• Show Date: 06/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Great Dane

PD 8(2)

1. Lipman/Booth’s Rimor Aurelius. Nicely put together young brindle male of 8 months, appealing in head with masculine expression, good eye, ear-set, strong muzzle with balanced skull, nicely angulated all through with lovely outline standing and moving, good feet and bone, sound, level top-line, he moved out with confidence in all directions, RBD, BPD, BPIB.

2. Jacques/Kirby’s Jacqukir No Regrets. More mature fawn male of 11 months, very masculine and strongly made all through. Nicely angulated front with good bone and feet, looked well standing and moving covering the ground well, just preferred the front angulation of my winner. Presented in sound and fit condition.

3. MacDonald’s Zeus Nero von Adamantium of Ranaldane (imp DEU).

OD 4(0)

1. Mosvold’s Geordieone Torpa Stenhus. Nicely presented fawn of 3½ years with masculine, strong head, good muzzle, nice eye and well set-ears. Good neck leading into an appealing front assembly, good deep chest, rib and sound, well muscled rear, steady top-line which he held firmly standing and on the move, good tail-set and carriage, shown in excellent condition, BD.

2. Butt’s Droolakiss Midas Touch. 4 year old male who I felt was a little more mature than my winner today, good head plains and strong muzzle, masculine all through, nicely angulated he looked well standing and moving, just not quite as tidy in the rear going away as 1st, steady top-line and correct bone, he was presented in fit and well muscled condition.

3. Burton’s Ch. Ravendane Deal Me In with Elbarevol.

SpBD 1(0)

1. Ferguson’s Elitedaimos Magick Mago. Only 6 months, and although I wouldn’t expect the finished dog at this age, I still felt this dog was too narrow all through and lacked substance, pleasing expression with good eye, angulation acceptable front and rear, sound top-line, well presented but movement was erratic on the day.

PB 9(4)

1. Newton’s Shlarra Some Kind Of Miracle. Beautifully presented young bitch of just 6 months who handled the proceedings of the day with an air of confidence, very feminine head with good eye, well set ears and appealing expression, lovely outline both on the stand and moving, good depth of chest and nice body proportions, she moved out well showing some promising reach and drive, BPB.

2. Jones’ Jacqukir Time For Change. Another nice bitch of 11 months, different in type to 1, preferred the bone on the winner of this class, that said, this bitch was nicely angulated in front and rear with sound body proportions, good depth of chest and correct rib and loin, would like better feet but she showed some promising movement overall.

3. Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum.

JB 7(2)

1. Pendleton-Watkins’ Goldania Queen of Egypt (AI). Nicely made fawn of just 15 months, lovely feminine head with appealing expression, good muzzle, eyes and ear-set, strong neck and well angulated shoulders with good bone, substance without coarseness, lovely outline standing and moving, she moved out well with confidence and was beautifully presented. 

2. Kingsley’s Dainoak Forever in Blu Jeans. Blue bitch of 14 months where, even at this stage, I would like more substance, angulation ok in front and rear with sound, steady top-line, preferred the feet of 1, showed some glimpses of promising movement in profile.

3. Williamson-Cotton’s Malbecio Minerva.

YB 4(0)

1. Southgate’s Malbecio Rioja. Nicely presented black bitch who looked well standing and moving, feminine and balanced head with good strength in muzzle, nice eye and ear-set, strong and well muscled neck leading into a pleasing front assembly, good depth of chest and rib, nicely angulated rear with good muscle tone. Moved out well with free, easy movement.

2. Middleton’s Dornoir Sinead. Blue bitch of 19 months who lacked bone and substance for me, would have liked better feet and bone, angulation was acceptable front and rear, good body proportions, she showed some good reach and drive in profile and was presented in well muscled condition.

3. Dickson/Prazak’s Leera Lucky Star.

PGB 8(3)
1. Pendleton-Watkins/Pendleton’s Goldania’s Celtic Princess (AI). Nicely put together fawn bitch of good type, feminine and appealing head with strong muzzle, good eye, ear-set and balanced skull, strong neck and shoulders with good bone and feet, sound body proportions, she moved out freely with good reach and drive both in profile and on the out and back, RBB.

2. Staniford’s Roucandane The Apprentice at Stephandon. Beautifully presented brindle bitch of 5 years looking fit and well both standing and moving, feminine but strong head with appealing eye, balanced skull and good ear-set, strong, well muscled shoulders and good depth of chest, well muscled rear and sound top-line, moved out well.

3. Herring’s Noziaro Alula.

OB 6(0)

1. McLellan’s Ch. Jutlander’s Bat Out of Hell to Anadain (imp DNK). This beautifully made bitch stood out for me for balance, elegance and complete soundness, strong head with kind eye, good ear-set and feminine appeal. Beautifully angulated all through with correct bone and body proportions, good feet, carrying the correct amount of weight, this bitch has matured into a lovely example of the breed, handled sympathetically to bring out her best qualities, she moved correctly in all directions showing free, easy reach and drive, coming to a stand foot perfect, turned out in the fittest of condition, she was well muscled and is an absolute credit to the breed, thrilled to see her win a very strong working group under a Great Dane specialist, BB, BOB G1.

2. Bliss’ Calchas Yodella over Stagbatch. Differing in type but a very nice bitch all the same, Strong and feminine with good bone and feet, lovely expressive head with good eye, ear-set and balanced skull. Good neck and shoulders with sound, steady top-line she held well standing and on the move, lovely outline, she was presented in beautiful well muscled condition.

3. Kingsley’s Dainoak Agent Provocateur ShCM.

SpBB 2(0)

1. Williamson-Cotton’s Malbecio Minerva. Black bitch who I felt could have more substance but a nice outline overall, feminine head with good eye and ear-set, nice expression, showed some decent profile movement and was presented in fit, well muscled condition, BSpB.

2. Dickson/Prazak’s J-Lp Qwirynus. Preferred the head and overall picture of 1st in this class, ear-set too high, would like more substance and better bone but a nice shape standing, angulation in front and rear was ok and she showed some steady movement in profile when she settled into her stride.