• Show Date: 06/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: cheryl pierpoint Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Boxer

Thank you to Boston Committee for my invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for their entries. There were some quality exhibits and the standard was extremely high in several classes.

Puppy D. 2(0) 1. Mrs P Taylor; NEWLAITHE ABSOLUTE BUG: Nearly nine months. Handsome, well grown brindle & white of good type, presenting balanced outline. Masculine head. Skull & muzzle balanced with defined stop. Decent chin. Body deep and strong. Angulation good. Good top-line. Moved well. 2. Mrs & Miss Brooks & Tooby; SPUDS MACKENZIE AT JINNYBRUX: Attractive red baby of just 6 months. Presented a good compact outline with correct top-line and underline. Balanced, clean, skull & muzzle with good eye. Very good neck & shoulder angulation. I liked him very much, sadly he just didn’t settle on the move. Plenty of time in the future for him to shine.

Jnr D. 4(1) 1. Mrs Beardsell & Van Beck; 1. NEWLAITHE SUPER NATURAL: Striking, compact & muscular br&w of medium size, with excellent outline. Attractive head. Good width of skull. Sufficient muzzle. Defined stop with well-set, dark eyes showing lively expression. Super crested neck. Defined withers & firm top-line. Strong bone. Correct rib depth & spring. Short, taut loin, with muscular hindquarters. Good length to stifles. Moved with reach & drive. Showing well. Close decision for top honours. Res Best Dog. 2. Fay-Smith; LARROSA RELIGHT MY FIRE: Taller than first and slightly less compact. Head has good stop and width of muzzle with decent chin. Ex fore-chest & correct slope to shoulders with good bone in forelegs. Strength in hindquarters. Topline & tail-set good. In good condition. Slightly unsettled on the move but showed enough to take his place. 3. Mrs Harvey; HARVLIN NORDIC MYSTERY.

P.Grad D. 5(0). 1. Beardsell, Van Beck & Fielding: NEWLAITHE SUITED N BOOTED WITH LEFERGO JW: 3yrs br&w. Upstanding, with balanced masculine head. Clean eye, good muzzle shape & lip. Strength through neck & back. Good depth & spring to ribs. Straight forelegs & tight feet. Moved out well. 2. Mrs Lott; BRITESPARKE ARGON MOONBUG: Less mature than 1. Compact & balanced. Head good with width in muzzle, good chin. Little upright in front. Good topline & tail-set. Sufficient depth to ribs. Muscular hindquarters which gave good drive on the move.3. Miss Clayforth; TYSLEE HEATWAVE. 4. Mrs Taylor & Lay; WIVENDENE TYME TRAVELLER WITH SWIFTWOOD. 5. Mrs Ames; MARBLEVIEW PHANTOM MENACE AT THENAMY

Limit D. 3(0). Really good class. 1. Miss Littlewood; OLLEYVILLE JAMES DEAN AT WHIRLOBOX: Masculine & mature, presenting a square outline with balance in head, body and angulation. Strength in skull, decent stop, deep, well- padded muzzle. Width in muzzle, strong underjaw & chin. Powerful neck into well laid shoulders of good length. Excellent fill in on front. Height at withers. Slightly sloping, strong top-line. Well sprung ribs with short loin. Broad croup. Muscular thighs. Good length of stifle. Showing parallel movement with power, reach & drive. In hard condition. Well- handled to take Best Dog

 2. Mrs C Beardsell & Van Beck; NEWLAITHE DIDDLE ON ShCM; Upstanding male with excellent outline. Chiselled head, good stop, alert expression. Arched neck. Good body & condition. Correct top-line. Super hindquarters. Moved very well. 3. Mr & Mrs Longley; ATOMIC MIRROR MAN.

Open D. 5(1). 1. Ms Peck; MANIC KEEP IT REAL FOR ENESHA: Compact with very good outline. Attractive head. Good eye shape. Skull to muzzle proportions good with deep muzzle & broad chin. Good high earset. Arch to neck and has height at wither. Depth to ribs, short loin. Very good topline & tail-set. Well modelled hindquarters. Moved well. 2. Miss Fay-Smith; CH WINUWUK SCOUTING FOR GIRLS AT LORROSA: Nearing 8 years and looking wonderful for his age. Impressive head with good skull, stop, breadth & depth of muzzle. Excellent arched neck & shoulder with well- developed forechest. Slightly longer in loin. Moved well but overstepping slightly. 3. Miss Littlewood; OLLEYVILLE STANLEY MAN AT WHIRLOBOX: 4. Miss Brooks; JIMMY CHOO AT JINNYBRUX.

Veteran D. 3(1) Two super veterans 1. Miss Fay-Smith; Ch WINUWUK SCOUTING FOR GIRLS AT LORROSA. 2. Mrs & Miss Van Beck & Fielding; NEWLAITHE THE FUGITIVE ShCM; Compact dog in great form. Balanced head. Ear set perhaps a tad low. Strength in neck. Height at withers. Good chest. Ex ribs. Balanced angulation. Went well.

Sp Beginners D. 1(0) 1. Mrs Bole; HARVLIN HOT TODDY: Mature in body. Square outline. Good bone & substance. Strength through head but a little too much wrinkling. Good topline but needs a little more spring to ribs. Well angulated in hindquarters. Movement very good and precise.

Puppy B. 11(3) Super class of lovely youngsters 1. Drinkwater; SULEZ SMASHER: Classy 9 months, feminine, br&w presenting lovely outline. Ex head proportions with clean, well- shaped eyes. Padded muzzle with defined chin. Crest to neck with correct slope in shoulders. Well- developed ribcage for age. Ex development & angulation in hindquarters. Showed & moved so well to take Best Puppy & Res Best Bitch. Delighted that she went on to Working Puppy Group 3. 2. Mr & Mrs Kay; MIOFREY SHOOTING STAR: Another excellent young lady. At 7 months still very immature but of lovely quality. Compact body shape. Head very feminine & still developing but nicely balanced with good proportions. Correct top-line. Good hindquarters & tail set. Moved well. 3. Ms Lott; BRITESPARKE ELIZA MAI. 4. Mr & Mrs Wheeler; OLIBETAY BELLA AT HIPKINS. 5. Mrs Law; BERWYNFA QUE SERA SERA.

Jnr B. 6(3) 1. Mrs Beardsell & Van Beck; NASHVILLE AT NEWLAITHE; Super outline to this br&w. Feminine, balanced head with good width & depth of muzzle. Well filled in under eye. Super neck & shoulders. Ex fore-chest. Slightly sloped top-line. Well developed in hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved well. 2. Mrs Swansborough; BOXATIEL RAVEN BLACK; Taller, larger bitch but retaining femininity. Skull & muzzle balanced. Lovely arch to neck. Body deep with good spring to ribs. A little longer cast than first. Strong top-line. Well balanced angulation. Moved well. 3. Mr & Mrs Wheeler; OLIBETAY BELLA AT HIPKINS.

P.Grad B. 4(1) 1. Mrs Pearn; BONMAC LITTLE BO PEEP: Feminine & balanced all through. Very attractive head with clean skull, dark eyes & good stop. Crested neck into well laid shoulder. Ex forehand. Super body shape and ex hindquarters. Moved soundly but just needs a tad more animation & drive to really show herself off. 2. Miss Littlewood; OLLEYVILLE MY SWEET GEORGIA AT WHIRLOBOX; Stronger bitch with balanced skull to muzzle & well filled in under the eye. Super strength in neck. Good width in chest & body. Moved sound & true. 3. Mr & Mrs Welch; NEWLAITHE ON THE DIDDLE

Limit B. 3(0); Mrs Beardsell & Van Beck; NEWLAITHE PUREOCO; Quality girl, in fabulous hard condition. Powerful & feminine. Excellent compact outline with slightly sloping topline & correct underline. Good shape to skull with depth & breadth in muzzle & chin. Alert expression. Ears set on high. Arched neck into defined withers. Well- developed fore-chest. Firm topline. Short, taut loin. Muscular broad croup & hindquarters with length to thigh & stifle. When settled, moved with powerful side-gait, reach & drive. Well- deserved Best Bitch & BOB. 2. Mrs & Miss Brooks; JACKINTABOX JUST AMAZING BY JINNYBRUX; Less mature than first. Good outline with harmonious angulation front & back. Ex front & neck. Head good but slightly round in eye. Moved well. 3. Ms Harris; MILLION DIDDLES FROM NEWLAITHE

Open B. 0

Veteran B. 1(0) 1. Miss Clayforth; SUNVALLEYTOUCHING WOOD WITH TYSLEE; Beautiful lady of excellent shape in super condition. Clean broad skull & padded muzzle. Keen expression from dark eyes. Defined stop, good chin. Good length of neck into ex shoulder & forequarters. Firm topline. Good depth & spring to ribs. Muscled thighs with good turn of stifle. Moved steady and sound with good footfall. Best Veteran.

Sp Beginners B. 2(0) 1. Mrs Pearn; BONMAC LITTLE BO PEEP 2. Mrs Kay; MIOFREY SHOOTING STAR

Cheryl Pierpoint