• Show Date: 02/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

Southern Counties Championship Dog Show, 2 June 2022

Spaniel (Field)

I was delighted with my quality entry. To have no absentees was really remarkable

especially when petrol prices are so high, so thank you, and thank you for taking my

decisions so sportingly.

PD (2): 1 RBD, BP & BJ Osborn’s Elgert Back to The Future, nearly 12 months,

stands out for quality. Correct length of body, brisket down to elbow, good quality

bone, lovely head with correct depth of flew, clean neck into shoulders, moved well,

lovely sheen to coat; 2 Trotter’s Clandrift Diplomat, just a few days’ difference in

age. Rangier than 1, lovely head & forechest, good bone, moved positively. Raw &

just needs to drop down into himself & mature.

JD (2): 1 E Back to The Future; 2 Houseman’s Flyenpyg First Sight, looks lovely

standing, clean over the topline, good bone. Not as strong behind on the move but I

liked his substance.

PGD (2): 1 Porter, Russell & Palm’s Bogdogs Brynnyth at Winsbrook, he is very

sound with level topline, good bone, angulation & strength through the rear pasterns.

This dog is very nice & the handler needs to present him with that conviction; 2

Harding’s Kingsmist The Black Knight, black, preferred the topline of 1 but can be

pulled together well to make a pleasing picture. In very good condition with good

correct length of body. Good angulation fore & aft. Preferred rear pasterns of 1.

LD (1): BSB Webber’s Fecimus Star Trooper at Trevoris, correct body ratios,

clean over the topline, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing, angulation & muscletone.

Would prefer a little more length of neck.

OD (2): 1 BD & BOB Adams & Lewis’ Sh Ch Nadavin Yaden at Irisbel, stacks up

lovely & moves the best of the two with proud head & neck carriage. Hard to ignore,

his quality is undisputable. Good bone for size, all male with lovely substance,

handsome head in profile. Strong through the rear pasterns being vertical to the

ground. In excellent condition & in coat order; 2 Harris’ Kingmist Panther, appeals

in outline, lovely depth of forechest, correct bone & angulation fore & aft. Preferred

the movement & rear pasterns of 1.

SpBD (1): 1 BSB F The Kings Trooper at T.

GCDS (1): 1 Trotter’s C Diplomat.

SpBB (1): Webber’s Fecimus Golden Opportunity for Trevoris, stands up lovely

& looks good but could do with a little more condition to tone up. Excellent forehand

assembly & spring of rib, correct rear angulation.

PB (2): 1 Adams, Hird & Hird’s Irisbel English Rose, very anatomically sound

throughout, feet whilst a little flat owing to age neither turned in nor out, same with

the rear pasterns – she stands true even on her own. Her topline is good too. When

she matures & loses her puppy plumpness, will do well; 2 Channon’s Clandrift

Glitter In The Air for Thandiwe, at a different maturity rate than 1, much rawer and

rangier but will come together in time. Really pretty head with well balanced

properties, defined occiput, correct length of body & rear angulation. Movement &

rear pasterns not as sound as 1.

JB (2): 1 I English Rose; 2 C Glitter In The Air for T.

PGB (4): Strong class. 1 RBB Bowen’s Clandrift Destiny, quality bitch, absolutely

sound all over & balanced, she could be stood naturally on her own & nothing would

fall out of place – her feet are straight & true both fore & aft & she holds her topline

with no deviations or humps and bumps; she is smooth all through & has excellent

depth of chest. Very close up for BB, just preferred the waistline & tautness of

Marple; 2 Russell & Palm’s Kingsmist Indigo Night at Brynnyth, glossy coat,

stacks up lovely, pretty head, good spring of rib, nice angulation. Preferred the

movement & topline of 1; 3 Webber’s Fecimus Country Roads to Trevoris.

LB (4): 1 BB Harding’s Kingsmist Miss Marple; black bitch, pure class, stands &

moves well & nothing is out of place, in lovely condition throughout with well-developed thigh muscles & strong loin. Nice for bone & substance, clean neck into

shoulders, brisket down to elbow. She is very sound & balanced & she is fit. All this

exhibitor’s entries were in super condition both in musculature & coat; 2 Adams &

Lewis’ Irisbel Cherish You, initially thought this may be my winner & similar

comments apply but not as taut throughout as 1 & needs more strength through her

front pasterns especially on the move. Pretty head, clean neck, good bone, level

topline. Excellent spring of rib, well handled; 3 Webber’s Fecimus Golden

Opportunity for Trevoris.