• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)


AUGUST 13TH 2022


An interesting entry waited for me with a few absentees due to the current hot weather but our ring gave plenty of shade and a fresh breeze to all. One of my favourite breeds and today, I found the quality in the bitches far stronger than the males, although both of my top winning males pleased me for their quality

PUPPY (3/1) Two litter mates and comments apply to both as in many respects they are very similar, however, the deciding factor on my placings were decided by the boys themselves!

1. Stevens – CORIEND BLUE NIMBUS, as the name suggests, a blue of good colour. Ample bone for his age and size. Pleasing head which is well balanced and a good ear set. Nice neck and apart from needing to tighten in his rear action, looks to be very promising

2. Lovell & Stevens – CORIEND SERIOUSLY BLACK, many of the comments made re winner also apply here, although, on the table I felt he had the better bone and outline with good tail set However, when it came to moving, I felt sorry for his handler as he just decided that he was not going to move in any direction and played up. Even with a change of lead he decided NO. Such a shame as I felt he was the better of the 2 brothers. His day will come and later in the day, I saw him walking quite happily but that is puppies for you.

LIMIT (3/1)

1. Bishop & Essenhigh – FAARUP YN SYMI COCH TO BRYNALLUAN, young red boy just coming into his prime. Well balanced head, lovely moulded foreface, nicely placed eye. Good ear shape and set, giving a pleasing open expression. Ample neck leading into well placed shoulders. Nice depth of chest and good bone. Held his top line on the move and covered the ground easily. Took this class and the CC easily.

2. Lovell Liebehund Forest Moon, slightly smaller boy but just needs a little more body to complete the picture. Very pleasing head, good eye and expression. Liked his bone and feet and moved easily with drive. Took home a well deserved RCC.

OPEN (1/0)

1 Davies, - CERANDA GREATEST SHOWMAN, unfortunately today he did not live up to his name as he was rather lethargic, probably due to the heat. Nice dark brindle, in good coat and body. Very pleasing head, which is well balanced but he was rather lazy using his well placed ears. Moved out quite well, I am sure on another day he could trouble the rest.


1. Roberts – TRAFOX BLACK OF DIAMONDS TO KOGARAHS, what a lovely gentleman, lovely size and shape. Stood easily on well boned legs, nice feet. Good outline with ample neck. Belies his years in movement, well deserved this class and BVIB.

2. Froggatt – GEREFA GHOST RIDER, another elderly gentleman who age is beginning to show not only in his head but also his movement. He is a well made boy of good size and no doubt in his youth his colour was good, but, as with many blue merles, this does deepen with maturity.


1. Graham – ELESSAR MOON DANCER OF ANCKSUNAMUM, lovely brindle girl who appealed for her overall shape and quality. Liked her head pattern and type, Good ear set and carriage. Good body and moved well both coming and going with good tail set.


PUPPY (2/0)

1. Taylor – CORIEND WENT BLUE FOR BYMIL – what an assured young lady this blue merle is, took everything in her stride. Lovely head pattern for her age. Good foreface, nice ear set. Ample neck and shoulders for one so young. Held top line on the move and moved with drive easily BPB and BPIB.

2. Marett – TWINAN LETS BE A CLOWN AT GAYTECKELS, promising youngster not quite the finish of winner but not affected by the heat or noise for one attending her first show at just six months and one day. As she matures, she shows much promise as she was another good moving bitch. Good head which will fill out in time. Just needs to fill out and body up.

JUNIOR (1/0)

1. Evans – LIDOFFAD LIEW GWYLIT, this little lady is still at the “raw and in-between” stage of her life. Unfortunately, she left most of her coat at home. Quite a pleasing head just needs more bone and body to make the best of herself. I would prefer more positive movement both coming and going as she lacked muscle esp. in her hindquarters


1. Irving – TWINAN HOLD MY HALO, pleasing dark brindle, good head and eye. Liked her length of body. Ample bone and good feet. Moved very well, but not as settled today as I am sure she could be.

LIMIT (3/0)

1. Taylor – BYMIL BACK TO BLUE well made bitch of correct size. Lovely head well placed stop and good ear set. Good shoulders and nice neck. Pleasing top line and ample bone. For me, although within the standard, she carries a fraction too much white.

2. Roberts - A RAY OF SUNSHINE AT KOGARAHS, pleasing bitch, another of good size. Ample bone. Held top-line on the move but I would prefer a little more width in front

3. Lovell – Liebehund Fates Gold, smaller bitch,who moved well just needs a little more bone and body to complete the picture.

OPEN (3/0)

1. Taylor – BYMIL PICTURE PERFECT, one I have judged before as a youngster and found her then to very promising and today, with maturity, could find nothing better to beat her! Beautifully presented and lived up to her name. Lovely head, with correct balance of skull and well placed correctly shaped ears. Super neck leading into well placed shoulders with the correct depth of chest. Good bone and feet. Standing on the table, epitomized for me, the correct breed standard and on moving, with drive and ease confirmed by her correct conformation. Very pleased to award her this class and the BCC, which her owner tells me gives her a title of Champion which is well deserved and also BOB.

2. Irving – CH PI ET RA OF TREFILIO BORNTOBE AVALANCHE JW, another lovely bitch but of a different type to winner. She too has a pleasing head, not quite the moulding of the winner and I would prefer a slightly better ear shape. Lovely neck and shoulders but could not match winner for correct front assembly as today stood rather too close in front. I can see how she has amassed all her wins as on the move she does excel and was an easy winner of the RCC.

3. Froggatt – WILDCARD QUEEN OF CLUBS FOR GEREFA, one I have previously done well but today not quite on top form and was feeling the heat.

Judge: Carole A Smedley