• Show Date: 27/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Many thanks to the committee of this lovely show for the opportunity to judge 2 new breeds within the Pastoral Group, a day I had been looking forward to for some time; the Lancashire Heeler and the Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Thank you so much to my lovely stewards Lianne and Claire who kept the day running so smoothly, you were both extremely efficient. I was desperately sad to see such unkindness and bad sportsmanship in both breeds, is this what our hobby has been reduced to? those exhibitors know who they are and I would ask that you review your behaviour in the ring before you enter another show, this is a hobby and we have a common aim to enjoy our day.

JD 1(0)

1. Watson’s Mybeards Kyon. Lovely male of 16 months giving his handler a hard time today, strong masculine head with good pigment, nice eye and strong muzzle, correct body proportions with good bone, moved very well in profile, just a little untidy going away, when he focused he was sound and confident, just needs time to settle into his job, in excellent coat and condition.

PGD 1(0)
1. Warwick’s Mybeards Cococabana. Very smart and very well presented young male of nearly 2 years with a lot of promise, very appealing in head with lovely expression, strong muzzle and good pigment, lovely eye, beautifully angulated in front and rear which showed in his easy, free movement, a lovely picture in profile, sound and well muscled all through with strong top-line, his handler needs more confidence in herself and her dog as he’s lovely, pleased to award him the DCC.

LD 1(0)
1. Hardie’s Mybeards Huckleberry. 3½ year old male, up to size, masculine head and expression, strong muzzle and correct balance to skull, good pigment and eye, strong neck and shoulders, soundly constructed with good front and rear angulation, sound top-line, he moved out with a free, effortless gait and was presented in excellent coat and condition. 

OD 3(1)

1. Sellars’ Ch. Mybeards Hylos JW. Lovely breed type, 3½ years, very masculine and typical for the breed, good pigment, strong neck and shoulders, straight front, good depth of chest, well ribbed with short loin, nice shape moving and standing, very free and easy on the move and presented in lovely coat and condition, RDCC.

2. Crosier’s Skaijak’s Bright N’Bubbley. Immaculately presented male of 5 years, not as masculine as 1 and where I would have liked a better leg length and body proportions, well ribbed with short loin, well muscled and nicely angulated, moved out well with an easy, ground covering gait.

VB 1(0)

1. Bowskill’s Lynmar Little Lady. Nicely presented bitch of 7 years with feminine head, strong muzzle and good pigment, lovely expressive eye, good proportions with a sound, level top-line, she moved out well when settled into her stride, in excellent coat and condition.

PB 1(0)

1. Cole’s Acaviste Pon Cenna. Very pretty bitch of 9 months with feminine head and expression, straight front with correct bone, nicely angulated all through with sound top-line and well muscled rear quarters, very free on the move, covering the ground well, in lovely coat for a youngster, showing lots of promise, BP and Pastoral Puppy Group 2, congratulations.

JB 2(1)

1. Naylor’s Ch. Skaijaks Ickle N’Ilustrius. Very feminine bitch of 17 months, dark expressive eye and her free movement appealed to me, lovely outline standing and moving, she was balanced in outline both standing and moving, strong neck and shoulders with good bone and straight front, presented in excellent coat and condition, pleased to be able to award her the RBCC.

LB 1(0)

1. King’s Mybeards Dizzy at Grayona. I really liked this bitch of 3 years, lots of quality and lots of femininity, dark expressive eye with good pigment, correct skull with strong muzzle, lovely angulation front and rear, good bone, well ribbed back with strong loin, very free and easy on the move, she had a tendency at times to lean on her handler but I’m sure with practise this can be overcome, another owner who needs to have more confidence in what she has at the end of the lead, a really lovely bitch presented in beautiful condition, delighted to award her the BCC & BOB.

OB 2(1)

1. Newton’s Ch. Ponadto Gossip Girl to Dorianblue (imp POL). 3 year old bitch of nice quality, very feminine expressive head with lovely eye, strong muzzle and good pigment, good body proportions and sound top-line, good depth and shape of rib, she would benefit from losing a little weight to complete an otherwise lovely picture, moved out well in profile and was shown in excellent coat and condition.