• Show Date: 09/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)



Very many thanks to you, the exhibitors, for this lovely entry, which gave me some difficult choices but also many excellent dogs to handle. To have my BOB, taking a stunning G2 and my BPIB winning the Pastoral Puppy Group says much for the quality here today. Also to my stewards, Barry and Anne, thank you for your efficiency and lovely company

No puppies were present, so my first class was:

JUNIOR (4/2)

1. Coulson – WOODHENGE STAR COMMANDER, lovely mature boy, liked his attitude and outline. Head handles well, good foreface and nice eye. Good ear set, ample neck and firm top-line. Good bone and neat feet. One I seriously considered in the challenge.

2. Davies – ANDVOL Z-SIEGER AT ERMYN, young boy who just lacked the maturity of the winner. I would like him to be more positive in his rear movement. Good balanced head but slightly fuller in eye than I prefer. Once he matures, could be interesting


1. Jefferson – ELLHAR STAR ROSE AT SALVENIK, nice head and eye, good ear set and neck leading into well placed shoulders. Lovely bone for his size, moved very well but a bit too proud of his tail carriage.

2. Roper – CARDIGAN BAY, 3 year boy who, for me, needs much more substance and body. Good sized head but I would like to see a little more moulding in the foreface. Another who failed in high tail set and carriage.

    LIMIT (5/0)

1. Down – ELESSAR ROYAL SALUTE, impressive boy of correct size, Lovely head and eye giving a super expression. Well filled foreface. Good neck. Kept top-line whilst moving very well, another I really considered for top honours

2. Gordon & Heath – CRESCENYT-BRYNLEA MOON GLOW (imp USA), loved this boy for his head and expression. Good chest, leg and feet but just lost out on movement as today, he was a tad too close behind.

OPEN (4/1)

1. Barlow – CH WOODHENGE STAR AGENT GOT PENDRELL (NBT), his owner reminded me I had given him a strong junior class on my last appointment. This lad has certainly matured into a well deserving Ch. Loved his head and expression, Good balanced head, well placed shoulders, good bone, and neat feet. Good size and substance, one who just covered the ground so easily. Pleased to award him the RCC in this quality entry.

2. Maddox – CH REDFORDHILL MAGIC MOMENTS TO SALVENIK JW (Imp USA), an old favourite of mine who has matured well and is another so deserving of his title. Different type to winner as he is heavier in both body and bone. Good outline. Lovely head, eye and expression, just felt he was showing his age in his pasterns as he was not as positive moving today.

3. Warner – ERIK THE KING JW


1. Ellwood – CH ELLHAR MAKSIMOS, he moved around the ring with a positive drive and superb top-line which belied his 9 years. Loved his head, foreface and moulding. Good well placed ears. Nice eye, lovely depth of chest. Good bone and correct front assembly. In super coat and condition, a credit to his owner, and I noticed his sire was one of my all time favourites too. So pleased to award him the CC in this quality entry. Thank you for coming

2. Jones – CERANDA SURF’S UP, similar in outline and build as winner. Pleasing head and bone but just failed in top-line on moving



1. Irving – SPRING FELICITA AT TWINA (Imp Bel), very pleasing youngster who needs just a little more time to fill out and body up. Pleasing head and eye, moved easily.

2. Dickenson – BRYMAY STAR EXPLOSION, very raw baby, just needs to settle and learn how to react in the ring. I would prefer a little more moulding in foreface and better head planes. Nice size just needs time to grown into herself.

PUPPY (4/2)

1. Irving – TWINAN HAND IN THE COOKIE JAR, my notes just say WOW! Tri baby who has everything and more. Loved her outline, very pleasing head. Good shoulder placement. Good length of neck. Ample chest and super outline. Such an easy fluent mover keeping a level top-line at all times. Presentation was excellent and her body and condition gleamed from all angles. A possible star in the making, pleased to award her BPB and BPIB and then she took Pastoral Puppy G1. Well done



1. Creech – ZYDAHAYES SCARLET IMAGE, Pale youngster whose has a pleasing head and eye. Good expression, pleasing outline. Liked her outline and temperament.


An interesting class of young ladies of differing types headed by:

1. Creech – ZYDAHAYES SCARLET TWEED, so similar in type to the junior winner and has a pleasing head, good foreface, liked her eye and expression. Good neck and shoulders moved easily and held her outline whilst moving. Good size.

2. Ellwood – ELLHAR OLGA’S PRINCESS, another pleasing bitch, also a good size. Good head and ear set. Ample neck, just lost out to winner on movement today



1. Ellwood – SALVENIK SILK ROSE FOR ELLHAR, lovely bitch who appealed for her quality and outline. Pleasing head, nice shoulders and good top-line. Good bone and feet. Moved well

OPEN (5/2)

1. Blance – CH PENLIATH BILL ME LATER my star of the day. What more can be written about this lovely bitch. Excels in head and expression. Ample neck and depth of chest. Good front and bone. Ample body and length. Loved her drive from well made hind quarters with good tail carriage. In super coat and condition, presentation was excellent. Just loved her attention to her handler, when asked, yet knew exactly what she had to do to win this class with ease. Could not deny her the CC (her 20th), BOB and then Pastoral Group 2. Thank you for bringing her, you made my day!

2. Maddox – SALVENIK SCARLET ROSE, litter sister to winner of limit and has many of the same qualities. Not quite the style and panache of the winner but still has many of the same virtues. Moved easily, took home a well deserved RCC.



1. Barlow – HIGHWORTH VANITY FAIR FOR PENDRELL, hard to believe she is now a veteran. Still maintains an excellent head and good eye. Loved her front assembly and depth of chest. Good bone and feet. Moved easily to win this but had to bow the knee to the CC winning dog for BVIB

2. Davies – ERMYN FLY BY NIGHT, elegant tri who is just showing her age. She has a lovely outline and bone, moves very well and has a super top-line.


Judge: Carole A Smedley (Antoc)