• Show Date: 23/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Charlotte McNamara Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Pekingese



I was very pleased to be offered this appointment as I have many happy childhood memories of this show, it was really a pleasure to return. Thank you to those who entered and attended, with weather and cost of living I appreciate those who continue to be committed to showing and attending on the day. Overall I was really impressed with the quality of dogs and particularly from a health perspective I feel nostrils, eyes and breathing have improved since my last appointment in 2017. I do have to say that I think coats are still excessive and are not necessary when you have such well-constructed dogs underneath, on the day the quality of dogs outweighed the excess of coats, but I ask exhibitors to really question as a community how much coat is needed on a Pekingese, especially when it attracts such external criticism.

PD 1st Lizlanmor Stormin’ Norman. 7mnth red fawn dog with striking head, large dark eye, dark mask, open face, good nostril. Compact with good bone and level back and strong hindquarters. Plenty of coat to finish, not too much so you could see a shapely dog on the move. A very promising youngster I’m sure he will go on to do very well. BPD

2nd Bratilda Lighting Boy another pleasing youngster that was a nice overall shape with pleasing expression. He moved very well, he was slightly smaller and lighter in bone than first, however plenty of time to finish.

JD 1st Lorraine Shiera Devil In Disguise. Very striking classic head on this boy pleasing to see, nice dark eye and open face, a large dog with good bone, well-constructed front and rear and plenty of finish. I would like to see slightly more depth of chest but plenty of time still to mature.

PGD 1st Chisprite Code Breaker. Silver dog with good width of head and plenty of bone and substance. Very pleasing to pick up he has plenty of depth of chest and good strong body. Moved well given ground, he carries a lot of coat which would be his only detraction for me.

2nd Alyson Mezrab Eureka. Silver fawn a smaller dog overall with less substance against first on the day, moved well.

LD 1st Lizlanmor Mr Mercury JW. Red Fawn dog, good width of muzzle, large dark eye, open face with pleasing masculine expression. Good depth of chest and bone with correct front, strong level back and good hindquarters with some angulation providing strength and balance. Moved well on difficult ground. For me he has too much coat however this is a dog with a lot of quality and would be very difficult to overlook for top honours. RDCC.

2nd Lorraine Shiera Porthos at Sunsante. Silver Fawn, square, well-constructed dog with good bone and pleasing head, stands slightly taller than first and slightly reluctant to move on the day, held his own in a very strong class to go second.

OD 1st Zhong Noble Khan By Brentoy. Really pleasing mature dog who is without exaggeration. Strong bone with good depth of chest and large rib coupled with strong firm standing hindquarters, he gives overall square shape whilst being well balanced and well-constructed. Very pleased to lift his profuse tail to see a more moderate coated shapely body with level top line. Masculine head and overall quality who moves well, overall gives you everything you ask for from the breed. DCC & BOB.

2nd Lorraine Shiera D'Artagnan JW. A lovely head on this dog, he was smaller in size to first with less substance overall. He was moderate and balanced, moving well on the day as described on difficult ground.

SPBD 1st Hemmingway's Marley. A lovely silver fawn pup with a really promising head. He needs time to mature and more practise in the ring, with the right support I’m sure both dog and owner could enjoy plenty of good days at shows.

PB 1st Dinarth Daisy Mazie at Lizlanmor. Red fawn, I was really taken with this bitch pup. She was really well put together, good depth of chest for such a young pup, with good bone and excellent front. Strong hindquarters, Plenty of finish, I hope she stays as shapely in coat as she matures, dark eye with feminine expression, moved with plenty of enthusiasm. I think she has a very promising future. RBCC & BP.

2nd Winniebea Heaven Sent. A very pretty fawn bitch, very pleasing open nostril and feminine expression, was finer with less substance to first on the day. However plenty of time to mature, a good size I think she also shows a lot of promise.

LB 1st Klerkshof Eve at Swaggerboot. Good sized silver fawn bitch of plenty of substance, she moved well and was overall well-constructed. I preferred the heads of other class winners on the day.

OB 1st Pekehuis Morgana. Pale fawn bitch with a lot of quality, she is a small bitch with a lot of substance, slightly longer in loin than the dogs which I like to see, she is well-balanced, not overly coated. She is has a very pleasing front and very level top line. Her head is to my taste, good sized eye with very classic expression, I was very pleased to award her BCC & RBOB.

2nd Greyport Absolutely Got It at Swaggerboot. A substantial silver fawn bitch of completely different type to first. Mature, well-balanced and moved well.

VB 1st Merrimee Moonlight Melody. Very pleased to see this twelve and half year old girl, still in excellent health, very substantial and still with firm hindquarters level back and well-bodied. Moved very well, particular given her age. Really hope she enjoyed her day, well deserved BV.