• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

MPD 3 (0)

1 DAVIDSON, Annilann Mister Boo

Pleasing young dog with a good head & expression, good neck & shoulders, compact well ribbed body, firm topline, lovely legs and feet, strong hind quarters, steady on the move.

2 WILDMAN, Oktumi Major player another quality youngster who also has a lovely head shape, ample neck to good front assembly, clean outline, tail well set on, well presented coat, sound action 

3 BAYLISS, Shirepark Sir Francis Drake By Wilanorah

PD 4 

1 WHITELEY, Glowhill Gallivant

11 months promising puppy who is maturing well, nicely, masculine head without coursness & good square muzzle, correct eye shape, muscular neck set well into shoulders & topline, well off for bone and compact feet, good length and depth of body which is well ribbed, moderate rear angulation, well presented, movement is sound & covers the ground well  

2 Palmer Shansart Sky Dancer

Pleasing head & eye, soft expression, clean neck, straight well boned limbs on good feet, short well coupled loin, body developing well, firm topline, coat in good order, happy mover.

3rd Vere, Adrona Continental

JD 1 

1WILLIAMS, Wilmerella Outlander JW

Excellent head, lovely eye & kind expression, clean neck of good length, balanced throughout, compact body with good depth and brisket, ribs well sprung, good bone & feet, muscular hind quarters with good width of thighs, strong topline, shown in excellent coat & condition, sound action fore & aft, close up for top honours and a great future prospect, one to watch.

YD 5 

1 Boam, Heluin Take Applause

head pleasing with good ear set, muscular neck of ample length, shoulders well angled, strong topline , good width of quarters and stifles well rounded, good legs & tight feet, deep chest & ribs well sprung, short well coupled loin, sound steady mover 2 Lewis, Penmartan Bright Knight, close up to one, has a lovely head & dark expressive eyes, scores in neck & shoulders, firm level topline, body deep & well ribbed, ample bone, strong well,rounded quarters, well presented and handled, moved well 3 Blazejczak, Summer Vibes Perfekt Partner (IMP POL)

GD 4

1 SAUNDERS, Mrs S Carmelfair Corocenzo at Oxfordogs balanced head with good square muzzle & wide nostrils, clean neck into well laid shoulders, balanced outline, good width of thigh & bend of stifle, coat clean and well presented, moved soundly and well handled.

2 Wilson, Kenwad Wilbur Force at Mabelhope, 

Just 2 years dog of good type with a pleasing headpiece, dark eye, good forechest and depth of body, moved steady with good tail action 3 Summer Vibes Perfekt Partner (IMP POL)

PGD 7 (1)

1 Terry, Shaggylands Desperate Dan appealing head lovely eye colour and expression, clean neck of good length into good lay of shoulders, firm level topline well off for bone & tight feet, deep well developed chest, ribs well sprung, short well coupled loin well presented coat, moved soundly. 

2 Walton, Annaside Let's Dance a quality dog with appealing head dark eye, strong square muzzle, good reach of neck, firm in topline to good tail set, balanced outline, muscular quarters moved soundly. 

3 BOWEN & BOWEN, Lararth Hobson’s Choice 

LD 12 (2) super class of quality dogs 

1 KEELY, Oakbeach Dare to Dream Big with Alhambian (Swed Imp)Most pleasing head shape, dark eye with a lovely soft expression, his clean muscular neck flows nicely into his good shoulders and topline, lovely bone & feet, compact body which is deep & well ribbed, strong in loin, clean outline and tail well set on, quarters well rounded and muscular, neat hocks, shown in super coat & condition, movement was sound keeping his shape in profile and uses his tail well, fought hard for top honours and was close up

2 STEELE, Rayol Caught You Looking in Zienne. pushed one all the way has super head with lovely eye colour and expression, ears set low, strong clean neck leading into good lay of shoulders, well off for bone and neat feet, good topline, wide powerful hindquarter & good tailset, shown in good condition and was sound on the move. 

3 LOWERY, Amaroanne Theos JW

OD 6 (2) another class of quality males

1 WIGGINS, Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield JW 20 months with lots of ring presence, lovely head, soft kindly expression, square muzzle, ears well set & correct bite, clean neck of good length, clean well placed shoulders, deep brisket and well ribbed body, strong in loin which is well coupled, firm level topline, balanced overall picture, correct tailset, muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle, neat hocks, shown in immaculate well presented coat and conditioner, on the move he covers the ground in a sound easy manner, well handled RCC

2 LOWERY, Amaroanne Apollo JW close up to one another quality exhibit who has good overall balance, pleasing head and lovely soft expression, clean neck of ample length sits well into well placed shoulders, straight well boned front limbs on good feet, good rear angulation and tailset, sound steady mover 3 SMITH, Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya JW

VD 3 

1 AMOS-JONES, Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW, CC BOB BV, No surprise how much I admire this dog having awarded him 2 Champ Show G 1’s in the past, so have already sung his praises, I was however delighted to have the opportunity to judge him in breed competition and I thank the owner for allowing that to happen, for me this dog just has it all, a great ambassador for the breed and all credit to his owner for keeping him in such tip top condition for 8 years, today for me he didn’t put a foot wrong, he looked a picture both standing and on the move and his tail never stopped, such a happy show man with great ring presence, presented to perfection and the bond between him and his owner was so evident as they move around the ring as one, I believe that he is now retired even though still on such good form I’m sure it was a very difficult decision, pleased to see him top the veteran group.

2 TAIT, Amaroanne Glory Days Just 7 years good type with a lovely head & expression, ears well set, good length of neck leading to decent shoulder placement, deep brisket lovely bone & feet clean in outline, shown in good coat & condition, strong hindquarter, good tail action on the move 3 SCOTT, Kalispell Beaspoke JW


1 READER, Cachel Beachboy at Kaniboo. Best Sp Beg 4 years male, pleasing with good square muzzle, kindly expression, eye strong neck into good lay of shoulders balanced body with good ribs, well boned and good feet, presented in super coat & condition moved well with good drive, well handled 2 TAVERNOR, Regaltav Moonbeam

14 months maturing well, good head & dark eye, ample length of neck, deep brisket, firm topline with good tailset, moved ok. 

3 HUTTON-BABER, Esqueen (FCI) Following Star at Babtonkelpie (imp)

MPB 6 

1 STEELE, Mr G Ziennes Azura 

what a lovely baby, she has a lovely feminine head with a soft expression, liked her size, clean neck of good length sits well into her well placed shoulders, lovely legs & feet, short well coupled loin, level topline & good tailset, strong hindquarter and short hock to heel, lovely on the move, well presented, must have a bright future.

2 COX, Kimapa Kune Kinch 8 month who was presented in good coat & condition pleasing head with good muzzle, ears well set, dark eye, ample length of neck into firm topline, moves happily with drive 3 TERRY, Mrs Sandra Shaggylands One Hello

PB 16 (2) lovely class of quality puppies and all could change places on another day.

1 MITCHELL, Mrs J E Glowhill Chiquitita, BP, 

super head with dark eyes giving a kindly soft expression, correct scissor bite, clean neck to well made front angulation and firm topline, body deep with well sprung ribs and short loin, clean in outline, strong legs on neat feet, good width in her well muscled rear quarters, tidy hocks, carries herself so well on the move with that look at me attitude keeping a good topline and ever wagging tail, clean well presented coat, must have a bright future BPIB 

2 KETTLE & KETTLE, Laurellakes Sweet Dream At Lujesa lovely puppy who pushed one all the way, stylish puppy who has a lovely headpiece & a soft expression, well set ears level with eyes, deep compact well balanced body carrying the right amount of condition, strong loin, lovely legs and feet, strong well muscled hindquarters, sound on the move, excellent presentation, another with a bright future. 3 WHITING, Annilann Miss Scary Poppins completed a trio of super puppies

JB 10 (1)

1 RAHMAN, Buddonness Irish Aoife. 

Quality bitch who owns a very appealing head & expression, good muzzle and dentition, correct stop, clean neck of good length sits well into her topline and front angulation, strong well, ribbed body with good top and bottom line, on the move she covers the ground soundly keeping her lovely outline and good tail action

2 WARD, Wensum Dancing in the Dark close up to one, a balanced bitch of quality pleasing head and eye colour, strong muzzle & good scissor bite, ample reach of neck, good forechest and depth of brisket, firm topline to correct tailset, shown in good coat & condition, moved well with good tail action 3 TAVERNOR, Regaltav Moonbeam

YB 7

1 MITCHELL, Mrs J E Glowhill Sweet Magnolia, RCC, Just 18 months, lovely girl who presents a lovely balanced picture on the stack, nothing overdone, lovely size, appealing head, kindly expression from her lovely eye shape and colour, correct scissor bite, clean neck which just flows into her firm topline, shoulders sloping, deep well ribbed body, well rounded quarters with good second thigh and bend of stifle, straight well boned front limbs on neat feet, on the move the handler takes her at just the right pace for her to show off her sound ground covering movement and good tail action, as a good tail action, lovely type and very well presented 2 RANDALL & BEDFORD, Ziennes Cornflower

Another quality bitch with lots to like, lovely head eye & expression, strong neck onto good lay of shoulder deep ribcage good angles, front & rear excellent coat & condition, strong hindquarters, sound on the move with good tail action.

3 SKINNER, Mrs Kirsty Kaimerlay you pretty thing 

GB 9 (2)

1 SINCLAIR, Chataway Dress Tartan at Duclarus JW lovely type & size, feminine head with lovely eyes & soft expression, good scissor bite, strong clean neck, to good front assembly, compact well balanced body of good length and depth, well boned with good feet, muscular hindquarters, neat hocks, carries herself well on the move keeping her correct topline & outline with good tail action. 

2 YILMAZ, Mrs D Anlasana Angel Eyes

lovely type feminine head lovely eye and expression, good overall balance through her body and hindquarters which are well muscled with good width, straight front well boned front limbs on neat feet, good coat texture which was clean and well presented, sound on the move with good tail action 3 DAVIES Annaside’s Star Turn 

 PGB 9 Entries

1st: 7023 TERRY, Shaggylands Jessica Jay

Balanced head with typical eye shape and expression, good dentition, ample length of neck, firm level topline, balanced deep well ribbed body, short well coupled loin, strong well boned limbs, muscular well angulated quarters, moved with a sound easy action to take the class

2 SHERLOCK, Crimicar Just A Dream

another quality bitch who was close up to 1, presents a pleasing overall picture on the stack, good head shape dark eye & soft expression, well clean neck into good lay of shoulders firm in topline, clean outline strong muscular hindquarters, well presented and handled, moved well 3 SCOTT, mrs Karen Cassom Betty Rizzo

LB 11 (3) super class of quality 

1 DARBY, Glowhill Silver Sleighbell at Classicway

another one from the top drawer from this breeder, headed a lovely class, loved her feminine head and appealing expression with good eye colour, correct scissor bite, clean neck into well placed shoulder angulation and topline, mature in body with deep brisket and good ribcage, clean outline showing no exaggeration, lovely legs & neat feet well developed muscular hindquarters with good width & well turned stifle, neat hocks, excellent presentation, moved out well with drive keeping her topline at all times and good tail action. 

2 COLLIN & EYRES & WILDMAN, Mr M Oktumi Opalescence balanced head with sweetest expression good scissor bite, firm neck flowing nicely into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest & spring of rib, strong rear quarters, coat in excellent condition, she powered round the ring and was sound fore & aft


OB 5 super class of quality 

1 HILLIER, Mr I & HILLIER, Sh Ch Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW top quality bitch who just says look at me as she goes around the ring, appealing head super eye colour and expression, correct stop & square muzzle, eyes well set in line with the eyes, clean strong neck with ample length which just flows into her well constructed front angulation, good forechest and depth of brisket, compact well ribbed body, short well coupled loin, muscular well rounded hind quarters with good width of thigh, neat hocks, super legs and feet , she has great ring presence, her coat was clean and presented to perfection not a hair out of place, on the move she moves with drive and is sound fore & aft a credit to her owner pleased to award her the CC 

2 WILLIAMS, Sh Ch Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella Ir J Ch quality bitch a worthy champion balanced feminine head, lovely eye shape & soft kind expression, clean neck into good lay of shoulders & forechest, good spring of ribs, clean outline, body deep with well coupled loin, lovely bone and neat feet, hindquarters well rounded with good width, another with good clean coat and excellent presentation, sound in the move with lovely tail action.

3 WEST,Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW OSW ShCEx

VB 1 

1st: 6999 PROUDLER, Miss M E Kimapa Krazee Kritte good head shape and eye, strong neck and topline, deep body with good ribs, muscular hindquarters, good bone, tail well set, moved well with a good tail action, clean well presented