• Show Date: 28/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Henry Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Driffield Championship Show 28th August 2022 Golden Retrievers

Grateful thanks to Driffield Championship show committee for the invitation to Judge Golden Retrievers.  To my two stewards many thanks for keeping the ring moving, dogs on the shade when possible and keeping me hydrated throughout a hot day – Thank you Andrea and Cathy. To the exhibitors thank you it was an honour to judge your dogs.

Two issues concerned me, one the breed standard calls for round and catlike feet, unfortunately a number of dogs had splayed feet, more like the hare foot of a pointer.  Tails should be carried level with the back, I noticed a number with tails in the air, mainly due to incorrect tailset. What was a delight to see were the plethora of colours on show today, a good dog cannot be a bad colour.

BEST OF BREED:  MURRAY, Ms O M Rathcloon Highways N Byways

Dog CC:  TAYLOR, Mrs B M & TAYLOR, Mr J M Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW

Res Dog CC: SAVAGE, Ms K Weisford Guilty as Sin

Bitch CC: MURRAY, Ms O M Rathcloon Highways N Byways

Res Bitch CC:  FALCONER, Mrs Anne Elizabeth Soneve Simply Special for Siatham JW


Best Veteran:  BROADHEAD, Mrs Julie Sh Ch Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW, Sh CM JW

Best Special Beginner:  HUNTER, Mrs Melanie Glenrioch Rock of Ages

Class 1515 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st:  BROADHEAD, Mrs Julie Sh Ch Sh Ch Monchique Pure Imagination JW, Sh CM

Such a gentle expression and head well chiselled, deep in muzzle, Balanced angulation fore & aft short coupled, deep chest giving plenty of heart room, Level topline, maintained on the move with correct tail set, moved with drive and easily covered the ground. One I have judged before and he has improved with age.

2nd: BOLTON, Mrs Julia & Mr Richard, Stanroph Superstravegante at Shiresmill JW

Balanced in head, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, legs well placed under body level topline, short coupled, well developed 2nd thigh, moved out well.

3rd: WRIGHT, Mrs Chatarina Ingrid Lena Marie. Palton Panetela

Class 1516 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: GERHOLD, Mrs Joanne. Navilis Vivat Vivaldi NAF (imp UKR)

Balanced in head, correct ear set, good pigmentation, strong straight bone fore & aft. Short coupled, level top line held on the move, moved out with drive and good reach for one so young. Well padded catlike feet. Presented well.

2nd: HUNTER, Mrs Melanie. Kadaka Kevin Karrot

Younger than 1, just right for his age, gentle soft expression, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, level topline. Straight in front, elbows close.

3rd: 3415 SHEPHERD, Mrs Tracey & Miss Eleanor. DU PARLICKVIEW STORY OF LOVE

Class 1517 JD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: TAYLOR, Mrs B M & Mr J M. Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice

Overall balanced boy, gentle expression, good reach of neck, elbows close, deep in chest, level topline, would have liked tighter feet.

2nd: ROSE, Ms D Shanlimore Moonlite Rider with Gaytonwood

Compact, strong in bone, level topline, good turn of stifle, excellent width in rear quarter, well developed 2nd thigh, well let down hock moved soundly, just preferred the overall outline of 1.

3rd: BOLTON, Mrs Julia & Mr Richard Megarvey Still Game for Shiresmill.

Class 1518 YD (10 Entries) Abs: 2

Difficult class, would have liked more red cards  

1st: SAVAGE, Ms K Weisford Guilty as Sin

I was impressed by this boy’s overall balance, symmetry and construction, lovely head, excellent pigment. Good length of neck, Deep in chest, well sprung rib offering heart room. Short coupled with strength in his loin, He covered the ground with ease driving from the rear. No wasted effort, one fit for function. Dog RCC.  

2nd: KELLY, Ms K & Miss K. Sh Ch Ramchaine You Spin Me Right Round in Zenevie

Many of the above comments apply to this boy too, balanced in head, with melting expression, good layback of shoulders, beautiful overall construction. Preferred the length of coupling on one.

3rd: BECK, Mrs S Simon Basset De Ria Vela for Beinangus JW (Imp Esp.)

Class 1519 SBD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3361 HUNTER, Mrs Melanie Glenrioch Rock of Ages

Masculine in head, good length of neck, well placed shoulders, balanced fore & aft, well developed 2nd thigh, good width of rear quarters, moved out true and with drive.

2nd: HUNTER, Mrs Melanie Kadaka Kevin Karrot

A real baby in this class, gentle head and expression, handler has a tendency to over stretch this you boy, straight in front with lots of growing to do short coupled with good width in his rear quarters, when settled moved well.


Class 1520 PGD (13 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: MCGEOCH, Mrs Anne Louise Nedlezah Lochlea

Pleasing head and expression, good length of neck well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, straight bone front and rear, level topline, good tail set, good turn of stifle, well developed 2nd thigh moved soundly.

2nd: BROADHEAD, Mrs Julie Monchique Last Samurai JW

Pleasing head and expression, excelled in reach of neck, shoulders well laid back, level topline good tail set, moved out soundly.

3rd: BECK, Miss Karen & Mrs Senga. Denmarella Everyday the Sun.

Class 1521 LD (12 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: TAYLOR, Mrs B M & Mr J M. Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW.

Balanced, symmetrical outline. Masculine in head, but retaining a gentle expression, dark eye, with excellent pigmentation. Straight in front with good bone. Clean muscular neck of good length, well laid shoulders, deep in chest with spring of rib allowing good heart room, Firm in quarters, well developed 2nd thigh, level topline, correct tail set, used his tail on the move. covered the ground well. Dog CC

2nd: TOWERS & HENDERSON, Mrs & Mrs S & M. Alibren Galileo to Westervane JW SGWS

Presenting a clean outline, with correct angle front & rear. level in topline with correct tail set. Good length of muscular neck, correct feet, sound mover

3rd: TROTTER, Mrs P Baricia Let It Shine JW

Class 1522 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: ANGELL, Miss Beverley Sh Ch Millanza Toy Story JW

Beautiful masculine head, good length of well-muscled neck, straight forelegs with well laid shoulders, short coupled with deep ribs giving plenty of heart room. Moved out with drive and ease Pushed hard for RCC

2nd: GERHOLD, Mrs Joanne Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW

Presents a clean balanced outline, masculine head with dark pigmentation. Good straight bone front and rear. Well sprung rib, slightly longer in coupling than one. Moved well

3rd: KIPPS, Mrs Lynn & Mr Gordon. Sh Ch Cadwst Flash Flame to Wheatcroft

Class 1523 GCD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: TAYLOR, Mrs B M & Mr J M. Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice

2nd: BOYLE, Mrs Alison Dilworthy Early Arrival:

Upstanding boy, level topline, longer cast than one, standing 4 square, good feet, a little heavy over the shoulders moved ok

Class 1524 VB (11 Entries) Abs: 3

What an outstanding class of veterans


1st: O’GORMAN, Mrs P & Mr S Ch, Pl Ch Rathcloon Hunter in Pink for Berrymeade

Well balanced, of good head proportions, good length of neck, with well laid shoulders level topline, well-turned stifle, of good depth in chest giving heart room. Moved out with drive.

2nd: HILL, Miss Pamela & Mr Dale. Sh Ch Megarvey Once Upon a Time

Well-presented bitch, head of good proportions, strong in neck, leading to well placed shoulders, level topline, good bone and round catlike feet.

3rd: CROOKES, Mrs Diana Susan & JENKINSON, Mrs Rachel. Quakerhall Victory Jubilee.

Class 1525 PB (13 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: SLOAN, Mrs P. PALMONAS GLITTERBALL Best puppy bitch, best puppy in Breed

This young lady presented a pleasing outline, feminine in head with gentle expression, dark eye. Well set ears which framed her head. Good length of neck which flowed in to well-placed shoulders, already a spring in the rib, straight in bone fore & aft, cat like in foot, short in loin good turn of stifle, well let down hocks, move out with drive using her tail


Feminine girl with pleasing outline, balanced fore & aft, level topline, moved with reach and drive from her well-developed rear quarters

3rd: BELL, Mrs Fiona & Mr Michael. Hoaaloha Kealoha

Class 1526 JB (12 Entries) Abs: 5

1st: HILL, Miss Pamela & Mr Dale. Megarvey Déjà vu

Good size well-presented feminine bitch, strong muscled neck, balanced front and rear angulation, Strong in bone, standing on cat like paws. Level top line moved in sync with her handler driving from a well-muscled rear.

2nd: CLARKSON, Mrs F M Drumkilty Venetian Glass JW

Pretty in head with dark pigmentation and ear set, straight front, with balanced angles fore & aft, good bend of stifle, maintained her topline on the move, just preferred the overall outline of 1.

3rd: JAMES, Miss Amanda Tsarmont Starlet

Class 1527 YB (11 Entries) Abs: 2

The best class of the day

1st: MURRAY, Ms O M Rathcloon Highways N Byways

This young lady caught my eye as she walked into the ring, all the attributes I want to see in a golden retriever, symmetrical and balanced in outline nothing overdone, covered the ground effortlessly. Beautifully balanced head, of correct proportions, eyes and ears well set to give the melting expression goldens are known for. Good length of muscular neck, well laid in shoulder, forelegs straight and true with good extension on the move, strong in loin, straight and true fore & aft on the move, level top line her tail never stopped wagging. This girl could easily do a day’s work. Bitch CC & Best of Breed

2nd: FALCONER, Mrs Anne Elizabeth Soneve Simply Special for Siatham JW

Differing in type to one but, this is a well-balanced symmetrical bitch, with good angulations fore and aft, strong in bone, standing on correct cat like feet. straight in hock and move with drive showing excellent front extension. Just preferred the overall balance of one.

3rd: HILL, Miss Pamela & Mr Dale. Megarvey Clementine JW

Class 1528 SBB (7 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: PATERSON, Miss M Trystinthorn Miss Eliza

Feminine head with excellent dark pigmentation, well laid shoulders, level topline, good fore-chest and plenty of heart room, moved out well with her handler, used her tail well on the move

2nd: BELL, Mrs Fiona & Mr Michael. Hoaaloha Kealoha

Well-presented feminine bitch, dark eye and pigment, straight bone, cat like feet, level topline. lost out on maturity

3rd: MARTIN, Miss Louise. Garline Love so Deep

Class 1529 PGB (11 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: ROBBINS, Mrs Deborah & ROWARK, Mrs Patricia. Brekswood Lady Eleanor

Feminine compact bitch, nothing overstated with this girl, strong straight bone, presenting a feminine head with enough chiselling, earset framing her face. Strong muscular neck, into well laid shoulders, level topline with correct tailset. Deep through the heat, with good spring to her rib. Good width in in her rear quarters, good turn of stifle, well let down in hock, moved soundly driving from the rear.

2nd: CROOKES, Mrs Diana Susan & JENKINSON, Mrs Rachel Quakerhall Flare by Pandora

Feminine in head, good layback in shoulder, level topline, good in bone, moved out well. just preferred the symmetry of one.

3rd: FALCONER, Mrs Anne Elizabeth. Rossgilde My Fair Lady of Siatham JW

Class 1530 LB (13 Entries) Abs: 4

1st Nelson, Mrs v Cadwst Eternal Flame

Mid gold bitch with pleasing feminine head, dark pigmentation, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good bone, straight front & rear, well developed rear quarters, level in topline which she held on the move

2nd Mrs S Palmer & Mr & Mrs White Linirgor perfect Symphony of Cairnglen

Straight in front, soft gentle expression, preferred the front on one, level topline, strong rear quarters used well on the move

3rd: O’GORMAN, Mrs P & Mr S Thornywait Top Notch for Berrymeade JW

Class 1531 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: YOUNGSON, Mrs Dawn Sh Ch Linirgor Teacher's Pet at Treeveville JW

Balanced in outline, pleasing feminine head, soft expression with dark eye, good reach of neck, into well laid shoulders, well balanced in front and rear, cat like feet, level topline, good turn of stifle, we’ll let down hocks moved out well, strong and straight.

2nd: CROOKES, Mrs Diana Susan & JENKINSON, Mrs Rachel Quakerhall Pandora's Bounty

Typical in head, gentle expression, muscular in neck of good length. Level topline, correct tail set, used her tail on the move, good turn of stifle, move with drive.

3rd: LEWANDROWSKI, Mrs Heike. Int Ch Unique Selection Adelyn

Class 1532 GCB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: BELL, Mrs Fiona & Mr Michael. Hoaaloha Ahyoka

2nd: JAMES, Miss Amanda. Tsarmont Starlet

Very feminine bitch with gorgeous melting expression and excellent pigment. She has a good lay back, level top line and tail set. She just needs to drop into her stifle to complete the picture.

3rd: WILLIAMS, Mrs Mhairi & Miss Eryn. Auristela Lady Luck at Lamhryn

Carol Henry