• Show Date: 10/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: carol durrant Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

East of England Championship show 10/07/2022

Judge Terri Durrant

Flatcoated Retrievers

I would like to say a big thank you to Pat Dufty and committee for juggling me around to judge at this show after my first appointment was cancelled- Boston CH 2021 due to Covid restrictions.

 I have done my apprenticeship of thirty six years in Flatcoated Retrievers and the day had come for me to award my first set of CC’s at Peterborough.

I don’t want to write anything to negative on my first appointment but three points of note.

Loose leads-some could benefit from Ringcraft training to acquire this skill.

Exhibitors could gain knowledge from watching around the ring others showing.

Heads-Some a little square not flowing in one long piece into a nicely moulded skull.

The temperaments I saw in the ring were excellent with confident dogs and a true FCR kindness (an attribute that some humans in the world could aspire too !!)

I would like to thank all the exhibitors who entered under me and allowed me to judge their lovely dogs-a quality entry of 125(155) which made my decisions hard in many classes. Thanks to all for your support.

Appreciation to my two stewards for their help on a very hot day which began to take it’s toll as the day progressed.

I would also thank those who sent messages and who entered from those of years gone by and those newer to the breed.

I was delighted with my BOB and would like to thank all those who made this a very pleasurable day.

When judging to type it is hard not to be repetitive in write ups but there were many similar attributes.

All dogs were well presented and with solid temperaments. Many good examples of movement and handlers getting the best out of their dogs on the day.

I was very pleased to see that my winners did well in the Groups-BOB Group 3 and BV Group 1-not a bad day for first time awarding CC’s !!

Once again-thank you everyone.


RDCC Sh Ch Woodfinch Masquerade

BCC Sh Ch Feldkirk Dior of Kazval

RBCC Wiccansage Virtue at Rydanah


BP Windyhallows Ragged Robin

BV Berend Uit De Zwarte Polder for Withybed {impnid]

BSB Gamesrights Deep River Blue

Minor Puppy Dog 4(1a)

 Two similar puppies in height, length, type and coat 1st just moved a little better than 2- both still developing.

1st Windyhallows Ragged Robin (Mr E W, Mrs P J & Miss N E Colson)

 7-month-old -what will the future hold for this young dog? a good one I hope both working and showing. Lovely masculine head with soft expression and dark eye, good reach of neck. correct shoulder placement and well boned2. Liked his tight feet and good bend of stifle. BPD AND BP IN BREED

2nd Woodavens Water Valet (Miss D Warrington)

 9 months old- another promising youngster. Well balanced in body and head well. Lovely dark eyes .Shoulders well placed. Level topline and strong in the rear quarters. Good tail set and feet- moved well .

3rd CastleRock Glance at Me AT Emacote naf (Mrs L Parry)

Puppy Dog 5

Both dogs of same height and length with good bone. Just preferred 1s profile and picture of balance at end .

1st Gloi Dubh Kristofer Robin (Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts)

Well matured youngster for his age of 9 months. Nice size and shape , moulded head with dark eyes .Good layback of shoulder to straight legs and deep forechest. Well sprung ribs, good hindquarters with good tail set. Lovely movement with drive.

2nd Burpham Addicted to Love (Mr M & Mrs J B Murray)

11 ½ months old still needs time to develop he will take time as it should be. A bit racier than 1 nice head shape with dark eyes. Good length of neck good construction front and rear and good topline. Good tailset which was wagging all the time. Once settled down he moved well,.

3rd Woodavens Water Valet (Miss D Warrington)

Junior Dog 11 (1a) A strong class of young males.

1st Riverglide Secret Reprieve (Mrs A Youens)

 Lovely dog with nice, moulded head good eye excellent front. Well constructed with good spring of rib. Good topline and tail set with bone and substance. Good rear angulation nice tight feet. Moved with drive

2nd Bramatha Glenfiddich (Miss S E F & Mr R Whittaker & Beevers)

 Well up to size and longer in the body than 1st. I preferred movement of 1st .Well moulded head with dark eye. Good front and rear good, as well as good topline. Good bone and feet Moved well with handler’s son.

3rd Gloi Dubh Kristofer Robin (Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts)

Yearling Dog 8(1a)

1st Hopevalley Morning Phantom (Miss H Bright)

 Well balanced head with a kind expression and dark eye. Good reach of neck and straight front. Body balanced with nice topline and good tail set, good rear angulation leading to straight hocks .Moved freely .

2nd Hameldowntor Amontillado with Lorosiettie (Mrs C A Stott ( Davison )

  Masculine head with kind expression. Good reach of neck, excellent front. Had substance with good bone. Good tail set.Coat in good condition. Moved well with a different handler.

3rd Bramatha lockdown Blues (C Tinker)

Graduate Dog 5(1a)

1st Gloi Dudh Just One Look (Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts)

Nice balanced dog nice, moulded head with a dark eye. layback shoulder good with forechest .Straight front with good feet and well sprung ribs. Good topline, good bend of stifle with well set tail which he used all the time. In good coat and condition and was presented well to get his outline. Moved true before and after.

2nd Bramatha Lockdown Blues (C Tinker)

 Was handled by owner’s son on the move who moved him well. l liked this dog’s head shape with dark eyes. Heald his head well with a good reach of neck and good front body. Just needs to mature. Topline good. Tail set was good with a long tail that was wagging all the time .

3rd Ronevorg ANGEL Wiv Attitude (Mrs J B & Miss M A Campbell & Brown)

Post Graduate Dog 7(1a)

1st Hopevalley Morning Circus (Mrs M E Romeo-Dieste)

Similar in type to yearling dog from the same kennel. Well balanced head with a kind expression and dark eye. Good reach of neck and straight front. Body balance nice, topline good ,tail set nice. Good rear angulations with straight hocks moved freely.

2nd Everblack Booze Cruise at Dexaniuc (Mr M & Mrs P Mullins)

I have liked this dog as youngster when I have been in the ring next to him with my dog. Well constructed, sound dog with profuse coat. Well angulated both endsA a good male head with nice soft expression. Good bone and feet move soundly just liked 1s racier outline and free movement, but this dog still has quality.

3rd Harlistream Hendrick’s (Mrs R C Deacon)

Mid Limit Dog 2

1st Gamerights Troyte (Mrs C M Taite)

I have judged this dog before. Masculine classic head with a kind eye. Good front construction nice depth of chest good spring of rib. Good body length excellent rear angulation with well let down hocks -moved well with handler.

 2nd Satinbaze Cracksman for Blacktoft jw (Mrs H M Fox)

Good head shape and eye. Good reach of neck, good straight front and good chest.Bbit longer in body to 1 with good topline and tail set that flowed. Good bone moved well.

Limit Dog 10 (2a)

Two nice males 1st had the better movement on the day.

1ST Lizzlog Shotgun Harry JW (Mrs L Walker)

 Appealing dog with many good point’s. Nice one-piece head with soft expression and a good eye. Good neck, nice front correct body length. Good topline and tail set with good bone and substance .In good coat- happy mover with drive.

2nd Seaheart Crain at Gloi JW (Miss & Dr L Smitherman & Roberts)

Another classic dog of good quality. Good front and rear angulation. A pleasing head and eye. Good neck and shoulders, level topline. Tail set good just carried the tail a little high. Both 1and 2 stood well and moved with drive- a close call.

3RD Rodsdream First Choice for Vynesbrook (Mr M G Lewin)

Open Dog 7

A strong male class all in good condition - all 5 placing would work as well as showing .

1st NTCH/NORD CH/DAN/CH/NOW CH ALMANZA Backseat Driver Se CH 9 (Ms R & Mr P Ulin & Oware)

Wow - just his prescence in the ring took my breath away,from the start with his showman ship and partnership with his handler. So elegantly handled and presented. A true team working together. Lovely rich liver in colour with the desired dark of eyes for a liver. A one-piece head that flowed into a nice reach of neck leading to well angulated shoulders with good return of upper arm. Straight front legs with tight feet. Deep well sprung ribs and loin, short and square. Nice level top line leading to correct tail set with tail that never stopped wagging. Correct bend of stifle straight down into hock. In good coat with full furnishings, a completely elegant dog and well-groomed. Movement was fluid covering the ground with ease shown on a loose lead in wonderful condition through out. My hand just flowed over this dog from nose to the tip of the tail. I was so honoured to have the chance to go over the Crufts winner of 2022. I was every happy to give this dog his 2nd CC- I do like a good liver fcr and he was the one on the day. Gundog group 3rd

2nd Sh Ch Woodfinch Masquerade (Mr & Mrs D & R Bellamy)

 Another dog worthy of his title. Black dog that moved free and flowing. If 1st didn’t gate crash the party on the day I would have been happy to award him the CC. A tad taller than 1st nice moulded head with a kind eye. Good reach of neck ,straight front. Not the forechest has 1St but deep sprung chest. Balance throughout, good topline. Well set tail which was wagging all the time he moved with drive around the ring.

3rd SH CH Lizzlog Buzz lightyear (Mrs L Walker)

Veteran Dog 8

Classic class of good old legends

1st Berend Uit De Zwarte Polder for Withybed {impnid] (Mrs A Kilminster)

   Veteran group 1- wow for 9 year old dog he just shone on the day with personality and coat. Classic head with a lovely correct eye and a lovely expression .Good forechest, well -balanced body, good topline to a nice tail set that tail keep wagging. Coat was gleaming . Moving well front and rear end. Veteran group 1st

2nd Covellyn’s Arctic Loon Of Seasheart JW (Miss G Smitherman)

I liked this dog when he was younger but just preferred the movement on 1 on this day. Another dog of 10 years that doesn’t look his age. Lovely head with a correct eye. Good reach of neck good bone, tight feet ,good forechest and spring of rib, short loin, well set tail. Just overreached on the stand on his backend but moved well.

3rd SH CH Gloi Dubh Fingal JWShCM (Ms E J & Dr L Walker & Roberts)

Special Beginners dog 5

1st Gamerights Troyte winner of mid Limit dog (Mrs C M Taite)

2nd Hameldowntor Amontillado With Lorosiettie 2nd in yearling dog (Mrs C A Stott ( Davison )

3rd Hameldowntor Pedro Ximenez (Mr A J Wilson)

Minor Puppy Bitch 4

 Litter siblings at 7 months and differing stages, both beautifully presented and moved well.1st just had the edge on 2 with presentation and movement both could easily changes places given another day.

1st Seaheart Diva (Miss G & Mr P Smitherman) Lovely feminine head with dark eye and soft expression. Good fore chest and lay back of shoulder- upper arm balanced. Strong rear ,good top line and tail set .Good bone and feet moved straight and true in the class but not so positive in the challenge for BPB.

2nd Seaheart Dora (Mrs A J Carter) Same as 1 but a little, taller at this stage has all the same attributes as 1 slightly longer in the neck with straight shoulder. Moved well .

3rd Windyhollows Flaming Kate (Mr E W, Mrs P J & Miss N E Colson)

Puppy Bitch 7

Two nice puppies that will change places under a different judge on a different day I preferred the movement on 1st today.

1st Hototo Pretty Ballerina (Miss C J Chambers)

  Pretty puppy of balanced proportions and substance for her age. Very good condition and typical overall shape at this age. Good head shape with kind alert expression and eye. Fair depth of rib cage with good balanced front and rear level topline. Good tail set, good bone, tight feet moved with steady action and a happy tail action. BPB.

2ndBurpham Lotties First Love (Mrs L M Strudwick)

Another lovely puppy and a close decision between 1. Lovely feminine bitch with pleasing balanced head with a dark eye and soft expression. Just slightly longer cast in body than 1, well off for bone ,good hindquarters, neat feet and moved soundly.

3rd Hightyne Blue River (Ms J A Scott)

Junior Bitch 8(1a)

1st Selloana Monoceros (Mr C & Mrs C Hewison)

Nice workmanlike size bitch with nice head and eye. Good neck into well laid shoulder. Good bone, depth, and rib. Moderate turn of stifle. Well balanced throughout. Good coat and in good condition, nice size, and type. Moved well.

2nd Moontorn Better Half of Me Another (Miss A Bellamy)

Nice youngster of good type, size and shape, also well-handled. Moved well, not as developed as winner at this stage.

3rd Hightyne Blue River (Ms J A Scott)

Yearling Bitch 4

Two nice young girls still raw at this age but both will develop into nice bitches once mature.

1st Rydanah Devils in The Detail (Mrs J Holmes)

 Typical head with a good eye shape and colour. Good front, correct bone for age, level top-line with constantly wagging tail on the move as well moved true.

 2nd Kazval Angel in Your Sky over Feldkirk (ms k Anderson}

 These two dogs are similar- 1 was a true fcr by constantly wagging that tail. Splitting hairs over these two but 2 is a nice size feminine throughout kind head and expression. Good body proportions good bone and feet rear drive clean and true on the move in good condition

3rd Everblack Crazy in Love (Miss I Kulczycka)

Graduate Bitch 9 (3a)

1st Hopevalley Morning Shine Over Wychwizaard (Mrs C & Mr A Leavy)

 Well-balanced she has a lovely feminine head good eyes, colour good and kind expression. Moderate length of neck, good shoulder placement deep chest and lovely topline. Moderate length of body, short loin correct bend of stifle with straight hocks and good sound movement.

2nd Ronevorg Whispering Angel a little (Mrs J B Campbell)

 Heavy in head preferred the head of 1 and her feminine outline. Good fore chest depth and sprung ribs ,straight front with good bone and tight feet. Well bodied up with good top line and well set tail . Strong muscles in the hindlegs and in good condition of coat. Moved well with power from the rear .

3rd Bochilbarly Pumpkin Spice (Mrs P & Miss A Bellamy)

Post Graduate Bitch10 (1a)

1st Gemswin She’s Got the Look (Mrs P Matthews)

 Another quality bitch with excellent balance all over. Loved her head shape nice dark eyes. Neck was the correct length well laid shoulder good front with bone. Lovely tight feet. Good chest with width with a short loin and depth good hindquarters good width of second thigh. Well presented and handled cover the ground on the move (considered her for RCC }

2nd Hopevalley Morning Shine Over Wychwizaard (Mrs C & Mr A Leavy) 2nd in Graduate Bitch

3rd Gamerights Deep River Blues (Ms C Delamere)

Mid Limit Bitch 3 (1a)

1st levelmoor Acorn Antiques Via Wetnoses (Mr D E J & Mrs M A Salt)

 Still a pretty bitch with her disability of having an eye removed -one-piece head with a dark eye and lovely expression. Nicely balanced with good front and rear angulation .Topline good and tail set. Tight feet .Nice size in height moved well .

2nd Hameldowntor Music of The Night {imp] (Mr A J Wilson)

 Little bit taller than 1s Another lovely lady pretty head and expression, good reach of neck, correct shoulders, good fore chest , good bend of stifle,and moved true.

Limit Bitch 8

 A nice class of girls.

1st Never Say Never Oaisi of Peace didnt (Mrs S E & Mr I R Phipps Baker & Baker) A nice sized feminine bitch with lovely eye shape and colour. Good construction front and rear presenting a super outline with level topline. She moved out well with super reach and rear driving action- she was the better mover in front than 2nd .

2nd Lizzlog Fanny by Gaslight (Mrs L walker} Lovely bitch that presented a nice outline on the stand .Classic feminine head and expression bit longer in the reach of neck to 1 straight front leading to good bone and feet. Well ribbed up and depth of chest, slightly longer in the cast than 1 good topline, moderate bend of stifle moved well. In good coat condition and handled well .

3rd Bochilbarley Heaven Sent to Woodavens {AI} (Miss D Warrington)

Open Bitch 12 (2a)

This class was hard class to choose lots of nice bitches on the day.

1st Sh Ch Feldkirk Dior of Kazval (Ms K Anderson)

 She is following her mother paw prints in the show ring LOVE HER Mother. A quality bitch- classic head dark eyes sparkling expression. Good reach of neck, defined brisket good oval bone .Well balanced throughout strong quarters .Nice size in height and length of body on the move she covered the ground with ease- moved with drive and purpose. When going over her it was a joy and happy to award her BCC.

2nd Wiccansage Virtue at Rydanah (Mrs J Holmes)

Nice size not over done in high or length pretty head with nice eye colour and shape . Lovely length of neck good shoulder placement, good front forechest depth and sprIng of rib. Good length of body loin short and square moderate bend of stifle. Good tail set.Shown in lovely coat she moved with drive and covered the ground so happy I call her in to challenge to award her RBCC .

3rd Gemswin Dressed Success (Mrs S, Mrs G & Mr M Knight & Jacobs)

Veteran Bitch 4

1st Moonstruck Macadamia Jww 15 (Mrs S, Mrs G & Mr M Knight & Jacobs)

 A feminine lady in good coat and condition for her age. Liked her size, shape, and type. Feminine balanced head with good eye and expression. Good neck, straight legs and good feet, good ribs and well-set tail. Well angled rear and covered ground very well for her age .

2nd Torinmill F=Gaelic Aurora Kcwgc (Miss E A Branscombe)

Taller than 1 but nice bitch and workmanlike. Nice balanced head and expression, clean neck into body of good shape. Good depth and well-built rear. Good bone and feet. Well-presented and moved round the ring with good action.

3rd Seaheart Bronte of Everblack (Miss I Kulczycka)

Special Beginners Bitch

1st Gamesrights Deep River Blue (Ms C Delamere)

Stood alone but when it came best SB class she was against a dog from same kennel. She had a bit more edge over him on type and movement on the day. Good head dark eyes colour with soft expression. Good front and shoulder placement ,balanced on profile and moved soundly