• Show Date: 06/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: cheryl pierpoint Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired)

Thank you so much to the wonderful exhibitors for the entry and their patience in waiting until the Boxers were finished. The dogs were all absolutely lovely and showing super type.

Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long Haired)

Puppy D No Entries

Jnr D No Entries

Limit D 1(0) 1. Mr & Mrs Flint; SANDYTRAIL SORCERER; Mature & masculine dark grey. Well- developed triangular head with good skull & slight stop into balanced muzzle. Eyes are good shape showing alertness. Ears set on high. Strong scissor bite & decent pigment. Muscular neck & laid- back shoulders. Carrying a little extra weight but it didn’t deter from his body shape & quality. Correct depth to brisket & ribbed well back. Hindquarters are nicely shaped & he used them well to move round the ring with brisk determination. Bit of a character with plenty of mischief about him. Coat was dense with slight wave and cords. Best Dog.

Open D. 2(1) 1. Mr & Mrs Flint; BEL/FIN CH GAESTIBELZA DE L’OUSTAOU DE PADEL (imp Fra); Gorgeous boy of 10 years old. Ex type. Head has parallel planes. Lovely expression. Dark pigment. Excellent length of neck into good front & very well laid shoulders. Correct body length to height & length of leg. Hind angulation is correct with low set hocks. Moved parallel up & down. Just showing his age a little, therefore Res Best Dog.

Sp Beginners No Entries

Puppy B. No Entries

Jnr B. No Entries

Limit B. 3(2) 1. Mrs Morgan; SANDYTRAIL SUZETTE; Fawn of nice type. Good shape to head with 3:2 proportions on skull & muzzle. Dark almond shaped eyes, slight stop. Good length of neck. Well- proportioned body & balanced angulation. Decent depth to brisket & ribbed well back. Good texture to coat. Moved a little erratically, just needs to settle.

Open B. 2(0) 1. Mr & Mrs Flint; BEL/FIN CH SANDYTRAIL ENSORCELE; What a beautiful girl. She oozes quality. Fabulous body proportions, slightly longer than high. Feminine & alert with the important windswept look. Pretty head of correct shape & proportions. Love her expression, so alert & lively. Strong scissor bite & excellent dark pigment. High set ears. Lovely length of neck into ex shoulder length. Pronounced withers. Lean body with correct depth to brisket, ribs extending back well and slight arch in loin. Short, sloped croup. Muscled hindquarters, ex bend to stifles. Moved fluidly round the ring with great ease and speed. Good texture to her coat with nice cording. Her grace and expression completely captivated me. Best Bitch & BOB 2. Mrs & Mrs Robson; SANDYTRAIL SCHEHERAZADE MESLABRIT; Another beautiful lady of quality. Slightly taller & shorter in body than winner but undoubtably of lovely breed type. Muzzle & skull proportions very good with parallel planes. Dark oval eyes & high set ears. Elegantly carried neck with balanced angulation. Short loin with arch. Ex hindquarters. Texture of coat very good. Excellent brisk movement. Pushed very hard for top honours.

Sp Beginners B 1(0) 1. Mrs Morgan; SANDYTRAIL SUZETTE

Judge; Cheryl Pierpoint