• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carole Smedley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Collie (Rough)

BATH CH SHOW 29.06.2022


On what was (probably) my penultimate appointment for my beloved breed, although the entry was small, the quality, apart from a very few, restored my faith in the Collie as I have known it for nearly 50 years.

Some exhibits winning in the ring today are quite un-typical of our breed, with short deep through heads, too much stop and are far too small, often excessively coated, with square outlines and poor movement but today, many of them stayed away!

My winners pleased me in all departments and later on reading the catalogue, I found my two male winners were related, one whose dam I had previously awarded a RCC to. Bitches were full of quality from Veteran through to Open and I would like to thank those who entered for making my day so enjoyable.


1. Stevens – CARIADHAF CRAZY DREAM, a lovely well made sable whose outlook on life helped him win this class, although I would prefer a much lower tail carriage. Pleasing head, well balanced from muzzle to back of skull. Sensible expression coming from a well placed eye. Well set ears, good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good top line (spoilt only by his happy tail). Super body and condition, well muscled in the rear and moved so easily around the ring with pleasure.

2. Scott – ANIESH TOUCH OF BLACK, well made tricolour, just lacking in the expression of winner and he too has a flat skull, well placed ears. Good neck and outline but today moved rather close behind but well deserved his place here

3. Skinner – NIKAL ITS GUD TO BE BLACK VW, just a mention for this gentlemen, not quite on the form I have seen him but approaching his 11th year with dignity.


1. Blaikie – KOURIKA YOU’LL DO FOR ME, a very aptly named tri boy of correct size. In full coat which fits him so well. Ample bone and substance. Pleasing head and well moulded foreface, good eye and ear carriage. Lovely outline and moved very well, hopefully a bright future awaits this boy as I seriously considered him for the RDCC and see his mother annexed the BCC. BPD and BPIB

2. Tilley – INGLEDENE DARK MOON RISIN’ another tricolour who really should attend a few more training sessions to learn how to perform in the ring but time is very much on his side and his handler is learning too. Another of good size, flat skull and when he concentrated used his well placed ears to advantage. Moved quite well in profile but rather too close in the rear today


1 Collins – TRIBURLE CHANCE OF PASSION, a sable of correct size, very pleasing in outline. Very attentive to his handler. Good head, nice moulded foreface, good ears. Liked his length of neck and shoulders. Good top line and ample correct bone for his age. However, his rear movement today let him down as it was not as fluent as I have come to expect from this kennel and he appealed in the challenge.

2 Ingledene Dark Moon Risin’


1. Bolt and Hollywood – AMALIE CHANCE TO SHINE. Slighter smaller sable who has a pleasing head but slightly wider in back skull and deeper in profile than I prefer. Needs more angulation in shoulders as his front movement is somewhat erratic.


1. Geddes – INGLEDENE FANTASY IN BLU, blue merle who colour blue is so correct but even for me, he is too heavily marked, and reminded me of another lady from this kennel, Ch Ingledene Blue Rain and he is similar in markings to her. He had to win this class for his overall quality in head, which is well balanced with a good stop. Good eye and expression. Lovely reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Good top line and body. Lovely legs and feet and correct tail carriage. Moved so so easily around the ring on a loose lead.

2. Gautrey – LILLYWAY LANDWIND. Well made sable that needs to be handled to be appreciated. Pleasing head, good stop and eye placing. Good length of neck and kept his top line whilst moving but does need to keep his tail under control. Moved quite well and both handler and dog just need to be a tad more confident. Best Special Beginner, thanks for staying for the group. Well done



1. Telford – BRILYN BORN TO RUN FOR GLENBOWDENE, what a surprise this collie was. Having been away from the ring since 2020, this boy has certainly matured into a proper collie. He has a lovely head, well moulded foreface, with no trace of coarseness, from muzzle to back skull, balanced with a well placed stop. Loved his eye and expression, neat well placed and well used ears. Ample neck, with good angulation in shoulders. Nice depth of chest, good body and outline, Good rear with a nice bend of stifle which allowed for free flowing movement. Very positive both coming and going away with a good reach and length, in good well fitted coat of lovely colour, groomed and presented to perfection. Won this class with a bit to spare and then took the RDCC, one I shall watch for the future.

2. Blake – CORYDON THE GRANDMASTER, another sable not quite the furnishings of the winner but a most pleasing boy all around. Correct size, another who is constructed so well and moved out easily. To be honest I would prefer a little more moulding in his foreface and slightly more definition in stop but he is still a youngster in collie terms and this will probably come with maturity. Another I shall follow with interest.



1. Grainger – CH SAMHAVEN BALLAHANNA BANJO, a sable I first admired over a year ago and on handling he did not disappoint. Very similar comments for head and eye as the limit winner and I discovered both sires of these are litter brothers! This lad has the maturity of a proper collie. Clean, balanced head, good eye and expression and well placed well used ears. Lovely outline when both standing and moving, just stood with dignity in the class and had that elusive collie look that we all should strive for. Pleased to award him a 6th CC and BOB over a super bitch who gained her title on the day.

2. Blaikie – KOURIKA KING PIN, a blue of good colour but compared to the winner, just lacked the elegance in both outline and movement that I was looking for. Slightly stronger in head than winner but he too has a good eye and ear carriage. Ample neck and in super coat of the correct texture and colour. Good body, strong bone and good feet. Moved out well.




2. Gautery – CARRISTINA SUMMER RHAPSODY, sable lady who with time could do well. Both owner and exhibit need more confidence as this little lady has many attributes. Flat skull, good expression and moved out well



1. Harrison – CH CARIADHAF CANDY KISSES, hard to believe this little lady is now competing in these classes. She still retains a very clean head, good eye and is so attentive to her handler; it was a pleasure to watch. Her coat, of good colour blue, fits her well and with the featherings of maturity she won this class and BVIB and was also short-listed in the Veteran Group.

2. Lyall – SANTALOLY’S SKY AMIDALAS, sable who left her wardrobe outside of the ring but she had nothing to hide. Pleasing, clean head, good neck, just needs to body and coat up but I understand from her owner she is just coming back having been quite ill. Moved out well

3. Skinner – SAMHAVEN TIME IS MONEY AT NIKAL, mature tri bitcch, not quite in top form and although she has may attributes, found her to be favouring a front leg whilst moving today.


1. Flower – SERENLAS PUMPKIN SPICE, very raw sable baby whose coat is just coming through. Pleasing head, in profile, although I would prefer more moulding and a better stop. Good eye which is well placed and neat well used ears. Nice size for her age, good body and top line. Good drive from the rear when on the move. Time is very much on her side.

2. Collins – TRIBURLE SEREN DLOS, how nice to see this exhibitor with a merle. In super coat and body for her age. Pleasing head, although I would not wish her stop any deeper and just needs toi fine down from muzzle to back skull but this may well come with maturity. Moved quite well, a little over-awed on the day but a bright future may well be ahead of her.



1. Baker – MARILAKE MANHATTAN well coated sable lady of good size in lovely coat of good texture. Pleasing head, flat skull and well placed ears. Nice outline and moved quite well. BPB



1. Growcott – LILLYWAY LEMON BREEZE, well made tricolour who appealed for her size, shape and quality. Good head and eye. Lovely well placed ears. Good shoulders and front angulation. Lovely body and kept her topline whilst moving freely. Lovely bone and good feet. One I hope will continue to do well in the future as I certainly had her in mind in the challenge.

2. Spendelow – RIVERSIDE SONG NARAYAN AT UFFSPRING (Imp Serbia), who today was carrying a tad too much weight which spoilt her movement both coming and returning. I would prefer a little more shoulder angulation. Good bone for her age – just going through the typical collie teenager phase.



1. Larkin – Rahlissa Toffee Cake for Denora, very appealing sable presented in super condition. Good size and outline. Pleasing head with a well placed eye and stop, Good neck. Good bend of stifle and held topline whilst moving. Has all the future ahead of her.




1. Harrison – CAMBROGAN LADY OF LOCH’ABER AT CARIADHAF, sable who was an easy winner of this class. Good length and balance in her head. Good underjaw and well placed stop. Good neck and shoulders. Ample bone, in super condition and moved as if she could work all day. Kept her outline moving and had drive and reach around the ring.

2. Baker – BELDONES UPTOWN GIRL OF ROSSCHELL, dam of the lovely puppy winner and she has passed many of her attributes on. Not quite the elegance of the winner, especially on movement. She has a good head and well placed eye. Good legs and feet and moved quite well



1. Flower – SERENLAS HEAVEN IN BLU, as her name suggests a blue merle whose coat is just deciding to leave home. Very pleasing in outline. Ample bone and good legs and feet. Kept her tail down whilst moving quite freely around the ring. I like her head, which is well balanced and clean. Well set and well used ears. Good neck and shoulders, when mature could trouble the best.

2. Geddes – INGLEDENE NITE N’CHANTING. Jet black tricolour in super coat and condition. Pleasing head and showed well. Like her outline and movement but I would prefer a little more length of leg to complete the picture.



 A class full of quality ladies, all of whom will change places on different days, as they all held CC’s and it was splitting hairs to decide on a winner.

1. Blaikie – KOURIKA KOVER GIRL, a sable who had all I was looking for. The maturity of an adult, with featherings and coat. Very pleasing head which excelled in both eye and expression when she concentrated on the job in hand. Good foreface, clean cheeks, well placed ears. Lovely neck going into well sloped shoulders. Ample chest room, good body and top line. Strong, yet elegant rear movement. Correct tail carriage. She reminded me of one I have at home and was pleased to award her not only this class, but her 3rd and crowning CC which is so well deserved.

2. Tipper – CH TIGANLEA TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, a well deserved champion who has just gained her entry to the upper house. Not quite the melting expression of winner but she too has a pleasing, clean head, Good shoulders and lovely outline. Groomed and presented to perfection as are so many from this kennel. Pleased to award her the RCC against some other lovely bitches in the challenge.

3. Newman – PHREELANCER PHAITH HILL, a tricolour who I felt was not quite in top form today. She too has a clean balanced head but I would prefer a little more moulding. Good flat skull. Moved out with elegance


Carole A Smedley (Antoc)