• Show Date: 02/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

SCCA Championship Show


Pyrenean Mountain Dog

PD (1) 1st Kalkasi Just Because. Well grown 9 month old showing lots of potential. Shapely, masculine head developing, sight stop and typical outlook. Moderate reach of neck. Good angles front and back. Well bodied for his age. Moved freely, covering the ground with a medium stride. Uses his tail well, showing desired ‘wheel’. Pleased to award him BP.

JD (2) 1st Shanlimore Marvin. Liked the size an overall outline of this young dog. Pleasing enough in head for this stage but needs to broaden both in skull and generally all through . Strong neck. Chest ok for age. Good angles and bone. Free mover and well presented.

2nd Lisjovia Flaming Drambuie. Close decision here and moved very well from profile. Pleasing enough in head overall, but maybe a touch strong in muzzle and deep in stop. Excellent neck, deep chest and balanced angles. Needs to firm up in topline. Good, double coat. Shows promise.

PGD (5) 1st Charibere Simply The Sequel At Kaianna. Excellent headed young dog. Well balanced all through with a good eye shape and pigment. Strong, medium length of neck. Good depth of chest. Shapely topline. Short, muscular loins. Good angles. Tail of good set and length. Moved out well.

2nd Pashme De La ValeeDu Girou With Kricarno. Smaller built dog than 1st but still masculine and no mistaking his gender. Strong head and muzzle . Excellent pigment with almond eye. A shade shorter in neck than 1st. Mature body. Pleasing angulation front and back with strong bone for his size. Thick, double coat. Moved steadily and soundly.

3rd Sketrick Pierre.

LD (9) Interesting class to judge, with plenty of quality to choose from. 1st Jumicar Just An Illusion. Big, imposing dog that still has a degree of refinement. Pleasing enough in head but wouldn’t want him any deeper in stop. Dark, almond shaped eye. Strong, reachy neck. Good length and lay of shoulder with return of upperarm. Strong bone. Good quarters. Really comes together on the move showing reach and drive. Excellent coat with attractive markings and beautifully put down.

2nd Lisjovia A Sky Full Of Stars. Another eye-catching dog of pleasing size and masculinity. A strong, masculine head but a bit too much stop. Moderate neck, super angulation front and back and good bone. Deep, functional chest. Excellent body and coat. Moved with reach and drive. Overall, a very good male that deserves his title.

3rd Vis’kali’s Hazuki Del Avantgarde.

OD (6) Great class, quality right down the line. 1st Gillandant Thief Of Hearts At Dewyche. A really excellent representative of the breed. Great presence that immediately takes the eye. Strong head, moderate strop. Strong but not heavy muzzle. Tight lip. Excellent eye shape and pigment. Good neck. Deep, roomy chest. Good bone. Well angled front and back. Holds a firm topline at all times. Short, muscular loins. Excellent croup, tail set and length. Moved with reach, drive and a moderate stride. Super coat for texture, density and presentation. Made a worthy CC and BOB.

2nd Ch. Rivergroves All The Right Moves 11 At Belshanmish. Another super Ch male of great quality and style. Slightly smaller overall than 1st, but still masculine and of excellent breed type. Excellent head and eye giving desired expression. Well made all through and stands on tight feet. Comes together well on the move showing reach, drive and a sound, easy stride. Loved the way he rings his tail and presented in excellent form. Res CC.

3rd Ch. Lisjovia Boris The Bear At Darmaror.

Sp. Beg. B (2) 1st Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck. Beautiful, feminine bitch of good basic type. Nothing lacking in bone and substance. Typey head with moderate stop and strong muzzle. Very good eye shape, colour and pigment. Excellent conformation and movement and uses her tail well on the move. In full, double coat. Excellent presentation. Should have a good future.

V D/B (2) 1st Ch. Belshanmish Pretty In Pink At Pyrajay. Absolutely gorgeous bitch from any angle. Rising 8 years but looking half her age. Beautiful all white head set off by her jet black pigment. Correct head shape, medium stop. Small ears. Moderate neck leading to a good length and lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Well ribbed. Strong, short muscular loins. Well angled rear. Correct croup. Good set and length of tail that she ‘wheels’ well on the move. In fabulous condition. No hesitation in awarding her the CC and BVIB. Delighted to hear she won the Pastoral Veteran Group and finished BVIS. Congratulations!

2nd Ch. Belshanmish Orange Crush. Another excellent representative of the breed from this kennel. Litter brother to 1st and shares many of her attributes. Liked his overall type, style and general conformation. In good coat and condition. Sound mover, true in all directions.

PB (5) 1st Savannah Bay Du Pyrdanti At Kaianna. Very mature 11 month old pup. Lovely head, correct shape, femimne and typical. Dark, almond shaped eye. Small, well set ears. Strong neck. Excellent body but needs to firm-up slightly in topline. Medium angles. Moved well once she settled into her stride.

2nd Penelly Tell It To My Heart. A really appealing 7 month old. Giving a bit away to 1st in age but has great appeal for type, outline and overall conformation. Excellent temperament, enjoying her day. Pleasing mover, just needs to firm up a bit coming and going, which should come with maturity. Super coat, excellent condition and well handled.

3rd Jumicar Moonstone.

JB (2) 1st Lisjovia White Lady Avec Montmusique. 15 month old bitch showing much potential. Appealing, shapely head, correct skull and strength to foreface. Tight lip. Dark, expressive, almond eye. Strong pigment. She has a very good length and lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Strong bone and rear. Stands on tight feet. Good body and coat. Moved with reach and drive. Liked her a lot.

2nd Febus Grasmoor. Equally promising youngster. Similar in outline to 1st but slightly finer built all through. Excels in head and has excellent breed type. Moderately angled front and back. Well set tail of good length. Holds herself well on the move, sound in all directions.

PGB (8) 1st J Sweet Lady Luck.

2nd Kalkasi Shadow Chaser For Joamjess. Feminine, well balanced all through and good for size and excellent breed type. Pleasing head and eye, small, well set ears and good pigment. Excellent topline. Moves well showing reach and drive.

3rd Belshanmish New Sensation At Pyrajay.

LB (6) 1st Lisjova Witches Promise For Pyrekees. Another worthy representative from this well -known kennel. Excellent head shape, eye and small ears. Reachy neck, deep chest. Good body, angulation and strongly boned. A bit long in loin for ideal balance but she holds herself well, particularly on the move showing a typical gait. Excellent double coat, well presented. Should gain her title.

2nd Kalaski The Eternal Chase. Close-up here. Liked her outline both on the stack and on the move. Enough substance and bone for her size but still feminine in outlook. Typical head shape. Medium neck. Moves out well with a steady, moderate stride. Another that should easily gain her crown.

3rd Kricarno Katchmeifyoukan.

OB (7) Good class topped by 3 lovely bitches. 1st Gillandant Xmas Spice. Mature 6 year old of excellent breed type. Very good head, almond eye. Strongly made all through with a deep, functional chest. Excellent body. Correct ribs. Short, strong loins. Super bone and feet. Moved very well, medium stride. Excellent coat. Beautifully presented. Res CC.

2nd Ch. Kalkasi Super Cool. Slightly finer built than 1st, but nothing lacking. A really worthy Ch that gives off an excellent balanced outline. Liked her head and expression. Good to go over on the stack. Strong, sound mover. Well set tail that she uses to advantage. Good coat. Well presented and handled.

3rd Penellcy She’s Like The Wind.

Darren Clarke (Judge)