• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Clare Bethel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

Breed: Dachshund (Wire Haired)

The Hound Show 16th July 2022

Was delighted to be invited to judge Wire-haireds and especially at the Diamond Jubilee show, was looking forward to doing so as over the years the quality has improved. Thank you for such a fabulous entry.

The weather was said to be warm, which it was, thank you for those who stuck with me outside, as noisy indoor areas isn't always as good for some dogs performances.

Although I had some super quality dogs there was cause for concern in some; level bites/pinter bites, presentation in some - dirty teeth, long nails, flat feet and some coats were soft not the course texture they're supposed to have, this reflected in my placings in some of my classes.

I was looking for overall compact, balanced and sound movement, I did find in some classes fabulous quality which was in abundance of choice, nitpicking between them was some hard decisions.

Gratitude to my stewards keeping me going, to the committee for inviting me I had a lovely day and was well looked after.

PD (9-1)

1st Maes-Jones & Bates Derochaise Blue Danube (AY3), won this class on maturity. Nice conicle head and expression with good depth to his jaws & correct bite, dark eyes, correct set ears, lovely reach of neck, into front good assembly, I would like better shoulder lay. Had enough depth and ribbing carried back, all in proportion, strong loin, sound hind quarters which moved out well, had a good coat. BPIB

2nd Moore & Deans Upor Von Huberhorn with Dierfiur, I really liked this boy, very cheeky as puppies are, just needs to settle, definitely one to watch as all round lovely and compact, good front construction, better shoulders than winner, once he's tightened in his shoulders be super boy. Nicely balanced just not as settled on move, which cold been affected by the warmth.

3rd Turners Hototo Rocket Man

JD (7-1)

1st Paterson & McPhersons Ambiesque Avant, best in class, in presentation & movement. Masculine head, good expression and has his furnishings, good coat, just needs to fill out when he matures, reasonable front construction, good rib length, strong loin with just enough turn of stifle – balanced when stacked, moved out well.

2nd Eldreds Derdledash Naughty Neptune JW, had soft coat, pleasing to go over, nice head and expression, correct bite, enough jaw depth correct ear set, enough reach of neck, I would like better front assembly as was slightly straight in shoulders, rib length carried back in proportion to body and strong loin, id like more turn of stifle to his hind quarters – moved well.

3rd Best Set Em Up Joe to Bestina

YD (2)

1st Akehurst Boloria All Spice, lovely, compact, better coat than 2nd, nice head, neck, dark eyes, reach of neck - nicely balanced, just enough breastbone shoulders ok, rib length was good, hind quarters were good, showed well.

2nd Mountford, Incordemeo Bettle About, had better sghoulder than winner, softer coat than winner overall not bad to go over, just not enough in the rear angles, showed on movement. Showed well.

SBD (2)

1st Tinker-Haldane,Haldanes Dollydash Never Enough, not as good in hind quarters as 2nd but better movement. Good head and expression, strong jaws, scissor bite, ears set obliquely, enough reach of neck into full front, good shoulder lay. Ribbing carried back into good loin, not as good in angulation in the rear but moved positively.

2nd Wilson Dollly Dash Hernandez, simialr to 1st, only I preferred the front construction and movement on 1st. Nice head and expression, good jaw depth, scissor bite, correctly set ears, enough reach of neck into reasonable front assembly, rib length carried back into strong loin and better hind angulation to winner, just didn't use them. Showed well.

PGD (5-1)

1st Pearces Incordemeo Jolly On Xmas Day. Nicely balanced, needs to get it together with handler as was distracted from outside the ring. Pleasing to go over, nice masculine head and expression, enough furnishings, ears set obliquely, enough reach of neck into good front assembly. Enough rib length in proportion to body, sound hind quarters. Preferred his outline and balance when stood naturally.

2nd Hornes Salixian Moroccan Mint, another nice dog, very pleasing to go over and nicely compact. I would have liked a little more let down onto his quarters, very similar to winner.

3rd Tinker-Haldane,Haldanes Dollydash Never Enough.

LD (7-3)

1st Normans Silvae Trade Name, very happy boy, I really liked him pleasing to the eye, nicely balanced and had best hind angulations in class and could move. Masculine head, almond shaped eyes, full furnishings, strong jaws and good depth to muzzle, ears set obliquely, good reach of neck. Good coat texture, full oval front assembly I'd like better shoulder lay, rib length in proportion to body, strong loin into sound hind quarters. Res CC.

2nd & 3rd could be either way as I like them both.

2nd Grahams Stanegate Shot In The Dark, similar to winner, just I preferred winners hind quarters and movement today.

3rd Davies Atahira Ruffian, another nice boy.


What a lovely quality class.

1st Normans Ch Silvae Klansman, a worthy Champion nicely balanced and had best hind angulations in class and could move. Very similar to previous class winner. Masculine head, almond shaped eyes, full furnishings, strong jaws and good depth to muzzle, ears set obliquely, good reach of neck. Good coat texture, full oval front assembly I'd like better shoulder lay, rib length in proportion to body, strong loin into sound hind quarters. CC and RBOB.

2nd Vigs Q-rrens-dax Enzo Topazo. Very similar to winner remarks apply, just didn't use his rear as well as winner. Still lovely to go over.

3rd Chambers, Cishelvine Just A Kiss, another nice boy.

PB (11)

What a class of some beautiful babies.

1st Matthews Stanegate Senorita. Really liked her, nicely balanced, moved much more settled than classmates. Should do well once all tightened in and matured. Lovely to go over, nice femiinine head, dark eyes, ears set Correctly, lovely reach of neck, into a good front. Shoulders still need to tightenn in, good rib length, sound hind quarters.

2nd Mountford Incordemeo Flashy Fox, another nice girl, might be a little warm for her as not as settled on the move. I preferred the shoulders on winner but still similar remarks apply. Lovely to go over.

3rd Turners Cloudside Una, another lovely baby.

JB (11)

This was a superb class of quality and 1st & 2nd could have easily been either way.

1st Howlett & Phillips,Tendrow Makes The Right Turn. Won on movement today, fabulous class of such quality was really nitpicking between the first two. However, lovely feminine head & expression, dark eyes, enough depth to Jaws, Correctly set ears, lovely reach of neck into a good front, still needs to tighten in an firm up, rib length carried back, strong loin, sound hind quarters which was well used.

2nd Moores Derochaise Black Cherry Cloudside. I really liked this baby, such a quality, still has lots of time on her side, didn't move as well, was getting warm which could have contributed. She will have a good future.

3rd Eldred Derdledash Shining Star

YB (6-1)

1st Matthews Sonham Saucy Saffron. Nice to go over, all angles as should be, nicely compact. Down on her pasterns. Her coat was of good texture, lovely head and expression, enough reach of neck into well laid shoulders, full front and enough depth, ribbing carried back, sound hind quarters.

2nd Mountfords Incordemeo My Story. Really liked, had soft coat and lacked in the hind quarters, not too big, nice and compact. Pleasing to go over.

SBB (4-1)

1st Hudsonlund Hototo Ain´t She Sweet balanced in class, I would have liked a better front assembly, still very pleasing to go over.

2nd MacKenzie Stanegate Savannah with Sweetiehoundz (AZ1) coat needs attention, needs to mature and settle on the move. Very nice to go over.

3rd Wheeler Boloria Diorella

PGB (11-5)

Lovely class 1st two could have been either way.

1st Mountford Tendrow Special Creation, won this class as was most settled on the move and kept her topline. Lovely feminine head & expression, dark eyes, enough depth to Jaws, Correctly set ears, lovely reach of neck into a good front, good shoulder lay and rib length carried back, strong loin, sound hind quarters.

2nd McCalmont Silvae Timeless, I liked this one just did´t move as good as winner today. Similar remarks as winner.

3rd Gibson Allfreys Cordelia, another nice bitch.

LB (5-1)

Another nice class to judge

1st Matthews Wyeknot Come Fly with Me Over Sonham. Nitpicking between the first three. This one won on her angulations as was best in class, moved out well covering ground.

2nd Clayton-Smith Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose JW, another nice bitch, just lacked the turn in stifle to winner, but still very nice to go over.

3rd Hanney & McCalmont Silvae Time after time at Bronia TAF

OB (6)

This was a lovely class of such quality, was some difficult decisions..

1st Hutchings Ch Collidach Brook Ling, a worthy champion, beautiful, so well balanced, such a good true mover seeing pads going away from you. Nicely balanced and compact, all as it should be, such ring presence. CC BOB

2nd Moore & Downes Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody, another worthy champion, just preferred the front on the winner, lovely quality bitch to go over. Res CC

3rd McCalmont Silvae Fan Dancer, another worthy champion.

VB (1)

1st Eldred Bramalodge Amiety. A very happy girl strutting her stuff, truly enjoyed her outing. Pleasing to go over, Best Vet.


Clare Bethel.