• Show Date: 18/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Charles Holgate Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spaniel (Sussex)

Darlington Dog Show Society 18/9/2022


Judge: Mr C Holgate

PD (2,0)1st Bradbury & Preston’s Harasteorra Big Bear. Well balanced head, good front with nice lay of shoulders, well boned, moved really well for a 9 month old BP. 2nd Barnes Saxonbejayz John Kerr, gave his handler a harder time, just preferred the stronger front of 1, could easily swap places as they mature.

JD (1,0)1st Penneman & Wakefield’s Norriss Northern Mafia. Lovely head with a good stop, good depth of chest, straight front with strong rear, well off for bone, moved true with that Sussex roll.

PGD (1,0) 1st Mowbray’ Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid. Good head with wide skull, straight front with deep chest, well off for bone, moved well.

OD (4,0) 1st Alderson’s Sh Ch Meggamooch Ulysses. Substantial dog who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, Lovely profile, broad head with a good stop, strong neck, straight front with a deep chest, well boned through out, strong hindquarters producing excellent sound movement with roll CC & BOB. 2nd Graham’s Sh Ch Eald Dances With Wolves Among Nyliram JW SHCEX OSW. Another worthy champion, liked his profile, head and expression, good straight front with nice lay of shoulder, moved happily and really well, just preferred the height and substance of 1st RCC. 3rd Mercer’s Amur Iz Valley Wins At Stormacre Res Penneman & Wakefield’s,Multi Ch Labry Berry Brezhnev

VB (1,0) 1st Goodwin’s Sh Ch Sovaroma Scrumptious Serendel. Beautiful feminine bitch, good length, straight front and back, No sign of waist over well developed loin. Deep in chest and rib well back. Well off for bone strong hindquarters with good stifles producing strong movement with a lovely topline CC & BV

PB (1,0) 1st Barnes Harasteorra Beta Canis At Saxonbejayz. Very feminine young bitch of 8 months, straight front, good depth of chest, lovely top line held on the move.

JB (1,0) 1st Goodwin’s Meggamooch Xquisite Serendel. Feminine head, straight front and back with good lay of shoulder with good bone, lovely topline which she held while happily moving.

PGB (3,0) 1st Ashcroft’s Varya Velikolepnaya Iz Valley Wins At Torshca (Imp). Another feminine lady with a balanced head and good stop, liked her profile, good straight front, well off for bone, very good strong movement, holding her topline as she went happily round the ring. 2nd Mowbray’s Crumbledor Bella Lestrange. Taller than 1st well off for bone, good depth of chest, held her topline on the move, just preferred the head of 1st . 3rd Davey’s Labry Berry Pardy (Imp Rus)

LB (3,0) 1st Mercer & Thomas Stormacre She Believes In Me. Lovely head and width of skull, good depth of chest, strong straight front and rear, like her profile with a good topline. 2nd Mowbray’s Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter At Crumbledor. Good straight front, moved well, just preferred the head of 1st. 3rd Hipgrave’s Eald Village Gossip

OB (4,0) 1st Alderson’s Sh Ch Meggamooch Tango. Very mature well built bitch in great coat, wide skull with a good stop and nice frowning, liked the length and overall balance, strong sound movement, holding her topline which she failed to do in the challenge RCC. 2nd Ashcroft’s Sh Ch Marquell You Know You Know Torshca. Liked her wide head with good stop and frowning, long strong neck, good depth of chest, good length to height ratio as I like in the breed, moved well. 3rd Davey’s Eald Village Scandal JW. Res Wakefield’s Lux Ch Eald Village Temptress For Norriss