• Show Date: 08/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Dobermann

East Of England Ch. Show



MPD (2) 1st Jarjarinx It’s In His Kiss. Just 7 month old baby. Pleasing overall shape. Good head, almond, dark eye. Moderate neck. Balanced angles. Everything as it should be for this stage in development. Needs a bit more confidence on the stack but gave a good account of himself on the move. Worked on, should have a good future.

PD (1) 1st Lateagain Heart Of Fire. Rising a year, well grown pup of good type and outline. Pleasing head planes, dark eye. Reachy neck. Good angles. Firm topline. Just needs to drop further into his frame which should come with maturity. Sound, free mover. BPD.

JD (3) 1st Supeta’s Big Hunk O’Love For Debison. Outstanding young dog. Super square outline. Long, blunt wedge head, masculine but not overdone. Muscular neck. Deep, roomy chest for his age. Balanced angles. Good bone and stands on tight, well knuckled feet. Close-up in the challenge but just needs to firm-up a bit out and back, impressive side gait. Handled to bring out his best. Res CC. Told later he is sitting on 2 CCs, Hope his title isn’t far away.

2nd Rafthouse Kickback. Well grown young dog that impresses on the move. Very good head and masculine outlook. Very good body and holds his topline firm at all times. Not quite the shapely angles of 1st, but should have an equally promising future.

3rd Kitado Ever So Funky.

ND (2) 1st R. Kickback.

GD (1) 1st Supeta’s Pocketful Of Glory. Medium sized dog of 15 months. Liked his long, shapely head. Good eye shape and colour. Small, high set ears. Good reach of neck. Nicely bodied and muscled for his age. Balanced, moderate angles. Moved out well, driving off the soundest of hocks. Excellent bone and feet.

PGD (1) 1st Amazon Leonardo De Vinci With Jarjarjinx. Liked the square outline on this masculine br/rust. Good head proportions. Medium neck leading to a reasonable front. Good chest, bone and tight feet. Excellent body. Topline tends to roach at times. Moderate rear. High tail set. Moved out well in all directions.

LD (5) 1st Manzart War Emblem. Clear winner here being the most balanced in the class. Loved his head with ideal parallel planes, strength and good under jaw. Muscular neck. Good front and rear. Excellent body and conditioning. Strong, round bone and stands on the best of feet. Moved with plenty of reach and drive.

2nd Martifers Keep The Faith. Slightly taller, rangier type of dog. Another good headed boy. Shows masculinity and some elegance of outline. Reachy neck and holds his topline well. Not quite the front angulation but has a strong, well angled rear. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved very well.

3rd Smart Wood Quasar.

OD (6) 1st Ch. Korifey Vanquish. A really super, masculine Dobe that totally filled my eye today. Well balanced and square in outline. Excellent , long, wedge head. Enough under jaw. Expressive eye of correct shape. Smallish, high set ears. Long, reachy neck leading to a well angled shoulder and return of upper arm. Enough chest. Firm topline. Short, muscular loin. Excellent rear. The whole package standing on tight, functional feet. Powerful mover showing plenty of reach and drive. Excellent handling and presentation. No hesitation in awarding him the CC and BOB. Thought he looked super in the Group.

2nd Ch. Krieger’s Foul Play. Loved this masculine dog too. Good head planes, enough strength and length and well set ears. Eye just dark enough. Strong neck. Moderate depth of chest. Good body but slightly longer in loin so not as square in outline. Round bone and good feet. Holds his outline well on the stack and on the move, showing plenty of reach and drive. Another really good representative of the breed.

3rd Jojavik Indian Pacific.

SPD (1) 1st L. Heart Of Fire.

MPB (3) 1st Debisons Barbra Streisand. 8 month old baby. Pretty, feminine but, naturally, still some maturing to do. Head coming along well showing correct shape. Dark eye. Good to go over on the stack. Gives off a square outline. Liked her body and muscle tone, especially considering her age. Tends to pace at times, but is sound in all directions.

2nd Jarjarjinx Mistletoe Kiss. 7 month old litter sister to the MPD and shares the same sound type and pleasing outline. Good head shape and feminine in outlook. Very good conformation. Tight feet. Moved out very well, once settled.

PB (3) 1st Krieger’s Highland Fling. Every so often when judging you come across a really exciting youngster that gives you goose bumps and completely blows you away. For me, this gorgeous br/rust bitch pup did just that. Approaching a year, she is so mature in body and beautifully balanced all through. Feminine, clean-cut outline and has excellent body and correct round bone. Her conformation is copybook which became evident on the move, displaying good reach, plenty of drive from the soundest of hocks and looks the complete package on the go around. One of her strongest virtues is how cleanly she comes towards, a pleasure to see. In super condition and the ultimate showgirl. I was pleased to award her the CC and BPIB, thrilled when told that was her 3rd and delighted to see she topped the Working Puppy Group and finishing RBPIS. Congratulations and good luck with her in the future.

2nd Lateagain Wild Heart Avec Sariandobes. Another promising br/rust baby. She too is approaching a year and shows potential. Good head planes, well set, small ears but could have a bit more under jaw. Good reach of neck. Chest coming along well. Firm topline. Good angulation. Easy, free mover.

JB (3) 1st Aritaur Lapis Lazuli. Promising youngster. Balanced outline with good head proportions. Dark, expressive eye. Small, high set ears. Good reach of neck. Firm, slightly sloping topline. Could be better angled in front. Strong, well angled quarters. Moved freely.

NB (2) 1st D. Barbra Streisannd.

GB (5) 1st Izralight Jitterbug. Good headed br/rust bitch. Uses her ears to best advantage. Excels in reach and arch of neck. Deep chest and pleasing angles. Strong bone and tight feet. High set tail. Excellent topline. Can tighten a fraction out and back but is a really economical mover from side gait which clinched her the class. In lovely condition.

2nd Manzart Xtra Special. Just over a year and giving a bit away in age compared to 1st but close-up nonetheless. Loved her femininity, size and excellent basic type. Beautiful head and expression. Soundly made all through. Moved with plenty of reach and drive. Just needs time to drop fully in chest and generally mature all through. I predict an excellent future for her. Lovely.

3rd Jojavik Express Yourself At Virsco.

MLB (2) 1st Supeta’s Diamond In The Sky. Excellent for type, femininity and square, balanced outline. Super head with correct parallel head planes, good under jaw and dark, almond eye. Small, high set ears. Strong neck. Excellent round bone and tight, well knuckled feet. Firm, very slightly sloping topline. Excellent rear end. High set tail. Excels on the move with reach, drive and an open stride. An excellent young bitch that was 3rd in line for the CC. Should easily gain her crown.

2nd Arenite Born Gifty At Rocster. Mature at 5 years and quite similar to 1st for type, size and overall conformation. Excellent head and well bodied. Good bone and feet. Just preferred the depth of stride of 1st but another that moved soundly in all directions.

LB (6) Nerak Rewrite The Stars. Slightly heavier type of bitch but still no mistaking her gender. She is substantial and has quality bone and well knuckled, tight feet. Good head. Excellent high set ears, used to best advantage. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Moderate, balanced angulation front and back. Moved true in all directions, just a bit close going away. Very sharp outline that fills the eye and won a pleasing class here.

2nd Amazon Show Me Heaven. Close-up. Slightly smaller built overall but lacking nothing in substance and bone. Super head, excellent parallel planes and excellent under jaw. Dark, almond eye giving desired expression. Deep, functional chest. Excellent angulation, particularly in front with a long, well laid shoulder and return of upperam. High tail set and sound hocks. Although moved freely and completely sound, just not as collected as 1st. Another very good bitch.

3rd Sharhyste Maid In The Purple For Aniraz.

OB (6) A good class of 4 mature, typey bitches present. 1st Ch. Jojavik Devil’s Ivy. A really classy type of bitch that Impresses for her curvy, clean-cut outline both on the stack and on the move. Feminine, shapely head. Good eye shape and colour. Uses her ears well to enhance her expression. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Well bodied and short, muscular loins. Covers the ground very well from profile having a long, open stride. High set tail. Excellent handling to bring out her best. Res CC.

2nd Jodaseen Cardinal Envy. Good head and feminine in outlook. Beautifully balanced all through and impresses with her good conformation. Excellent round bone and stands on super feet. Just preferred the sharper outline of the winner. Soundest of movers in all directions.

3rd Korifey Oskana.

Darren Clarke (Judge)