• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Dave Killilea Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association


Best In Show - Veteran

1st : 188 DAVIES, Ms Jacqui Ann Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor JW - BULLMASTIFF

– Dog. Pulled out all the stops in the final and was Best Veteran in Show from a super line-up.

2nd : 2761 REYNOLDS, Mrs Susie & REYNOLDS, Mr Chris Albionspitz Beloved - EURASIER – Bitch. At

11 years old she could not be denied Reserve Best Veteran in Show. In super coat and condition for

her age, she still uses herself so well on the move.

Working Group - Veteran

1st : 188 DAVIES, Ms Jacqui Ann Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor JW - BULLMASTIFF

– Dog. 7 year old just oozing type. Real quality head-piece. Strong in front and has the bone and

substance. So correct on the move with a super side-gait.

2nd : 27 MOUNTSTEPHENS, Miss K & PULLIN, Mr Ian Ch Inupiat's Qulit Henrik At Whitewalker (Imp

Nor) - ALASKAN MALAMUTE – Dog. Full of size and substance, making a lovely shape and outline.

Excellent head, full of breed type. Correct in top-line, strong in the rear, really uses himself on the


3rd : 338 HOUCHIN, Miss H O & HOUCHIN, Mr Mark & HOUCHIN, Mr Ch Philoma Pay Back Time For

Barnsdale Sh.CM ShCEx - GIANT SCHNAUZER – Dog. 8 year old male turned out in hard condition and

in super jacket. Very strong through the front and rear, plenty of quality in the head. Very sound

when viewed from all angles. Well handled.

4th : 571 THOMPSON-MORGAN, Mrs C & MORGAN, Mr E Ch Belleville Anjo De Noite - PORTUGUESE

WATER DOG – Bitch. Coming up for 11 years and in super coat and condition. Lovely overall type,

pleasing in head with nice expression. Moved so well for her age.

Pastoral Group - Veteran


- SAMOYED – Bitch. Coming up for 11 year old and turned out in sparkling coat and condition. Super

head with excellent pigment and great expression. Free stands on a super front and rear. Moves out

so strongly.

2nd : 1519 HUNT, Ms Denise Twinan Daredevil Rider To Huntsville Sh.CM - WELSH CORGI

(CARDIGAN) – Dog. 9 year old with so much to like. Excels in head, lovely front and feet, firm through

the body, excellent rear. Turned out in super condition and excels on the move.

3rd : 1313 ESPOSITO, Mrs Ann Keynell Keep Right On (IKC) (AP4) - OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG – Bitch.

10 year old turned out in super jacket. Pleasing head with correct expression. Sound in the front and

rear, good overall shape and outline. Sound on the move.

4th : 1458 MALONE, Mrs Gillian Carmeva Caymen ShCM Sh CEx - SHETLAND SHEEPDOG – Dog. 9 year

old male still making a great shape and in excellent condition. True in front and rear, and uses

himself so well on the move.

Terrier Group - Veteran

1st : 2324 MAYREN, Mr Andrew & MAYREN, Mrs Linzi Ch CH Bellarouge Adonis at Fergiestaffs JW -

STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER – Dog. 7 year old boy put down in hard condition. Strong in head,

good front and feet, good depth of chest. Very sound in the rear, moves out with real purpose.

2nd : 1608 BANNISTER, Mrs Y Ch Miteymidgets Going Global JW Sh.CM - BEDLINGTON TERRIER –

Bitch. 8 years old bitch making the correct shape and outline. Super front and feet, correct in neck

and shoulders. Excellent head and ears. Moves very cleanly from all angles.

3rd : 2243 LUI, Mrs Laura Norkett Thistlebe Them There Eyes at EblanaHalls Sh.CM ShC - SOFTCOATED WHEATEN TERRIER – Bitch. 7 year old making the right shape, in good coat and condition.

Pleasing in head, straight front, tight feet, firm top-line and sound in the rear. Sound on the move.

4th : 1852 LAMB, Ms Josephine & SALTMARSH, Mr Bernard Birselaw Dark Charmer For Macmoon

Sh.CM VW - CAIRN TERRIER – Dog. 8 year old, pleasing in head with good expression. Correct in front

and sound in the rear. Turned out in good jacket. Moved well.

Utility Group - Veteran

1st : 2761 REYNOLDS, Mrs Susie & REYNOLDS, Mr Chris Albionspitz Beloved - EURASIER – Bitch. 11

year old in fabulous coat and condition. Well off for bone and substance. Straight front, tight feet,

firm in neck and shoulders and well-angled rear. So much quality in the head with super expression.

So sound on the move, producing a lovely side gait.

2nd : 2551 SIBBICK, Mrs S Nobozz Adonis Of Treasurabull - BULLDOG – Dog. 7 year old, such a

pleasure to go over. In great coat and condition. Good head with just the right amount of roll and

clear eyes. Correct rolling gait.

3rd : 2979 ROSKELL, Miss C & DUNHILL-HALL, Miss Michelle Ch Vormund Jean Paul Gaultier JW -

JAPANESE SHIBA INU – Dog. 11 year old with so much type and quality. In good coat, very pleasing in

head and expression. Sound in front and rear with excellent side-gait.

4th : 3276 SILLITO-BEALE, Mrs Kim & BEALE, Mr C J Ch Malibu They Call Me Mimi - POODLE

(STANDARD) – Bitch. 8 year old turned out in lovely coat and condition. Correct front and feet and so

sound in the rear. Excellent top-line, lovely feminine head and so correct in expression.

Toy Group - Veteran

1st : 3977 CROW, Mrs Donna Ch Just Kidding Of Angel's Legacy At Casacavallo J - CHINESE CRESTED –

Dog. Coming up 9 years with so much to like. Excels in head, correct neck and shoulder, super front

and sound through the body with correct top-line. Really uses themselves on the move.

2nd : 4027 MURRAY, Mrs J A Happypaws Carefree Sh.CM ShCEx - COTON DE TULEAR – Bitch. 8 year

old turned out in gleaming coat and condition. Pretty head, firm through the body and strong rear.

Makes a good shape and outline, and clean on the move.

3rd : 4702 WIEGAND BROWN, Ms A J Ch Jasopian Eyes On Me at Andelalie JW - YORKSHIRE TERRIER

– Bitch. 9 year old with a lovely feminine head and good neck and shoulders. Correct in front, firm

top-line and sound rear. In lovely coat and condition.

4th : 4653 STOREY, Mrs K A Ch Rhodenash Gloria - PUG – Bitch. 8 year old making a good overall

shape. Stands true in front, correct top-line and very sound in the rear. Uses herself well on the

move. In good coat and condition.

Gundog Group - Veteran

1st : 6942 AMOS-JONES, Miss S Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW - SPANIEL (COCKER) – Dog. 9

years young, very stylish and impressive male. So correct in shape and outline. Super head and

expression, in quality coat and so athletic on the move.

2nd : 5974 BOXALL, mrs Frances & SALAMON, dr Ludovica Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein

(Imp) It - GORDON SETTER – Dog. 10 year old upstanding male, well off for bone and substance.

Stands true in front and excellent neck and shoulders. Quality masculine head. Very impressive on

the move.

3rd : 5939 JENKINS, Mrs S L UK Ch Kimmax Koming Home At Gerstenfeld Sh.CM - GERMAN

WIREHAIRED POINTER – Bitch. 8 year old feminine girl with good presence. Pleasing in head with

correct expression. Straight front, firm top-line and strong in the rear. Moved out so well.

4th : 6242 STURROCK, Mrs Sandra & STURROCK, Miss Jenna & STUR Sh Ch Forfarian Hey Sexy Lady

JW - IRISH SETTER – Bitch. 10 year old in sparkling coat and condition. Super shape when stacked. So

true in front with quality head-piece. Excellent on the move.

Hound Group - Veteran


DE BRETAGNE – Bitch. 7 year old in great coat and condition. Makes a super outline when stood. So

pleasing in head with lovely expression. So correct in front and rear and very positive on the move.

2nd : 4802 RICHARDSON, Mr Paul & WOOD, Miss Marianne Woodella Purple Haze Over Cooperland

Sh.CM - BASENJI – Bitch. 7 ½ years and very smart with lovely front and feet. Excellent neck and

shoulders, correct top-line and quality head. True on the move all round.

3rd : 5652 JOHNSTON, Mrs H Ch Danluke Lord Of The Dance JW - WHIPPET – Dog. 8 year old, very

smart Whippet. Such a lovely shape and outline and so much style on the move. Impressive head

and correct in top-line.

4th : 5402 WOODCOCK, Miss Vicki Ch Snowlief turn the page - IBIZAN HOUND – Dog. Very exuberant

8 year old, using himself well on the move. Lovely outline when stood, with attractive head and

expression. Excellently presented by his young handler.