• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Collie (Rough)

Bournemouth Ch. Show


Rough Collie

MPD (3) 1st Chellborn Gambling List. Sweet 6 month old tri baby. Well balanced both in head and outline for his age. Dark almond eye giving a melting expression. Nicely set ears, moderate neck. Good front and rear angulation. Excellent body. Thick, puppy coat of good colour and presentation. Moved out freely in all directions and shows much promise.

2nd Amalunaque Arcturis Wind At Tiganlea. Another promising tri. Slightly older and more forward than 1st . Equally good head and eye but ears a bit wide set at present. Excellent reach of neck. Very good overall conformation. Sound, easy mover from side gait, just a bit close going away today. Lovely jet black, double coat of excellent presentation. Both boys showing very well for their owners despite their tender age and the rising heat of the day.

YD (3) 1st Alfsden He Lives On In You. Beautifully coloured blue merle. Liked his head, a touch strong in skull but balanced with a moderate, well placed stop and a clean wedge. Almond shaped eye of nice size. Masculine with a typical overall outline. Good front angulation and rear to compliment. Oval, tight feet. Sound mover and carries his tail at an acceptable level. Lovely coat, not overdone and fits his body. Well presented.

2nd Gataj Out Of The Woods. Slightly smaller s/w boy but still masculine. Pleasing enough in head with a well placed stop, excellent dark, almond eye and good ears. Medium neck. Chest deep and functional. Balanced angles, just needs to firm up a bit in front. Good coat and moved well in all directions.

3rd Amalie A Chance To Shine.

GD (2) 1st Barrenclough Band Of Gold. Medium sized s/w. Typical outline and outlook. Relatively balanced head with a moderate stop but could have a touch more underjaw. Ears ok. Medium neck leading to a nicely laid shoulder. Good chest. Well bodied and firm topline. Free mover with an excellent tail carriage. Good double coat, not excessive but functional.

2nd Barrenclough Diamond Moon. Smaller built s/w dog. Well balanced all through. Pleasing head, excellent almond eye giving the desired expression. High set, just tipped ears used to advantage. Good reach of neck. Excellent body and very good to go over. Lovely coat. Just needs to settle, as he was a bit erratic on the move today.

PGD (4) 1st Marvalan Spirit Of Rock. Impressive, masculine tri in fabulous coat and condition. Liked his well balanced head, moderate stop and well set ears. Good reach and arch of neck. Well developed in chest. Firm body with correct topline. Balanced angles. Stands on tight, oval feet. Excellent mover, particularly from profile. Should gain his crown easily on this form.

2nd B. Band Of Gold.

3rd B. Diamond Moon.

LD (2) 1st B. Band Of Gold

2nd B. Diamond Moon.

OD (7) 1st Ingledene Fantasy Of Blu. A really functional, workmanlike Collie of pleasing size, masculinity and overall balance. Super balanced head piece. Good eye shape and size. Well set ears of nice size and, when he uses them, gives off a typical expression. Strong, reachy neck. Good layback of shoulder and return of upperarm. Enough chest room. Shapely topline, held well on the stack and on the move. Low set and carried tail. Good coat that is not excessive in anyway and fitted his outline perfectly. Maybe a bit heavily marked but his colour is good. Excellent mover, really covered the ground well from profile. Pleased to award him the CC and BOB, his 2nd, hope his title isn’t far away. A lovely Collie.

2nd Ch. Brooklynson El Dorado. Quite similar in type and function to 1st. An attractive shaded sable of pleasing size and masculinity. Liked his head and outlook. Darkest of eyes, almond shaped and typical expression. Uses his well set and carried ears to best advantage. Good conformation and a lovely coat for texture, density and colour. Excellent, free mover. Handler really gets the best from him. Another sound, functional Collie that thoroughly deserved the Res CC today.

3rd Tiganlea Task Master At Trenic.

PB (1) 1st Serenlas Pumpkin Spice. 10 month old sable. Feminine and a pleasing size. Very good head piece and uses her ears well to enhance her expression. High set ears, tipped and nice size. Good body proportions. Sound conformation and good feet. Liked her length of leg and just right for coat for her age. Moved well from side gait with a nicely carried tail. Should have a good future. BPB & BPIB.

JB (2) 1st Shining Star Du Clos De Seawind At Gataj. Very attractive sable & white. Clean, good wedge head of pleasing proportions and nicely balanced. Just enough neck. Pleasing front and rear angles. Enough bone and good feet. Excellent body and coat. Just 12 months and another with a bright future.

YB (1) 1st Gataj One Moment In Time. Pleasing for type, femininity and enough length of leg for balance and function. Good head proportions, lovely eye and uses her ears well although a bit wide set. Pleasing mover, shows freedom, reach and drive. Excellent coat.

GB (1) 1st Chantique Ooh La La. Ultra-feminine sable. Beautiful head with the sweetest of expressions. Good ear set and carriage. Medium neck. Balanced angulation. Good outline with typical topline. Excellent coat and presentation. Moved well enough but think the heat was getting to her as she could have put a bit more in. Well handled.

PGB (1) 1st Ingledene Nite ‘N’ Chanting. Loved this tri for her functional conformation, general type and soundness of movement. Perhaps a bit plain in head but has a good eye and well set-on ears. Good coat for texture and colour. Excellent tail set and carriage.

LB (7) Good class 1st Tiganlea Twinkling Star. Super coloured blue merle and appealed greatly for her femininity and size. Clean, long, balanced wedge head. Excellent eye shape, small well set ears. Could have a touch more neck. Deep chest. Well bodied. Good front and a well angled rear. Low set tai, carried correctly on the move. Good bone and feet. In good double coat that was well presented. Moved with enthusiasm, reach and drive. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Gataj Girl’s Best friend. Slightly larger sable of good type. Very pleasing head piece with excellent eye and ears. Good reach of neck, depth all through and sound conformation. In full coat and moved out well. Beautifully presented, as were all from this exhibitor.

3rd Ladnar Trust In Me For Alfsden.

OB (5) Another good class with quality right down the line. 1st Ch. Sagnan Blue Diamond. Absolutely beautiful Collie from any angle. Appeals greatly for size and femininity but still has substance and quality bone. Balanced, clean wedge head, well placed, moderate stop. Good eye. Excellent tipped ears, set and used well. Excellent reach and arch of neck. Well laid shoulder and upperarm. Correct topline. Short, muscular loin. Well angled rear. Shows good strength of hock which become evident on the move. She moves out well with plenty of reach and drive. Superb, silvery colour blue with well torn markings and put down to the minute. Thought how well she complimented the dog in the BOB challenge and they made an excellent pair of Collies. A worthy CC winner.

2nd Ch. Beldones La Vita Bella For Hanvale. A really gorgeous sable that can never be overlooked for her superb head, eye and expression. The ultimate showgirl that uses her ears at all times and the overall picture really takes the eye. Excellent conformation, balanced angulation front and back. Deep chest, mature body with a well-fitting, quality coat. Excellent mover. Just loved her. Res CC.

3rd Ingledene Lace ‘N’ Grace.

Darren Clarke (Judge)