• Show Date: 25/04/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: Glen Of Imaal Terrier

WELKS championship Show

Glen of Imaal Terriers

A lovely entry for no CC’s and a week day! Delighted that all of those entered were present. It was good to see some very promising puppies on show. It will be interesting to watch them develop. I really enjoyed my day.

Post Grad (1)

1st Heremone Bear (Mrs J Saletti) Well bodied three-year-old. Mature head with good width to his skull. Lovely eye colour. Correct in front with slight bow and well laid shoulders. Balanced in body. Quarters of good width and well muscled thighs. He moved well.

Open Dog (3)

1st Ch Boudivella Osca (Miss A Hannington) Worthy champion, now seven years and looking as well as ever. Mature in body and presented in good coat. He has a balanced head with bright round eyes. Strong neck of correct length. Nicely laid shoulders. Deep in body with well sprung ribs. Slight rise in topline gives him a correct outline. He has good width to his quarters and moved to advantage. Best Dog, Best of Breed.

2nd Amhard Quick Fire (Mrs A Hardy) As you would expect from a two-year-old, not as mature as the winner but nonetheless a good Glen. Balanced head with strong jaw and correct bite. He has good width to his skull and well placed ears. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. He has good depth to his chest and strength over the loins. He moved well once settled. Reserve best Dog.

3rd Teamhrach Rock Steady Beat at Romainville (Mrs K A George)

Special Beginners (1)

1st Jojase Aisling Pixie (Miss S Saletti) Just 9 months and shows lots of promise. Well grown and well balanced through. She has a good head with enough stop, bright eyes and a good bite. Correct front with good bone and nicely laid shoulders. She has good width to her thighs. She moved well in snatches. Should do really well once settled.

 Junior Bitch (4) A tricky class to judge with four puppies, each with lots to like.

1st Zippor Magic Molly (Miss J & Mrs W Tobijanski) At 11 months, the oldest here. Pretty sand feminine through but has enough substance. Balanced in head with good length of muzzle. Strong neck leads to well-placed shoulders. Correct topline rising to the loins. She has good width to her quarters and nicely developed second thigh. She moved well and was handled to advantage.

2nd Amhard Rapid Beat (Mrs A Hardy) Very promising 8 months. Lovely head with round eyes and alert expression. Strong neck of good length with nicely laid shoulders. Chest is starting to widen and deepen. She is correct in topline, showing strength over her loins. Well angulated quarters of good width. She moved well in profile but was not as steady on the move. Should mature well.

3rd Jojase Aisling Pixie (Miss S Saletti)

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Romainville China Blue (Mrs K A George) Quality 2 year old that I later learned was at one of her first shows. Lovely breed type. Super head with round eyes and well placed ears giving that typical expression. Well constructed in front. Good depth and width to her chest. Strong over her quarters with well muscled thighs. She did not disappoint on the move. Should go on to do very well indeed. Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Amhard Raspberry Fizz (Mrs A Hardy)

Another super puppy. Well bodied and more forward than her kennel mate. Well developed in head with correct stop and well-shaped ears. She has plenty of bone and size for her age. She is well angulated through. Good length of body with gently sloping topline and strength over her loins. She was shown in good muscular condition and moved well, especially in profile Best Puppy.

Open Bitch (1)

1st Romainville Rocks The Ritz (Mrs K A George) Presented a good outline, both standing and on the move. This 3-year-old looked well today. She is correct in head with strong muzzle and dark round eyes. Well laid shoulders lead to balanced body with good width and depth. She is firmly coupled showing strength over her loins. Well-developed quarters with good turn of stifle provide the engine for her to move well. In good coat. Close decision over her kennel mate. Best Bitch.

David Howarth (judge)