. Looked equally good stacked and when free standing. CC and later Best In Show.

2 Ritchie and Butler’s Sh Ch Slapestones Diamond Mine

Mature worthy champion in good body and condition. Stronger through but still balanced and so much to like. Well made with good width and depth to his body, he is firm over his loins and short in couplings giving a correct topline. Well-developed quarters produce a driving movement. Close to top honours.

3 Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo

Veteran (4)

1 Chandler’s Sh Ch Chanangel Sticky Wicket

I have judged this one several times over the years and now at almost 11, he is as well if not better than ever. A credit to his owner, he is in super coat and condition. Correct in head with dark eyes and alert expression. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. He has a good depth and is firm in topline. Strong quarters enable him to drive effortlessly round the ring. Best Veteran

2 Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

Another looking so well, another credit to his owners and the breed. At 7 is fit and well. Balanced in head with strong neck, compact in body with good width to his chest. Well angulated quarters. Moved steadily.

3 Green’s Eurion Jasper

Special Beginners (2)

1 Eurion Jasper

Not disgraced by coming third in the last class. He’s a lovely type with a balanced head clean neck of good length, firm topline and strong couplings, he has a good bend of stifle, moved freely, just a little proud of his tail on the move.

2 Yacoub’s Laithmoor’s Red Grenadine

Different type to the winner but plenty to like here. Strong head with good length of muzzle and kind dark eyes. Strong neck of good length. Well boned, he has good width to his chest and well angulated quarters. Just unsettled on the move today.

Good Citizen (2)

1 Tigerrock I’m your Man

2 Eurion Jasper