• Show Date: 21/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Christina Chapman Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Siberian Husky Club

Breed: Siberian Husky

This is my report from the Scottish Siberian Husky Club show on 21st May 2022

Thank you for your entry and sporting ringside which made the atmosphere lovely. I found type somewhat disparate with some a bit heavy in forehand and others leggy & lean, however the majority fitted my interpretation of the standard which is lovely but makes decisions come down to tiny margins. Temperaments and presentation was, as usual, first class in all. Thanks also to Carrie, Fiona & Jess, my very efficient and lovely Stewards.



1. McKinnon/Thomson Gersekask Amortentia 6mth super outline, strong topline & good body for age. Angulation is also balanced for age & movement was very positive. All this a lovely head, eye & earset too Best Bitch Puppy

2. Bryson/Smeaton Inushuck Quinuituq O'North 8mth a little more 'on the leg' at the moment but otherwise close up to 1. So similar remarks apply, pleasing prospect

3. Wilkinson Cyanda's Phoenix Myst


1. Penman Sutarka's Calla 11mth very good overall outline, firm topline, held on the move, well boned and good feet. Nice muscle tone & angulation for age. Also steady and true on the move. She also has a well proportioned head and oblique dark eyes.

2. Simms Sutarka's Angelica Very similar to 1 in many aspects so same remarks apply just today her profile action was a little restricted by ring size

3. Raczka Siberiadrift The Wind Rises


1. Pelenrise Don't Let Me Go Lovely feminine head with dark eyes & well set ears. Pleasing outline, strong topline & good thigh muscle. Good bone & tight oval feet. Angulation just about balanced but fine for age & movement looks easy & covers the ground well

2. Sutarka's Calla repeat from PB

3. Inushuk Quinuituq O'North


1. Wilkinson Cyanda's Hellfire 18mth of lovely make and shape. Strong topline & loin, also good thigh muscle. Angulation just about balanced, good for age. Lovely head, eye & expression & moves with enthusiasm showing drive & reach already


1. Inushuk Quinuituq O'North 2nd in Minor Puppy


1. Ferretti Arcticskies Whisky Sour for Lyrvid Good shape, bone & oval feet. Well bodied, also has a well proportioned head with well set ears. Angulation is balanced, so on the move has reach, drive & good profile stride too

2. McKie Chillipaws Betsey Trotwood Another pleasing head & expression. Good outline & angulation balanced. On the move covers the ground well & has a good profile stride . Just not quite as strong in rear as 1 today


1. Wilkinson Cyandas Demonic Illusion Lovely feminine head with oblique set eyes & well held ears. Super topline, strong loin & good thigh muscle. Angulation correctly balanced & on the move drives from well used hocks & good stride too

2. Smith Lyfearon How Long is Forever Close up to 1 with another good feminine head. Pleasing outline, good balance of angulation & well bodied. On the move just not quite matching 1 today but may change places in the future

3. Norman Skimarque Shades of Midnite


1. Sutton Lyfearon Off With Her Head Lovely feminine head with oblique set eyes & super expression. Pleasing outline, strong loin & good thigh muscle. Angulation correctly balanced & on the move drives well, has reach & good stride too ResCC

2. Rodgers Articskies Bailey's On Ice Another feminine head, om a well balanced & angulated body. Moved well, again with reach & drive just a little unsettled (I think) by the noise

3. Hughes Siberiadrift Secret to Keep


1. Wilkinson Cyandas Perfect Illusion Very smart in stance with a lovely well proportioned head. Good outline, well muscled loin and thighs. Nice chest & balanced angulation so on the move covered the ground with reach & drive to win this class

2. Hughes Ch. Siberiadrift Keep Forever Close up to 1 so similar remarks apply just carrying a little more overall body on the day. Movement comes from balanced angulation & is good in front and drives from the rear

3. Norman Skimarque Margarita


1. Rees Ch. Winter Melody Triple Trouble at Amical Lovely feminine head with well set dark eyes & good outline. Angulation is well balanced also good muscle on the loin & thighs aids very good movement with the reach & drive required. Out in her underwear today but overall build & movement won her the CC

2. Wynne Ch. Mydisa Golden Deelishus Another good feminine head, lovely eyes. Good outline, strong topline, loin & thighs well muscled. Angulation balanced so movement is very good too, just not quite the reach of 1 today but very close up

3. McInnes Ch. Hushwing Buttercup of Sura


1. Vukasin A Song of Ice and Fire at Lyfearon 7 yrs young, very good outline, well muscled and balanced through. Good, well proportioned feminine head with well set eye & good ears. Nice chest & on the move has reach & drive & good profile stride belies her years. BestVB

2. Skimarque Snofall Lacie white B. with pretty head & expression. Well bodied for age & balanced to give ground covering movement. Really blowing her coat at the moment


1. Norman Skimarque Anna Pavlova 11yr old and still very fit & covering the ground well on the move. Well proportioned head, good topline & well bodied for age. Obviously built to last.

                                            Christina Chapman ... Judge