• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Caroline Wareing Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Great Dane

Great Danes

I thoroughly enjoyed my days judging and thank the Crufts committee for inviting me. Also thanks to the exhibitors for giving me such a wonderful entry and accepting my decisions in a sporting manner.

I found the Danes to have improved since my last appointment, on the whole heads are very good and I found them to be presented in clean, hard condition.

Croups need to be watched as some were very steep which spoils the overall outline, also there were quite a few with slack pasterns without the required cat like feet.

Lastly thanks to my two excellent stewards for keeping the ring running so smoothly.


1st Searles Dainmajik The Conjuror to Murrayvhayle, strong fawn male 8 years, with a lovely head and expression. Well bodied with a good depth of chest, firm topline and strong bone. Lovely temperament, moving soundly.


1st Macdonalds Zeus Nero von Adamantium of Ranaldane, black boy and a real baby at 8 months of age. Pleasing head with good depth of muzzle, correct shaped dark eye. Tight black coat with firm topline, rather steep in croup. Lovely outgoing temperament making him very happy on the move.

PD (4)

1st Lipman & Booths Rimor Aurelius, dark brindle boy who excels in length of neck, good angles front and rear, standing very true in front. I liked his head and expression but would prefer a much smaller ear. In lovely condition, going well on the move which won him the class.

2nd Camburns Garsak Sir Otis, another lovely puppy with a strong head with parallel planes and kind expressive eyes. Super body with great depth, good spring of rib with firm topline, correct croup and tailset. Well muscled quarters giving sound rear movement, despite being younger than 1 a much more mature pup, just lost out on front movement.

3rd Hewletts Brooke Springtime

JD (4)

1st Jacques & Kirbys Jacqukir No Regrets, lovely young male of excellent type. Strong masculine head with correct size ears which he uses well to show off his quizzical expression. Long neck into well laid shoulders, good bone, depth and well filled forechest. Very sound on the move with good length of stride, should have a bright future.

2nd Allison & Liddells Loretosmoorikin by Gretadane, well bodied youngster with good depth and width, short in back with ribs well sprung. Firm topline, tailset rather low. Correct bend of stifle with good muscle tone giving adequate movement.

3rd Smiths Zefathers Skyfall

YD (3)

1st Smiths Chanoz Tailor Made for Lambrini, smart Mantle giving a lovely make and shape. Correct head proportions, dark eye, clean neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Very true in front, strong bone and tight feet. Firm topline with tail well set. Enough bend of stifle giving sound movement.

2nd Nunns Roshanun Volare, 20 months Harlequin, pleasing head, good bone and depth, stands very close in front which affected his movement.

3rd Vanhoves Rocket Man 'elton' Di Castelcampo

PGD (6)

1st Maganaris, Gray & Armours Culseandanes Nic Cage, all male fawn with a lovely head, deep muzzle and kind eye. Well filled chest with good depth of brisket, tailset a tad low. Correct lay of shoulder and well toned hind quarters allowing him to move soudly.

2nd Barnetts Dainoak Dreams of Blue at Dreamdiamont, strong headed blue with good stop, touch wide in skull, true forehand and well muscled quarters, good depth to chest with a firm topline.

3rd Cubitts Floyds Surprise at Zebeldane

LD (9)

1st Hogarths Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind, all quality fawn with a super head, good ear placement and the desired quizzical expression. So true in front with strong flat bone standing on tight catlike feet. He has a clean arched neck into a strong topline with plenty of depth along with well sprung ribs. Strong defined quarters with good muscle tone and correct width of thigh. Short straight hocks giving sound movement both coming and going. So well presented, should easily gain his title. CC.

2nd Dysons Samdice Nobody Does It Betta, brindle boy who presents a good overall picture. Strong head with clean skull and correct drop of lip, expressive dark eyes, ears on the large side. Excellent forehand with nicely filled chest, plenty of depth through the brisket, drops away in croup. Handled well and moved with purpose.

3rd Abbotts Nikami Leap of Romance

OD (7)

1st Mosvolds Geordieone Torpa Stenhus, I really liked this boy who topped a strong class of males. Very balanced standing four square on well boned legs and feet. Masculine with good head properties, kind eye and typical expression. Correct angles front and rear, well filled chest, nicely arched neck into short strong loin. Sound movement out and back, put up a good performance in the challenge to win the Reserve CC. Another who should easily gain his title.

2nd Donnelly & Tooheys Ch Primus Breakin Rules, a favourite of mine and no disgrace to come second in this strong class. So very typical, lovely head and expression with correct ear placement which he used well. Strong arched neck with good flow into well angulated shoulders. Great depth with clean underline, moved out soundly from his well muscled quarters.

3rd Chappells Ch Selmalda Jealous Guy

GCB (3)

1st Kelleways Damarkann Marquisite well marked Mantle with a strong head and neck, good drop of lip though a tad wide in skull. Pleasing outline with ribs well sprung and correct sweep of stifle.

2nd Griffin & Griersons Griffindane Athos, mature fawn with a good expression and plenty of substance. Strong deep brisket with good loin and powerful quarters, decent bone though very slack in pasturns.

3rd Pococks Nordic Giant's Leopold at Tamzdane

VB (5)

1st Abbotts Nikami The Lyrical, 7 ½ years fawn in super condition. She makes a lovely shape with good angles front and rear. Showed well with strong sound movement.

2nd Lawaetzs Dkch/noch/cib Ch Lawaetz Danes Blue Cool Legacy, blue with a pleasing head, clean neck and looking well for her 7 years. Would prefer tighter feet and a shorter loin.

3rd Dysons Ch Selmalda Journey to Melody at Samdice

MPB (2)

1st Bithells Bourntwyn Alone in A Crowd, pretty 8 months showy fawn, lengthy neck into good layback of shoulder. Strong bone into tight feet, needs time to drop into her tall frame, when she settled moved out well.

2nd Newtons Shlarra Some Kind of Miracle, pleasing head on this dark masked fawn, very true in front with good depth and strong quarters. Going through the dippy stage, showed and moved well.

PB (5)

1st Clarks Garsak Summer Days at Mintrex, I just loved this puppy, strong yet feminine, lovely head of length with a super expression, strong arched neck, correct length of back with super firm topline, plenty of width in her quarters with correct croup and tailset. In super condition, very well handled moving soundly from her strong hocks. Interesting to see she is sired by the open dog winner. Best Puppy who must have a bright future.

2nd Pococks Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum, well marked harlequin youngster with plenty of substance, strong head with deep lip, dark eye, enough neck, deep through the body with correct rear, just needs to come up on her legs.

3rd Morgans Rimor Athena's Kyss

JB (12)

1st Armour & Hookers Thistledane Game Changer, another super youngster from this very successful kennel, beautiful head with good proportions, great depth to elbow, clean tuck up. Standing on strong bone and tight feet, movement fluent and true, should do very well.

2nd Cranfields Zefather’s Rumour Has It, another quality youngster, clean feminine head enhanced by her dark mask, reachy neck flowing into a firm topline with tail well set. Used herself well on the move, unlucky to meet the winner.

3rd Fennelly-Mcgrath Valkyriedanes Top Secret Star

YB (8)

1st Morgan-Evans Vanmore Magic Spell, another top quality youngster so typical from this well known kennel, handled to advantage to get the very best from her. Lovely head with correct plains, clean arched neck into strong topline with tail well set from correct croup. Strong quarters with well let down hocks giving positive movement.

2nd Windmills Murrayvhale Miz Congenial, lovely head and quizzical expression on this 18 month fawn girl. Ears well placed which she used to advantage, reachy neck into good shoulder placement with strong bone, firm pasterns and tight feet. In lovely condition and handled well.

3rd Tempests Adoreadane Heaven Sent

PGB (5)

1st Pendleton-Watkins & Pendletons Goldania's Celtic Princess, strong head with kind expression, ears rather low set, well bodied with plenty of substance. Stands very true in front with good flat bone and firm well muscled quarters, went well on the move.

2nd Cubitts Annadanes Turkana at Zebeldane, blue with pleasing head and drop of lip, clean front, well filled chest, deep brisket with good ribbing and firm in topline. Would prefer tighter pasterns, lovely temperament.

3rd Grants Lomondane Ca Canny at Eildane

LB (9)

1st Martinas Briseide A, big impressive Harlequin bitch with the longest of necks. Super head and expression, so well bodied with chest well filled, super depth, good spring of rib with a strong topline, well boned and the tightest of feet. She never stopped showing but threw her chances away in the challenge being so unsettled on the move.

2nd Cranfields Santanna Dazzling Spirit at Zefather, lovely dark mask on this feminine girl. Head of good length, dark eye and neat ear set. Clean arched neck into well placed withers, positive movement from her strong well angulated quarters. Close decision between 2 and 3 just preferring this ones tailset.

3rd Jacobs Vanmore Shes All That at Kazabbie

OB (17)

1st McLellans Ch Jutlander's Bat Out of Hell to Anadain, fabulous bitch who took my breath away. She has strength with elegance, beautifully proportioned head with correct planes, strong muzzle with correct ear set. Her clean arched neck runs into well angulated shoulders, level topline to a good croup and tail set. Her rear assembly has strong hammy quarters with good width of thigh, sweep of stifle and short well let down hocks. Her movement was effortless with good extension and drive to win this strong open class. Delighted to award her the CC and BOB.

2nd Cranfields Ch Zefathers Sweet Child O`Mine, another lovely bitch so typical of the type produced from this kennel. Well put together dark masked fawn with a clean head and lovely expression. Scored in depth and spring of rib driving soundly from her well angulated quarters. A worthy champion, Reserve CC.

3rd Faulder & Cooks Keirkanes Picture Perfect at Elvantiedane,

GC (1)

1st Middletons Taysca Must De Cartier at Dornoir

Judge Caroline Wareing