• Show Date: 30/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Clare Bethel Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

West of England Dachshund Ass. 30/05/22

Would like to thank exhibitors for their entries as I had a lovely day, many thanks to the hard-working committee for looking after me and to the stewards for keeping me going.

Had some lovely dogs to go over which was a pleasure, and few classes were easily either way as some of good quality.

However, there were some disappointments as presentations could have been better - dirty teeth and long nails.

Heads, there was a lot with small heads and round eyes, short ears, no under jaw depth, and couple of suspect bites. Fore chest, lacking breastbone, depth and some very deep in keel. Some dogs were very light boned, and few were displaying hackney movements coming towards you. Toeing in going away from you at the rear, there should be parallel movements from front and rear with a positive gait action. Shoulders, rib length and hind quarters were not so good on few.

Weight and size, as I’m aware some shows don’t weigh, it was evident today that quite a lot were over the ideal 11lbs/4.9kg, although the breed standard has been reviewed, some minis could easily be classed as standard as they were not far from the standard sizes. I was looking for the compact mini with good bone, sound qualities and movement, I did find some which was a pleasure to have had hands on.

Spec Beg D/B 10-4

1st Forge’s Normpug Red Flame: red bitch, nice and compact, was best in this class for overall balance and constructions, I would have liked a better front construction however, nice pleasing head, dark eyes, just enough reach of neck into reasonable front, shoulders slightly straight, enough rib length carried back into strong loin and hind quarters. Moved well covering ground.

2nd Tree’s Keimantre Molly Moo, Black & Tan bitch, a little heavier in weight, but similar remarks to 1st I just preferred front movement on the winner. Showed well.

3rd Mitchell & Stevenson’s Gaberic’s Sorciere-Del-L’Quest (imp FR), Black & Tan bitch was very similar to 2nd although wasn’t as settled on the move. I would have liked better front assembly and was a little heavier like 2nd in weight, needs to carry a little less weight.

MPD 4-1

1st Black & Cross’s Riowood Red Boots 7-month-old red, settled better on the move. Correct size and weight. Nice head with gentle expression and strong scissor bite, dark almond shaped eyes. Correct ears set obliquely, with enough reach of neck, into good shoulders, has good bone and substance, front and shoulders are good. Well sprung ribbing carried back, strong loin and just enough rear angulation.

2nd Jennings Melriding boris Pasternak, choc dapple, bigger than others in class size and weight, construction wise well-built and sound moving.

3rd Kents Lokmadi Call Me louis, I liked this boy, correct size compact and well put together, however was quite unsettled today. Lost out to winners on this. He has time on his side should have good future.

PD 3-1

1st Bullis’s Amaffrey Jessie James, Black & Tan, Best overall in this class. 10 mth old, nicely balanced correct size, weight, nice masculine head, good depth of under jaw, correct scissor bite. Eyes dark, correctly set ears, good reach of neck into good front, shoulders good with sprung ribbing, strong loin, sound hind quarters. BPD & BPIB.

2nd Shutt’s Debbiejay Chasing Dreams for Donnadoon. Black & Tan, slightly longer than 1st, not as settled on the move, pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, front assembly good, slightly short in upper arm, well sprung ribbing, strong loin and enough hind quarters.

J 1

1st Jennings Marvale Northern Cadinal at Jenivon. Red, slightly bigger in size but well built. Masculine head, mature looking, correct bite, dark eyes, ears set obliquely, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and full front, well sprung ribbing carried back, strong loin and sound quarters. Strides out well covering ground. RDCC


1st Chant ‘s Dayjaris Cream Cracker. Very happy, everything 90 mile an hour boy. Compact size, little too heavy looked stuffy around his neck and shoulders. He certainly enjoyed his day out. Nice head, dark eyes, ears slightly short. Enough reach of neck, carrying a little weight looked very heavy in front. Deep in keel. Well sprung ribbing, just enough turn of stifle and moved quickly with occasional erratic movement.

2nd Black & Tan similar to 1st Nice to go over, I would prefer more turn of stifle and let down onto hind quarters, lost out to winner as lost topline on the move.

3rd Poulier’s Auradach Alfred The Great. Was 5th in previous class Spec Beg.

LD 4

1st Band & McCarthy’s Carpaccio Red Alert For Essandee, Sh red, best positive mover in this class. Correct size and weight. Nice head, good expression, correct scissor bite, dark almond shaped eyes, ears set obliquely nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Good front assembly, well sprung ribbing, strong loin sound hind quarters, I would like more turn of stifle, moved well covering ground.

2nd Jennings Duddondaxs Judge Jude. Sh red similar to winner, just a little heavier not as good on the move. Very pleasing to go over.

3rd Mutton’s Ivan Poddubny Iz Omskoi Kreposti For Montone (imp Russ), Nice to go over bigger than winner lost out as not settled on the move to the others.

OD 7

1st Moes & Williams Cwmdarhian Jesse James, very smart red, masculine head with good depth in jaws and scissor bite, correct almond shaped eyes, ears set obliquely, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, I’d like a bit more prominent breastbone, well sprung ribbing carried back, strong loin and good sound hind quarters. Moved with such drive covering ground. DCC & BOB.

2nd Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Jacob Jw. Another nice red and worthy champion. His front was better than winner but today didn’t excel at the rear. Winner just had that edge today. Pleasure to go over.

3rd Beach’s Riowood Arizona Jw. Nice to go over, slightly heavier than winners, moved well not much depth to his front looked narrow coming towards you. Pleasing to go over.

Vet D/B 3

All three was very nice to go over, could have been easily either way.

1st Ergis’s Ch Siouxline Rapunzel with Melriding JW, Lovely quality girl to go over, correct size, weight, and well balanced. Set the pace to the class. Worthy champion with nice head, almond shaped eyes, lovely reach of neck, full front with enough breastbone and depth. Well laid shoulders, well sprung ribbing, strong loin, sound rear action with drive. BVet and lovely to hear of her best vet in show win.

2nd Tree’s Ardenrun Sea Shanty by Keimantre, red, another nice quality to have had pleasure to go over. Nicely balanced, I'd like slightly better shoulders, good front rib length. Can certainly stride out well. Preferred front on winner.

3rd Beach’s Beachdax Duchess Daisy Doo, black & tan, I do like her, nice and compact with such attitude when moving real show girl, winner had the better front, but still classy to go over.


1st Jennings Jenivon Queen Bee, Black & tan, lots to like about this one and has plenty of time on her side to mature & will have a good future. Correct size, weight and nicely balanced. Lovely outline just needs to settle on the move which she’ll come into her own. Pressed hard for bpib, just lost out on maturity.

2nd Woods Myleforbe Passion Fleur another nice bitch, Black & tan similar remarks as winner just needs to settle with handler will get more out of her. Pleasure to go over.

3rd Gardner Riowood Red at Vanitonia not as settled on the move as the winners, handler needs to get it together with her, relax, has plenty of time on their side to do so, should have some fun along the way.

PB 7

1st Herald’s Stargang Zebra Finch at Winterfield brindle much more mature than others in this class. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes, enough depth to jaws, scissor bite, nice and compact. Reasonable front assembly, shoulder lay is slightly straight, good keel, rib length well sprung, strong loin, enough turn of stifle. Best mover than others today.

2nd Kent’s Lokmadi Glorious Twelfth black & tan nicely compact, correct size, weight, good depth to jaws, scissor bite, dark almond shaped eyes, ears set obliquely, lovely reach of neck, good front assembly with enough depth of keel. Well sprung ribbing, strong loin, well angle dhind quarters. Just didn’t move as well as winner.

3rd Wood’s Bronia Pamina black & tan. Smaller than 2nd, I would like bit of depth and bone substance to her. Moved and showed well. Just preferred front actions on the winners.

JB 13

Very nice class of good quality was really nit-picking between the first three.

1st Jenning’s Jenivons Miss Marple, red, bigger than I'd like but still lovely confirmation. Strong head, dark eyes, enough depth to jaws, scissor bite, ears set obliquely and enough length not too short. Good front, shoulders well laid enough rib length, strong loin and sound rear. Nicely balanced throughout and sound mover covering the ground. Should have a good future, RBCC.

2nd Hutching’s Collidach Splish Splash a nice quality bitch, compact and slightly smaller. Feminine head, dark eyes, just enough neck length, good front a little deep in keel, enough rib length, strong loin, sound rear, moved well covering ground.

3rd Beach’s Beachdax Queen of Hearts. Another nice quality bitch, similar to winner & one to watch, just preferred front movement on 1st but still she should have a good future.

All good movers just preferred bone substance on 1st.


1st Jenning’s Jenivon Red Robin red, nicely balanced, slightly bigger than I'd like, lovely to go over. Confirmation and movement won her this class, litter sister to winner of previous class, preferred her sister today.

2nd Bullis’s Amaffrey Bridget Jones black & tan, nicely compact bitch smaller than winner and similar remarks apply, preferred front on winner, still very pleasing to go over and covered the ground with sound movement.

3rd Rudkin’s Dynastydax Alfreda. Finer boned than the others, still compact, balanced and moved well.

LB 8

1st Ergis’s Siouxline Rachel JW, liked her as soon she entered the ring, nice compact, correct size, weight, all in the right places, balanced throughout and can move with drive. BCC & RBOB

2nd Cross’s Loggeta Pickled Lilly JW black & tan similar to 1st, a lot to like about her just finer boned than winner, and winner had that edge to her on the move. Very close between them. Lovely to go over.

3rd Jenning’s Melriding Natasha at Jenivon heavier to winners, similar in confirmation, I preferred the rear quarters on winners as was lacking in turn of stifle but still showed well.

OB 4 -1

1st Mitchell’s Bronia Bellezza very nice shaded red, compact of correct size, weight, lovely head and dark eyes, good strong jaws, scissor bite, enough reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good front, ribbing carried back, strong loin and good hind quarters which strides out well and freely. Pressed hard for top honours.

2nd Kent’s Lokmadi with a Dragon Tattoo brindle, nice and compact, I liked her, just preferred the rear and movement of winner. Lovely to go over.

3rd Kenefick’s Blagdonian Beauty. Finer boned, good head, dark eyes, enough reach of neck, reasonable shoulder lay, just enough rib length, I would like more to her hind quarters, lacking the let down and turn of stifle. Showed well.

Clare Bethel.