• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Bracco Italiano

PD 4 (1)

1 GROVES & PIPES, Bushwacker Demetrio

9 months, lovely head & soft expression, good width of foreface & chiselling, strong neck of moderate length, deep chest, straight well boned front limbs, good outline, strong quarters with good length of thigh, carries himself well on the move BPIB

2 GOODE, Viljetun's Viking Sigurd (Imp Nor) at Brackenvale 11 months, a quality puppy who sadly was just not playing ball today, typical head, good eye colour and ear set, correct scissor bite, good front assembly, correct oval bone, did not get his movement together which cost him the class. 

3 PILLINGER, Mrs G Withamfriary Charles


PGD 2 

1 FAZENFIELD & SMITH, KONIGSBRACCI PAVEY ARK appealing young dog who presented a lovely balanced picture in outline, shapely head, lovely spongy nose, good pigment, ample neck & good dewlap, deep body with good ribs, firm topline, good turn of stifle, powerful mover with good extension

2 RUSH & DUGGAN Kelevra Cloccolatino close up to one pleasing head of good length, visible occiput, balanced outline & good front angulation, strong oval bone, not as positive as one on the move.

LD 6 class of quality 

1 SANDERSON, Owlspoint Trouble Again JW

4 years mature dog of lovely type and balance, super head with correct planes & eye shape, straight front limbs with strong oval bone & feet well arched, muscular shoulders well laid back, deep chest with good width, powerful quarters with good turn of stifle, sound movement with good extension, shown in hard condition

2 HURST, Braccorions Quest For Glory quality dog who was close up to 1, good head shape & eye colour giving a soft expression, neck flows into correct lay of shoulders, firm topline with the correct slight slope & rise, tail well set, strong in quarters moved well & pushed one all the way  

3 Bell & Maddox Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint 

OD 9 suoer class of quality dogs. 

1 Bell & Maddox Sh ch Owlspoint Master Of Trouble Sh.CM.ShCEx. 

One I have admired in the past and pulled out all the stops today, lovely breed type with that desired noble appearance, head has good length, well chiselled under the eyes, soft expression, visible occiput, ears set well in line with eye corner, strong well boned limbs, tight well arched feet, body deep and well developed with well sprung ribs and well muscled croup, presents a lovely profile picture on the stack good outline, hindquarters muscular with good turn of stifles, carrying the right amount of body condition, movement was sound and effortless with good extension and carries his head and tail CC & BOB 

2 SANDERSON Owlspoint Trouble At Mill Bwnl'18 Sh.CM ShCEx RCC knocking on the door and unlucky meet one on such good form, another quality exhibit from this kennel, head is typical with good divergent planes, strong jaw & good dentition, lovely oval bone and stands on tight arched , good depth of brisket reaching down to elbow, body well ribbed, he was balanced all through and was very collected on the move covering the ground with good tail action.

3 JACKSON Sh Ch Gunsyn Tusk lovely type and a worthy Champion


SBD/B 3 

1 GROVES & PIPES, Bushwacker Demetrio


3 RUSH, Ms Sheila & DUGGAN, Mr Kevin 

PB 2 (1)

1 PILLINGER & Withamfriary Star Struck Millie 

Just 6 month, feminine head good eye shape and colour giving a lovely expression, visible slight stop and lovey spongy nose, good balance of muzzle, body developing well for age, good width to chest, short in loin, moved ok. 

JB 6 

1 COGHLAN, Braccorion's Va Va Voom RCC 

Eye catching bitch who has that noble appearance, lovely feminine head & divergent planes, good sized eyes giving a lovely soft expression, well chiselled under the eyes, strong oval bone on tight arched feet, clean outline, body is deep and well ribbed with short muscular loin, good coat condition, good turn of stifle and short rear pasterns, moved with a free & easy gait with good extension and width between the hocks 

2 JACKSON, Iolanda Di Cascina Croce at Solwaypoint (TAF)(NAF) lovely type who shows herself off to advantage, lovely head proportions, with good length, lean cheeks and deep muzzle, lovely soft kind expression, adequate length of neck with good dewlap, deep brisket, body well ribbed, balanced in outline moved soundly fire & aft and pushed one all the way.

3 BOWLEY, Sobers Cosmica with Gunsyn

PGB 2 

1 COGHLAN, Braccorion's Va Va Voom

2 KELSEY Elfrindew Kinky Reggae 2 years, lovely head planes fairly large eyes giving a soft expression, correct lay of shoulders & deep brisket firm topline which she kept on the move, good tail action, well muscled strong hindquarters giving her sound easy action 

LB 2

1 PEARSON, Kelevra Covo Di Ladri

Nice 2years old with lovely head in profile & correct planes, good chiselling under the eyes & noble appearance, good length of ears, strong oval bone standing on tight arched feet well muscled hindquarter with good turn of stifle, sound mover with good footfall fore & aft lovely type 2 ANGUS, Braccorion's Ruddy Gorgeous pleasing head shape of good length, deep muzzle & lovely spongy nose, ears set well and close to cheeks, strong neck into good lay of shoulders lovely legs & feet, clean outline, shown in good coat & condition did not put all in on the move today 

OB 4 

1 WHITNEY, Owlspoint Faith In Trouble at Whitsun One from the top drawer from this kennel,  

has great ring presence and can’t be overlooked, too quality with super divergent head planes, excellent chiselling under her lovely expressive eyes, has that required noble appearance, good length of ears, neck set nicely into well constructed shoulders, deep well ribbed body, muscular loin and slight tuck up, string oval bone standing on tight arched feet, lovely clean outline, strong well constructed hindquarters with good turn of stifle, moved soundly with good tail action

2 PEARSON, Int Ch & NI Ch & Ir Sh Ch & Sh Ch Braccorions Nest elegant head with lovely eye shape and colour, good square muzzle and large spongy nose, good neck & shoulders, deep chest reaching the elbows, good legs and feet, well muscled hindquarters, she was sound on the move with good extension a lovely bitch

3 JACKSON, Mrs N Polcevera's Bruma

VB 1 

1 MCANDREW, Sh Ch Int Ch Ir Ch Gunsyn Sesto Elemento With Brac

7 years stood alone but a worthy winner, lovely type with a typical head of good length, good chiselling under the eyes, deep muzzle, visible occiput, strong oval bone & neat arched feet, clean in outline, strong topline which she kept at all times, well made hind quarters with good bend of stifle, shown in hard muscular condition, moved with a sound easy action using her tail well