• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

SBD 1(0)

1.Rudd’s Infindigo Lintu Henkka. 5 year old male with strong head, would like a slightly darker eye, broad skull and good ears, sound front and good outline standing and moving, nicely angulated with good tail set and carriage, moved out freely, would like better condition and his dense coat was in need of attention, BSpB.

PGD 1(0)

1. Rutter/Mortimer-Hampson’s Lapponnia Lunar Cosmos. Nicely presented male of 2½ years where I would prefer a little more bone and cleaner return in movement, masculine head and expression, ears ok, strong muzzle, would like a cleaner front but nice body proportions, would like a better tail set and carriage, moved out ok.

LD 2(0)

1. Samuel’s Oberitz Buoremus. 2½ year old well presented male, kind expressive head with lovely dark eye, lovely head markings aiding a soft expression, clean, straight front with good bone, lovely angulation all through with sound, well muscled top-line, good tail set and carriage, he moved out well and was in excellent coat and condition, RDCC.

2.Rudd’s Infindigo Lintu Henkka. 1st in SBD.

OD 1(0)

1. Short’s Ch. Glenchess Gregory. Beautifully presented 6 year old male with masculine expressive head, balanced head properties and lovely dark eye, strong muzzle, good ears which he used well and this contributed to that soft expression, correct bone, beautifully angulated front and rear, a lovely outline both standing and moving with good tail set and carriage, he moved out with an easy ground covering gait, in first class coat and condition, a beautiful temperament put the icing on the cake, DCC & BOB.

VD 2(0)

1.Samuel’s Oberitz Upponalle. Preferred the overall outline on this 7 year old veteran male, broad masculine head where I would have preferred a darker eye, good ears, strong muzzle, clean, straight front, strong neck and well angulated rear, moved out well in all directions, in good coat, BV.

2.Cooper/Critchlow’s Ch. Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM ShCEx. Another nicely presented 7 year old veteran with pleasing head and expression, clean, straight front assembly although at times he was standing a little wide in front, perhaps handler error, balanced angulation front and rear and good body proportions, well muscled hindquarters, would have liked a little better coat texture, moved out freely in all directions.

JB 1(0)

Croft/Mowatt’s Tabanyaruu Zini Kukki. Promising young bitch of 17 months, feminine head and expression with lovely dark eye, used her ears well, excellent pigment, lovely body proportions and nicely angulated all through, sound, well muscled top-line with good tail set and carriage, presented in lovely condition, she moved out well with an easy ground covering gait.

PGB 1(0)

1.Beaumont’s Tabanyaruu Unelma Hannele. 3 year old bitch, expressive feminine head, would like a little more breadth to skull, clean front and nicely angulated front and rear, sound top-line, found her a little longer cast and would like better body proportions but she showed some promising profile movement, unfortunately out of coat today.

LB 2(0)

1.Lloyd’s Arianrhod Hallatar. Lovely breed type on this bitch of nearly 3 years, lovely feminine head and expression, lovely dark eye giving that soft expression, well angulated front and rear, correct bone and deep chest, liked her body proportions, could use tail a little better on the move but she was a lovely bitch, balanced and sound in all directions, presented in good coat, RBCC.

2.Beaumont’s Tabanyaruu Pilvi Tildakoi. A bitch of 6 years where I would have liked more substance, feminine head and expression, would have liked better ears, angulation front and rear ok but would have preferred better body proportions and bone, lacked coat and condition.

OB 1(0)

1.Critchlow’s Ch. Pavoskas Disco JW. Quality bitch of 4 years who stood alone, she had good breed type, very feminine head and expression, lovely eye, ear set and strong muzzle, excellent pigment, she was cleanly made all through with excellent angulation front and rear, she had good body condition and moved out freely in all directions covering the ground well, sound in top-line and well muscled in rear which showed in her movement, presented in immaculate coat, BCC.

VB 1(0 )

1. Beaumont’s Lecibsin Meikki of Tabanyaruu TAF. Veteran lady of 9 years who lacked condition today, feminine head and expression, angulation ok in front and rear with sound top-line, strong neck and shoulders, would have preferred more bone, she showed some sound profile movement but a little untidy in rear moving away.

Cath Moffat