• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Charles Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Spaniel (Field)



DP (3,0) 1st Osborns Elgert Back to The Future, Lovely liver in good condition, good lay of shoulder, straight front, deep chest, nice strong hocks, good ear set, handsome 7 month old, loved his head. 2nd Osborns Elgert Future Past, Pleasing in head and shoulders, nice dark eye, good bone and correct bend of stifle, just needed to settle. 3rd Trotters Clandrift Diplomat

DJ (4,0) 1st Porter & Russell & Palm’s Bogdogs Brynnyth at Winsbrook, Well off for bone, very mature for his age, masculine head and has good front and rear angulations, well furnished, moved well. 2nd Housemans Flyenpyg First Sight, Good head with nice ear set, good lay of shoulder, moved well, just preferred the size of 1. 3rd Moss Ewtor The Wizard

DPG (7,0) 1st Elliotts Elgert Break Every Rule at Portsoy, Well muscled solid dog in hard condition, strong head, nice straight front, and good topline held well on the move. 2nd Bebb-Suttons Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen, handsome dog, liked his head, nice deep chest, good turn of stifle, moved well, just preferred the stronger front of 1. 3rd Hopkinsons Thandiwe Twist of Fate

DL (4,0) This was a very strong class with some lovely dogs to go over. They could all change places at any time 1st Mcdonald-Watts Cochen Hocus Pocus of Hurndewin CC BOB, I have admired him from the ringside, typical field head, lovely dark eye, straight front, good stifle, held his top line on the move, well muscled with plenty of bone, moved with drive, should see his title soon. 2nd Stone & Parvins Sonnetend Too Funky RCC, Unfortunate to come up against my CC winner today, Striking black dog, nicely balanced throughout, well laid shoulders and straight front, well built and good bone, just preferred the stronger movement of 1 on the day. 3rd Sandersons Winfarthing's Nice One Cyril at Walwal (Imp Can)

DO (5,0)1st Johnsons Sonnetend Fastlove at Sylviidae, Very nice black boy well balanced with a noble head with a nice dark eye and a good reach of neck, good fore and aft, moved well. 2nd Bennetts Sh Ch Jesham Baronet, Not his usual self today, but settled on the move, keeping his topline and moving with drive, good depth of chest with strong rear quarters, good length, presented in excellent condition. 3rd Moss Sh Ch Fecimus Chase The Dream to Ewtor JW

DGC (2,0) 1st Sandersons Winfarthing's Nice One Cyril at Walwal (Imp Can), Typical field head with a nice dark eye, nicely balanced throughout with a good topline, good depth of chest, moved with drive, 2nd Trotters Clandrift Diplomat, Youngster well up for size, plenty of bone, still raw at the moment, just needs to mature.

BV (1,0) 1st Bebb-Suttons Cochen Flamenco BV, Very feminine head with kind expression, deep chest, nicely put together, moving with drive, I see she is the mother of my BOB.

BP (6,0) 1st Adams, Hird & Hird’s Irisbel English Rose BP RCC, This young lady really impressed me, very feminine head, nicely balanced with a good outline, straight in front with very good stifles and hocks well let down, in lovely condition, really well furnished, moved really well with drive, will follow her progress with interest. 2nd Johnsons Irisbel Coming Home to Sylviidae, Nice black girl with a very feminine head, good length, balanced outline, nice feet and moved well. 3rd Channons Clandrift Glitter in The Air for Thandiwe

BJ (5,1) 1st Adams, Hird & Hird’s Irisbel English Rose, As previous class.2nd Hardings Kingsmist Firedance, Feminine head, deep chest, good fore and aft, moved well with a level topline, carrying a little more weight than 1. 3rd Channons Clandrift Glitter in The Air for Thandiwe

BPG (8,0) 1st English’s Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck, presented in excellent condition, lovely outline, well balanced, straight in front with very good stifles, well off for bone, lovely top line on the move. 2nd Watts Elgert Surprise Surprise, Very similar to 1, straight in front, good topline both standing and on the move, just preferred 1’s stifles. 3rd Crow’s Tenaille After Midnight

BL (4,0) 1st Adams & Lewis Irisbel Cherish You, Another very feminine lady, balanced head, well off for bone with deep chest, true fore and aft, nice tight feet, and good mover. 2nd Gills Diptonia Gypsy Moth, Noble head, good shoulders with a straight front, tight feet, well off for bone, moved with drive. 3rd Hardings Kingsmist Miss Marple JW

BO (4,2) 1st Osborns Sh Ch Elgert Lady Sta'dust JW CC, Presented in excellent condition and coat, well furnished, Lovely topline, nice deep chest, good lay of shoulders, following through to straight front. Well ribbed, plenty of substance, good strong rear quarters giving her real drive around the ring. 2nd Crows Elgert Lady Midnight, Lovely black presented in excellent condition, very feminine head, good length, not quite the topline of 1.