• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cathy Howard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Yorkshire Collie Club

Breed: Collie (Rough)




I would like to thank the Committee of Yorkshire Collie Club for the invitation to Judge Rough Collie Dogs with CC’s at their 2022 Championship Show, and my stewards on the day, Mary, Tony and Kay for a well run ring on a day when the weather was definitely kind to us all and the field was perfect for dog showing with a wonderful friendly and sporting atmosphere from all Exhibitors making for a wonderful show. Thank you to all Exhibitors for your entry .


1. BLAKE, Miss M J – DEMELEWIS CATCH THE BLUES FOR CORYDON – Blue Merle dog approaching 12 years. Whilst it is glaringly obvious that his coat colour is not his ‘forte’ at present, underneath the discoloured top coat the correct blue new coat is coming through and in my opinion, construction and temperament outweigh the ‘icing on the cake’ of perfect colour, especially in twilight years. This gentleman has a fabulous head with correct stop, nice dark eye and good underjaw and although a few teeth missing the rest of his teeth are very clean and healthy. Good length of neck, good front and rear angulation with good bend of stifle and retaining an excellent topline on the move, his movement was enthusiastic and he moved really well. Best Veteran Dog, and on agreement with my co-judge, BVIB, and later awarded BVIS.

2. WILLIAMS, Mr & Mrs S G & J – ESSANJAY DARK MOON RISING – Lovely tricolour dog of 9 years of age who has a lovely clean head and kind eye which I would prefer to be slightly darker brown, good underjaw, ears well set, good length of body, moved ok but preferred the overall balance and movement of 1.



1. TIPPER, Mr J & Mrs C J – AMALUNAQUE ARCTURIS WIND AT TIGANLEA – I love the outgoing demeanour of this well presented, almost 8 month old puppy dog, he has a lovely clean wedge shape head with no lumps or bumps, with a good underjaw, good bite, well placed stop and a lovely expression from his well shaped dark eyes, ears are well tipped and he has good length to his neck, excellent bone and substance, lovely chest for one so young and a nice bend of stifle with good length of tail. Good forward reach but he needs to settle in rear on the move which I am sure will come as still very young, moved well enough to win his class today. BPD and one to watch in the future.

2. CRONK, Mrs V – CHELBORN’S GAMBLING LIST – another lovely, well presented and very promising tricolour puppy dog being a couple of weeks younger than 1 at just over 7 months, again lovely to see such confidence in a young puppy, he has a nice clean foreface with a good eye and well set ears, developing in head I would prefer to pull out slightly more in stop, has wonderful construction fore and aft with excellent angulations and lovely bone and substance, tends to pull to the left on the move but I am sure has a wonderful future ahead.



1. PARNHAM, Mrs S – CARIBBEAN BLUE SKY ACTIS TO SAMANTE (Imp Pol) – 13 month Blue Merle dog of decent colour of which I would prefer to be clearer silver blue but this hopefully will come when he matures more and has changed coat, very attractive and clean head with well placed stop, lovely eye and expression, well set and tipped ears, good length of back, quite unsettled and fidgety at the moment but moved well enough today to win this class.

2. WHITE, Mrs J – PHREELANCER PHEDERAL AGENT AT MEJOLA – Tricolour dog of 15 months who has a nice wedge shape head with a good underjaw, I would prefer more fill in foreface but this should come in time, well placed eye, ears slightly on the light side today, good neck with good front and rear angulations, decent bone, moved well.




1. BOYLE, Dr L W, Handling for DIX, Mrs J – BARRENCLOUGH DIAMOND SKIES – Gold sable dog of almost 3 years of age, finer in build all over and would prefer less deep stop but has a decent shape eye, ears could be set tighter but tipped well enough, has good forward reach on the move, moved well.

2. CHAPLIN, Mrs M – TAKHISIS LYSANDER – Sable dog of 14 months of age with time on his side, his head needs to settle and I would prefer to pull out more in length, ears are well placed and he has decent bone and length to body but would benefit from being moved slightly quicker to be able to reach out more on the move as he has the potential with his conformation to do so.


1. HARVEY, Mrs A & Mr K J – AFTERGLOW INVOCATION – Stunning Mahogany Sable Dog of just over 2 years of age, such a beautiful deep mahogany of colour of which I have not had the pleasure of seeing for many years, this dog has a wonderful clean wedge shape head with superb moulding to foreface, fantastic underjaw and dentition, a good well placed correct almond shape eye, lovely length to neck into well placed shoulder, decent length of back and rear angulations, good length of tail, this dog is full of spirit, somewhat out of coat today but did not detract from him overall, lovely level topline on the move, he needs to ‘body up’ and settle and I am sure he will do extremely well in the future, moved well enough to win this class. Would love to see him in a few years as a mature dog.

2. WHITE, Mrs J – CAMMANA CHASINGCLOUDS OVER MEJOLA - Lovely, well presented, clear silver Blue Merle dog of 3 years of age, another slightly out of coat but again, did not detract from his overall shape, well shaped wedge head that is slightly deeper through back skull than 1, has a well placed eye and stop, good length of neck and back, nice angulation front and rear, moved well.


LIMIT DOG (12/0)

Wonderful class full of quality dogs of which any of the top 5 could change places on another day.

1. ALLSOPP, Mrs H, Mr D & Miss I – AQUALITA IT’S A MIRACLE – Well presented tri colour 3 year old dog full of substance, with a lovely clean wedge shape head, well placed correct and kind eye, lovely underjaw, correctly set and well tipped ears used to advantage, lovely length of neck set into well placed shoulders, good return of upper arm, correct length of back lovely bend of stifle with well let down hocks giving him the strength to move with reach and drive to take this class. Strongly considered for Res CC.

2. BEADEN, Miss G – MARVALAN SPIRIT OF ROCK (Imp Pol) – Quality tri colour dog approaching 3 years of age, has a lovely wedge shape head but I would prefer slightly more fill of foreface, lovely dark eye with well placed stop and well set ears, lovely crest and length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, blackest of jackets and groomed to perfection, lovely substance, moved well but preferred the reach and drive of 1 on the day. One to watch as I am sure he will reach the top.


OPEN DOG (6/2)

Another very high quality class across the board.

1. SKALIN, Mrs N & TESLOVICA, Mrs I – INT CH, DK CH, LIT LAT EST CH, SKABONA KISS FROM HEAVEN – Stunning, top quality 5 year old Blue Merle Dog of correct colour presented and handled to perfection. Nothing on this dog is out of proportion, excellent substance and bone, he has the cleanest moulded foreface, correct dentition and excellent underjaw, correctly placed stop with dark, almond shape eye, good flat skull, correct depth of backskull completing the most correct wedge shape head, correctly placed and well tipped ears, lovely crest and length of neck into well placed shoulders with excellent return of upper arm, good chest, correct length of back and fabulous topline with slight rise over loin, excellent length of tail, well bent stifle and well let down strong hocks giving him power to drive around the ring as one with his handler. Could not be denied the Dog CC and so very well deserved. On total agreement with my co-judge was awarded BOB and later presented a well deserving BIS.

2. RANDALL, Mr & Mrs D A & S P – CH. LADNAR MUSTRIHARDER – Beautifully presented tri colour dog of 3 years of age with the blackest of coats, another groomed to perfection, this dog oozes quality and has excellent bone, lovely head with good eye placement and stop, nice flat skull, lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders, good chest and front and rear angulation, good length of back and tail, moved well, Res Dog CC


Judge – Mrs Cathy Howard (SHANDLMAIN)