• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cherry Gwynne Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Chinese Crested



Judge Cherry Gwynne


I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge. Thanks also to the exhibitors who entered under me.

For those who have demonstrated quiet patience in waiting for their critique, I am very grateful. We are all aware of the steady drop in entries and I do not see that changing any time soon. The breed is in a very different place to it was twenty years ago. The demand for more furnishings means we see less true veil coats as the dogs are shaved off to create H/L. Tail sets are criticised more on P/P than they are on H/L and everyone wants an erect eared P/P as for some reason they are more desirable than a drop eared! The breed I fell in love with has disappeared, gone are the days when you didn’t know which dog the judge would choose as they all looked so similar.

The ring proved challenging for both dogs and handlers due to vents hidden under the green mats, the noise when accidentally stood on frightened a number of the exhibits. Sadly I know only to well that once a Crested gets spooked there is little you can do to comfort them

SBD No entries. VD 2 0 1st Crow, CH Just Kidding of Angel’s Legacy At Casacavallo. Quite easy to see why this boy has done as much winning as he has. Almost 9yrs in beautiful condition, moving as well as any of the youngsters. Still holding his topline on the move, going around the ring with good reach and drive, excellent skin. A credit to his owner and breeder. Masters, Esquimaux Skin Deep. 10 yrs old, a little heavier than 1 but still a nice shape, sadly on the day he was out moved by 1. PD 3 1st Dixon, Debrita Dragons Den. There is so much to admire about this young dog, correct size and shape which makes a beautiful silhouette. He has the darkest of eye, correct amount of chiselling, lovely neck with good lay of shoulder. Enough crest and the softest of skin. Sadly the plates under the carpet frightened him and he did not move as well as I have seen him do before. However, he did enough for me to award him RDCC. Hampson, Zerachiel Smoke and Mirrors. True hairless of correct size and shape, lovely dark eye with the most gentle of expression. He was a little uncertain of himself but once settled he did move well. 3rd Frame, Elfallons Desert Warrior. JD 1st Parker, Doonbeg Carbon Copy At Khatira. A tough class but he won this on movement. Black hairless with a black crest which I have to say I do like. Felt he could do with dropping a little weight but overall he was a nice size and shape. 2nd Coulter Scherzando Quill, another nice outline, good size and shape. I gave him every opportunity to settle but his handler just couldn’t get him to lift his head. On another day the positions could easily have been reversed. PGD 5 1 1st Hinton Parcauwen Perfect Edition. White and Gold P/P presented in beautiful condition lovely head with dark gentle eye. Kept his topline on the move, did enough to win his class I would just like to have seen a little more reach and drive. 2nd Oliver Ynchreenoo Masterpiece At Sarelidan. H/L 3yrs old another boy of correct size with nice proportions, well balanced. 3rd Parker, Ynchreenoo Black Magic At Khatira. LD 7 0 1st Rees, Paracauwen Secret Liason. I have always admired this dog and was disappointed not to have seen more of him in the ring. There is a certain movement I look for in a P/P, you won’t find it in the breed standard but as the dog moves towards me I want to see movement in the coat, this boy gave me exactly what I as looking for. Cream and Gold he was in lovely condition, dark eye good pigment, nice head not too heavy or overly masculine. Good neck with well place shoulders. Flowed around the ring. Was delighted to award him his first CC. 2nd Frame, Elfallons Little Dragon. Nicely balanced in good condition, good head with enough chiselling , dark eye, moved ok. 3rd Parker, Ynchreenoo Black Magic At Khatira. OD1 1st Masters, Doucai’s Show Boy. Stood alone in his class, a little too heavy throughout for me. Very masculine with strong head and quite heavy throughout. GCD 5 1st Oliver, Ynchreenoo Masterpiece At Sarelidan. 2nd Parker, Doonbeg Carbon Copy At Khatira. 3rd Hampson, Zerachiel Smoke And Mirrors. SBB 3 1st Kerry, Godpekiki Viva Andromeda. White and Cream, drop eared P/P, who just wanted to enjoy her day out. Well put together, nice size and shape, good dark eye, has potential.2nd Jacobs & Stevenson Chestnutcres Cut & Blow To Go. Black and White erect eared P/P so beautifully presented but coat was not a true veil. She was however a credit to her handler and she did move well around the ring. 3rd Eaton, Chestnutcres Miss Fammie. I do believe this little girl deserves a special mention. She was so feminine but, on the day so nervous. The floor did nothing to help her. However, I feel she has so much to offer. Loved her size and shape. She is one I will watch with interest.VB 1 1st Knowles, I want It All for Curnix. Sable and White P/P 9yrs. Correct size and shape, she moved well for her age. PB 4 1st Dixon, Dragon Queen. An absolute show girl, nice size and shape, feminine head with a beautiful dark eye. Good neck leading into well place shoulders which allowed her to power around the ring with purpose and elegancy. Totally at one with her handler. Definitely an up and coming superstar. Delighted to award her BCC, BP and BOB. 2nd Hampson, Zerachiel All Eyes on Me. What an absolute poppet this little lady was. At the smaller end of the scale a drop eared P/P well balanced in keeping with her size and so true as she moved around the ring. 3rd Elfallons Naked Angel. JB 6 1st Gudgin, Scherzando Quaver At Jassendue. H/L bitch with black and white furishings. A little bigger than some of the other girls but I could not ignore movement. Nice head, dark eye and pleasing neck, went around the ring with reach and drive. 2nd Lane, Konishiki Aurora. Still a puppy, a bitch of correct size and shape very feminine, well balanced, good neck and shoulders. Places could easily have been reversed. 3rd Kerry Godpekiki Viva Andromeda. PGB 2 1 1st Gudgin, Scherzando Quaver At Jassendue. LB 3 2 1st Roberts & Roberts Rhea Little Champs For Shanshal (Imp) Good head, nice dark eye, overall well balanced keepin her topline as she showed her little heart out. 2nd Lane, Transylvania Sasima At Konishiki. JW (imp Pol) such a pretty little bitch who was carrying just a little bit too much weight which in turn spoilt the overall picture. OB Frame, Myvallo Inclined To Dance At Elfallons. A little bitch who I have long admired. Correct size, beautifully balanced with lovely feminine head, nice dark eye kept her topline on the move as she went around with true grace and elegance. Really liked her RCC. 2nd Bartlett, Parcauwen Crazy Secret Jem Among Michadaine JW Sh.cm. P/P who is so pretty and feminine, coat was in good condition but overall picture spoilt by tear staining. Previously awarded her a RCC. 3rd Rees, Beyonce Crystal Ice At Parcauwen Jw (Cze Imp) GCB 2 1st Hampson, Zerachiel All Eyes On Me. 2nd Rees, Beyonce Crystal Ice At Parcauwen. H/L bitch, well balanced, nice size and shape was just out shown today by 1. As I hang up my show leads for a little while, I wish you all the very best for the future.

Cherry Gwynne