• Show Date: 10/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Bracco Italiano


JULY 10TH 2022

Bracco Italiano. I thoroughly enjoyed judging this breed. They are different in many respects from other gundogs and can be challenging to assess. They are not pretty or handsome in the usual sense of the word but they have heads that I find very appealing.

Puppy Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 1

1ST 4407 - Bushwacker Donatello (Ms J & A Frost). What an absolute cracker! He has an air of nobility about him, is strong, balanced and sound, slightly longer than tall. Handsome head with divergent planes, stop and chiselling. Powerful, moderately short neck, broad, deep chest, ribs well sprung and muscular quarters which he used well on the move. Good forward reach, carries his head well. Shown and handled to perfection. BD & BPIB. I was absolutely delighted to see him win the Gundog Puppy group.

2ND 4424 - Withamfriary Charles (Mrs G Pillinger). Good type. Broad chest and deep brisket. Long, angular head, deep muzzle, good ear set. Doesn’t have the bend of stifle of the winner nor the movement but still a good example of the breed.

3RD 4404 - Silvestre Golden Dragon (Mrs S & Mr M Dodd)

Post Graduate Dog

Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

This was a difficult class because the dog standing second who should have won, would not co-operate.

1ST 4434 - Sazmallin Beijing Boy to Juhua (Miss R L & Miss P A Steel). Too long in body for my preference but he has big enough ribs, is of noble appearance and is strongly built.

2ND 4400 - Laumidorn Scaramouche (Mr M, Mrs D & Miss L D Carr). There is little to hide in this breed so although I could not get my hands on him, I could see that he is a very good Bracco. He has a fabulous head, great forehand, length and return of upper arm, strong, well arched feet and well bent stifles. His movement is superb but his exuberance got the better of him.

Limit Dog

Entries: 6 Absentees: 2

This was a tough class to judge as all of them had much to commend them.

1ST 4393 - Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram (Miss D Beecham). Well balanced and powerfully built he has a pleasing head and expression, broad chest, good length and return of upper arm, correct topline, oval bone with well developed tendons and slightly sloping pasterns. Moved well with typical gait.

2ND 4399 - Laumidorn Edward Jenner (Mr M, Mrs D & Miss L D Carr). I loved his head in profile with its deep, slightly arched muzzle and divergent planes but would have liked a tighter eye. His shoulders are long and well spaced at the top. The rear edge of his hindquarters is almost straight. Great movement.

3RD 4396 - Tolriver Enzo at Owlspoint (Mrs A & Miss N Bell & Maddox)

Open Dog

Entries: 5 Absentees: 2

1ST 4395 - Sh Ch Owlspoint Master of Trouble ShCM ShCEx (Mrs A & Miss N Bell & Maddox). I loved his angular and narrow head with its very visible median line. His muzzle is deep and ends with a large, slightly protruding nose. His neck is well rounded, ribs well sprung and croup broad. He has a great underline and ribbing and is so well muscled. He is a powerful mover and it was a close call in the challenge when I preferred the tail carriage of the puppy. RBD.

2ND 4421 - Int/ir Sh Ch/vdh/nl/hr Ch Braccorions Juno What at Kelevra (Ms C A & Mr S A Pearson). Very good type with big ribs and a big bum. I felt he didn’t quite have the bone of the winner nor the second thigh. Stands on strong tight feet and powers round the ring.

3RD 4394 - Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo (imp) (Miss D Beecham)

Special Beginners Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1ST 4434 - Sazmallin Beijing Boy to Juhua (Miss R L & Miss P A Steel). BSB.

Puppy Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST 4432 - Silvestre Destiny Is A Beast (Mr D & Mrs R Savage). I loved her! She has the bone and substance that I like and combines it with a noble almost square appearance. Deep chest, moderately short and well rounded neck and a typical topline. Her head is lovely and well chiselled. She moves so very well in typical Bracco style. Sympathetically handled. BPB.

2ND 4428 - Withamfriary Starstruck Millie (Mrs G Pillinger). Another lovely one but doesn’t quiet have the substance of the winner. Good length and return of upper arm and strong quarters. Moved well.

3RD 4406 - Withamfriary Veni Vidi Vici (Mrs H Dubois)

Junior Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

1ST 4402 - Braccorion's Va Va Voom (Miss L J Coghlan). Well this one blew me away. I felt she epitomised the breed being almost square, well balanced, deep chested and powerfully built. And yet she maintains femininity. She certainly looks like an untiring worker. Viewed from the side her head has divergent planes and a spongy protruding nose. From the front her cheeks are lean and the sides of her muzzle converge slightly; her foreface has good width. She has a soft and intelligent expression in her well shaped eyes and her ears are set on level. She is well boned, straight in front with clearly defined sinew, tight at elbow, raised withers with topline sloping very slightly down to the middle of her back before rising slightly to her croup. Muscular quarters with well turned stifles and a terrific finish with the back edge being almost straight. She powered round the ring with great head carriage and keeping her shape. Her movement is typically elastic. Quietly and calmly handled BB & BOB.

2ND 4430 - Camelia Della Radura von Lloydrose (Mr N & Miss N Rawlings & Johnston). A lovely girl unlucky to come up against the winner. Balanced on the stack and on the move, pretty, long lean head with divergent planes, big ribs and stands on good feet. Doesn’t have the depth of chest of the winner but moves very well.

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 4 Absentees: 2

1ST 4402 - Braccorion's Va Va Voom (Miss L J Coghlan). Repeat.

2ND 4409 - Bushwacker Daisy Duke of Amestorah (Ms D Hamlyn) Another one unlucky to be up against a bitch on top form. A quality exhibit with a beautifully chiselled head and slight stop. I loved her big nose. Strong, shortish neck, clean over shoulders and wide over quarters. Well off for bone, sloping pasterns of good length. Moves well carrying her head above the level of her back and covering a lot of ground.

Limit Bitch

Entries: 5 Absentees: 0

1ST 4411 - Elettra Dell 'oltresavio of Amestorah (Imp Ita) (Ms D, Ms J & A Hamlyn & Frost). This is my kind of Bracco. She is so well made, stands on good legs and feet and is almost square in body. She has a typical topline and strong back end. Her head is fabulous and she has the softest eye. Her ears are well set, long and supple and frame her face beautifully. Plenty of width in front and deep in brisket giving plenty of heart and lung room. I loved her on the move with her noble attitude. RBB.

2ND 4420 - Gunsyn Gingerlicious from Dawbourne (Mr T Moore). The standard of this breed gives some 2 ¾ difference in height and there was almost this much between these two so whilst they may have looked very different, they are both within the range. She is striking on the stack, has a beautiful head and expression, is well ribbed back with a strong loin moves well.

3RD 4401 - Bushwacker Allegra at Marlablue (Miss B R Cawley)

Open Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1ST 4422 - Int/ir Sh Ch/nl/sh Ch Braccorion's Nesta Vipas (Ms C A & Mr S A Pearson). Oozes type and has a well proportioned head with lovely eye shape and a big nose. Strong topline, sinewy bone but I felt she could have been tighter at the elbows as she tended to throw them about on the move. Has a good driving action though but needs her nails cutting.

Veteran Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1ST 4397 - Braccibrook's Wild One (Mr M, Mrs D & Miss L D Carr). Well proportioned and carries a strong topline. Beautiful head and eye. Good width of chest and depth of brisket. Holds herself well on the move. BVIB.

Christine Morgan