• Show Date: 08/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cheryl Biddlecombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Briard



JUDGE: Cheryl Biddlecombe

I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entry, although numerically small, and 4 absentees, I had some quality Briards. Grateful thanks to my 2 very able stewards. I was particularly thrilled to see my BOB win a very strong Pastoral group!


Smith’s Jandade Baloo L’Bear. 7 year old black of medium size. Good head with dark eyes, bite level, nice length of neck leading to good front angulation.I would like a slightly wider chest. Level topline,handler tending to overstretch at the rear, dewclaws present, tail of good length, movement was a tad erratic, but did manage to see enough, decent reach and drive. Good coat texture. Would like a little less weight. RESERVE BEST DOG.


Rual-Keogh, Rual, Wescott-Smith & Smith, Mrs N, Mrs L, Mrs T & Mr S

INT/NL/BE CH Gilcoru Sauvignon D’Brie At Rozimba BEJCH NLJCH BJW18 AJW18

41/2 year old fawn of medium size. Good masculine head with lovely strength of muzzle, dark eyes with a mischevious glint, good scissor bite, ears of correct length and alert. Neck of acceptable length, leading into well placed shoulders, slightly short in upper arm. Great width of chest. Lovely level topline standing and on the move. Hindquarters well angulated. Correct double dew claws. Tail of good length and carried well with J. Nice fawn colour with good textured coat. Movement free flowing and totally at one with handler. This boy has certainly matured, and thoroughly deserved BEST DOG & BOB.


Mr TJ & Mrs AM Fieldsend NL/IR CH You Bring Me Joy Moravia Campanella At Starwell

7 year fawn of good colour. Nice head with good strength of muzzle, dark eyes, level bite, good length of neck flowing into good shoulders and upper arm, nice width of chest, topline tends to dip standing & moving. Good length of tail with correct J. Moved ok, but would like more drive. BEST VETERAN


Miss MR Foreman Stormfield Aysa At Marazzo

I loved this 11 month fawn bitch, glorious colour, lovely feminine head with dark eyes, good bite, ears well carried and alert, neck of good length leading into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Chest nice and deep for age with good width. Topline level, strong bone. Hindquarters need to drop slightly, but still ok for age. Lovely long tail with required J. Moved well with reach & drive. I predict a great future for this young lady. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST BITCH.


Miss CF Beeton Charson Never Enough

2 year paler fawn with deeper colour coming through. Nice feminine head, dark eyes, good bite. Ears alert, good length of neck flowing into nice shoulders and upper arm. Chest could be deeper. Level topline standing & moving. Hindquarters ok. Lovely long tail with correct J. Movement was acceptable but would like more drive from rear. Coat texture was excellent.

Miss K Gajewska Cayenne Furries Family (ATC AY42187POL)

26 month fawn of a good colour. Head a tad fine, dark eyes, level bite. Neck of good length, front angulation was ok, topline level, hindquarters appear to be weak which reflected in her movement.


MR TJ & Mrs AM Fieldsend CH Qessi Heaven Devil At Starwell (CZE IMP)

4 year substantial but very feminine fawn. Lovely head dark eyes excellent bite, good reach of neck flowing into beautiful shoulders and upper arm. Chest deep and good width, strong bone, topline good mostly, but lost it a tad on the move. Well angulated rear. Lovely length of tail carried slightly high but correct J, coat colour and texture good, movement effortless. Double dew claws correct. This lovely girl gave me quite a dilemma, as I really love her, but today she was quite fidgety, and loss of topline on the final run round for BOB just tipped it in favour of the male who was on top form! BEST BITCH.