• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Charles Bannister Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terriers, Ladies Kennel Association, 11 December 2022

I would like to thank the Ladies Kennel Association for their kind invitation to judge Bedlington terriers and the stewards for their patience. I wish them all the best for next year with move to Stafford. The weather on the day was winter at its worst, thank you for those that braved the conditions to attend.

Some allowances were made for movement, coping with a floor which was slippery in places and a ring with rattly drain covers.

I was pleased to find no bad mouths or corny feet but some cow hocks or weak, over angulated hindquarters were in evidence, resulting in a lack of drive and several dogs moving extremely close behind.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3,2 abs).

1. Martin's Honeymist Firecracker. Well made liver puppy, up to size at 7.5 months, nice head with length of jaw, strong teeth, topline OK. He moved very well after a little encouragement. (Best Dog Puppy and Best Puppy).

PUPPY DOG (2,1 abs)

1. Crichton's Baron Ironblood. A very fit looking, still very dark blue dog, with a good weatherproof coat. Super head, punishing jaw, with very strong teeth. Moderate angulation throughout. Movement started playfully, but he moved well when settling for his novice handler improving further into the competition.

JUNIOR DOG (3,1 abs)

1. Crichton's Baron Ironblood.

2. Zanelli's, Agnellino Midnight Runner. A different stamp to the winner. This young liver caught the eye, up to size, with plenty of furnishings, well presented and handled. Wedge shaped head. Rather immature, more finely built. I preferred the movement of the winner. I'm interested to follow him as he matures.


1. Harris' Ratzwell Saint Valentino. Nice head and strong teeth, slightly short in foreface. Pleasing curves to the outline, horseshoe front, good topline. Carrying too much weight, but moved quite well.

2. Jackson's Woolytop the Marshman at Padztar. Blue with a typical head, good teeth and ears. Good length to height ratio. I preferred the topline and front movement of the winner.


1. Oxbury and Tonner's Tunman Full Throttle at Jukenblu. Well presented blue, with a linty coat. Wedge shaped head, deep chest and tuck up. Well toned hindleg muscles, and has time to mature. Front movement was good.

2. Jackson's Woolytop the Saxon at Padztar. Typical head, strong jaws, large teeth. More heavily built than 1. Good topline. Movement good from front and rear. Coat a little thin and pale today.

3. Kinns' Kinnuva Summer Pearl. Generally good head, although a little short in foreface, nice strong teeth. Topline with moderate arch over the loin. Coat texture good although a little pale. Movement OK.

Res. Pollard and Barrowcliffe's Jobanker Iron Icon.

OPEN DOG (7,3 abs)

1. Worrall's Ch Bluesmurf Boogie Woogie. Nice to see a well made, correcty sized dog. He excelled in length to height ratio, dark, linty coat, great muscle tone and appearance of being fit for purpose. Pleased to award him Dog CC and BOB.

2. Middlebrook's Ch Tcheria Tcharleston. I liked his pear shaped head with strong jaws and large teeth, gently curving lines, horseshoe front, well angulated hindquarters and correct movement with plenty of drive. Carrying a little too much condition and out of coat on the day. Fought hard for top honours. Res Dog CC.

3. Offer's Ch Woolytop The Viking. Up to size, but well made stamp of a dog. Strong head, nice topline, well angulated. Good coat texture if rather pale. Movement with drive evident in profile, but preferred overall movement of 1 and 2.

Res. Kinn's Kinnuva Dark Sleekster.


1. Kinns' Kinnuva Summer Pearl.

2. Pollard and Barrowcliffe's Jobanker Iron Icon. Typical head, Dark coat with good texture, but flattened his topline on the move and overall I preferred the movement of the winner.


1. Worrall's Bluesmurf Utrinque Paratus. A well presented, well made bitch, who moved really well. Has improved with age. Feminine head, slightly short foreface, lovely outline with correct topline, well angulated front and rear, moved well, though flattened slightly on the move. Dark coat, but slightly soft in texture today. Pushed hard for top honours. (Best Veteran).


1. Brincat's Honeymist Emerald Lace. Rather immature at 8 months old. Overall appears leggy. Typical head, good strong teeth, deep chest. Well constructed front and hindquarters, rear movement needs to strengthen. Coat a little pale.


1. Scott's Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas avec Mickleview. Feminine bitch puppy, pleasing outline, typical head, moderate arch over loin, dark, linty jacket, Moved well from all angles. Pushed hard for best puppy. (Best Bitch Puppy).

2. Mitchell's Paceypaws Philippa. Very immature. Feminine head. Good length to height ratio. Preferred the topline of the winner. Dark coat. Her movement quite good, when she put her mind to it.

3. Brincat's Honeymist Emerald Lace.

JUNIOR BITCH (6,2 abs)

1. McNally's Ch Conekesheved Too Shy JW. Well prepared and handled to show the best of her features, standing and on the move. Dark jacket and good texture to her coat. Contrasting furnishings. Good profile with arch over loin. A little narrow in front. Moved close and unevenly behind (appearing to me not to cope with the irregular flooring) requiring her handler to move her at a slow pace.

2. Lee's Agnellino's Faith No More. Good liver coat, not pale and with guard hairs. Another with front view better than rear. Preferred the topline of the winner.

3. Gillies' Rhicullen Rebel Heart. Nice strong head and length of neck. Pleasing profile, but topline did flatten on the move.


1. Zanelli's Silverkinn Sparkle Of Hope. Pleasing general appearance. Pear shaped head, though slightly on the small side. Linty, dark blue coat. Moved well, tail carried slightly high, but tail set correct.

2. Mitchell's Paceypaws Patricia. Good length to height ratio, moderately angulated, correct arch over the loin. Coat a little lacking in colour and texture. Moved quite well, front and rear. A little overweight and lacking in muscle tone today.

3. Martin Impey's Silverkinn Wittelsbach Gem. Typical head. Moderate angulation, good muscle tone. Dark, linty coat.

Res. Pollard and Barrowcliffe's Jobanker Cotton Candy.

LIMIT BITCH (5,1 abs)

1. Kinn’s Kinnuva Hawaiian Velvet. I loved the outline of this strong bitch, gentle curves and nothing overdone. Pear shaped head with powerful jaws and strong teeth. Moderately sized ears. Strong neck blending into nicely set shoulders, horseshoe front, deep chest with tuck up, moderate length of loin with nice arch. Moderately angled hind legs with good turn of stifle. Well toned muscle. Dark liver coat, with great texture. Moved extremely well, front and rear, and looked the part from all angles. Pleased to award her Bitch CC and Reserve Best of Breed.

2.Porter-Manning and Porter’s Woolytop Secret Wispa among Wallaroo JW. Good head, good length of neck, good front and shoulders, moderately arched loin, good length to height ratio. Good rear angulation and hindleg movement.

3. Martin Impey and Kinn’s Red Hot Chilli Of Lovely Star Generation. Good overall appearance with moderate angulation. Thick coat, but a little soft in texture.

Res. Harris and Cleaver’s Jobanker Vertuous Veronica.

OPEN BITCH (7,4 abs)

1. Walters and Mitchell’s Tunman Shine Amite. Up to size. Dark blue coat with good texture. Deep chest and good tuck up. I would have preferred a greater length to height ratio. Moderate arch over loin. Good muscle tone. Moved quite well, but dropped her topline.

2. Phillips’ Rathsrigg Willow. Feminine bitch, smaller than 1. Loved her head, outline, arch over loin and movement front and rear, but unfortunately she was out of coat and lacked good muscle tone today.

3. Baldwin’s Woolytop Lavender Girl. Pear shaped head, dark eye and good ear set. Good length to height ratio, well constructed front, but lacking in drive from the rear.


1. Jones’ Toolbox Yes Why Not At Squidlyannes (Swed Imp). Lovely profile with pleasing curves and adequate length to height ratio. Pear shaped head, clean neck, correct topline, well angulated front and rear, in very good coat. Moved very well, straight and true, until upset by the rattling drain covers, after which she needed encouragement from her handler, improving as the competition progressed. Close to top honours and a worthy winner of the Reserve Bitch CC.

2. Martin Impey’s Grace Iz Moskovskoy Bemty. Feminine bitch, pear shaped head, clean neck, nice depth of chest and tuck up. In good coat. Moved OK, though a little lacking in drive. Preferred the topline and hind angulation of the winner.

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