• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Carol Benson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

BEST OF BREED : 3524 DUNBAR, Sh Ch Linirgor Luv Song TAF JW

Dog CC : KIPPS, Cadwst Flash Flame to WHEATCROFT

Res Dog CC : GRAINGER, Amilone Flintstone

Bitch CC : DUNBAR, Sh Ch Linirgor Luv Song TAF JW

Res Bitch CC : RODGERS, Sh Ch Rojillair Evening Magic of Odarla JW

Best Puppy : HAINES, Leighsham Tullamore

Best Veteran : DUNBAR, Sh Ch Linirgor Luv Song TAF JW

Thank you to the Committee of Manchester Dog Society for inviting me to Judge and for your kind hospitality.

Due to Covid and family health issues this was the first show I have attended since well before the lock down so it was exciting to see many dogs that were new to me. Quantity may not have been what we used to get but the quality certainly made up for that. So many top-quality dogs bodes well for the future. Thank you for bringing your lovely dogs, I enjoyed judging them.

Leg length appears to be improving generally and there was no evidence of very overweight dogs so no Breed issues to report. A small number of untidy mouths and several proud tails. Temperaments were exemplary.

Thank you to Joyce and Jean, my two hard working Stewards who helped keep the ring running efficiently.

My Co-Judge and I liked both CC winners (I had awarded the bitch a CC in the past) but we struggled to agree so decided to let the Referee choose. He selected the Bitch and delighted she was short-listed in the Group. Best Puppy was the dog who went on to win the Puppy Group. Best Veteran automatically went to the Best of Breed winner.

Class MPD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: WILLIAMS, Berrymeade Kilternan of Busheyhall

Mid Gold, 8 months with attractive head and expression. Presented a balanced outline with good front, rear angulation and leg length. Well sprung ribs and short coupled. Level top line and tail carriage. Moved out well.

2nd: WILLIAMS, Cesarka Sea Shanty

6 months old with Mid Gold coat, very much a baby with lots of promise. Nicely shaped head, good neck into level top line. Well angled front assembly, short coupled and strong rear with good turn of stifle. Moved soundly.

3rd: 3644 WHITE, Mrs G & WHITE, Mr K Blenstone Yankee Doodle

Class PD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HAINES, Leighsham Tullamore

So much to like about this 11 month old youngster. Standing and moving he is balanced throughout. Handsome head and gentle expression, good reach of neck into well laid-back shoulders, good return of upper arm, rib cage developing nicely, short couplings with well-muscled rear quarters and turn of stifle. Level top line and tail set held on the move which he did with free-flowing strides. BPD, BP & PG1.

2nd: BECK, Simon Basset De Ria Vela for Beinangus (Imp Esp)

Needs a little more time to fill his slightly larger frame but has plenty to like about him already. Mid gold with Good head and expression. Level top line, slopes off at croup slightly, tail carried correctly. Front and rear angles in harmony. Well-presented and moved out with purpose.

3rd: BOLTON, Megarvey Still Game For Shiresmill NAF

Class JD (12 Entries) Abs: 4

1st: ARCHIBALD, Abinvale Firestorm (AI)

2nd: 3604 SAVAGE, Ms K Weisford Guilty As Sin

3rd: 3592 POUNDS-LONGHURST, Mrs S Mossburn Galloping Major

Res: 3510 CLUNIE, Miss K Warrentor Bold as Brass

VHC: 3533 GERHOLD, Mrs J Navilis Nouveau Venu (Imp)

Class 911 YD (10 Entries) Abs: 0


2nd: 3604 SAVAGE, Ms K Weisford Guilty As Sin

3rd: 3597 RILEY, Mrs S Wylloh Lost in Translation

Res: 3592 POUNDS-LONGHURST, Mrs S Mossburn Galloping Major

VHC: 3533 GERHOLD, Mrs J Navilis Nouveau Venu (Imp)

Class 912 GD (5 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3645 WILLIAMS, Miss K Berrymeade Coeur Blimey at Busheyhall


3rd: 3617 SWAINE, Mr P & SWAINE, Mrs D Ohanagold Apollo



Class 913 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3541 HAXTON, Mrs. C Dantassie Double Take

2nd: 3626 TOWERS, Mrs S & HENDERSON, Mrs M & BOLANO, Mr J Grey Goose November Rain (Imp Esp)

3rd: 3611 SMITH, Mrs L & SMITH, Mr T Thornywait Iluminati at Goldmarker

Res: 3561 KINCHELLA, Mrs T & KINCHELLA, Mr P Honeymill Elder Warrior

VHC: 3537 GRAVES, Mrs H Bowbarl Twistnturn

Class 914 LD (15 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 3562 KIPPS, Mrs L & KIPPS, Mr G Cadwst Flash Flame to WHEATCROFT

2nd: 3502 CATTERALL/ JACKSON, Mr B Golmas Guardsman

3rd: 3481 ANGELL, Miss B Millanza Toy Story JW

Res: 3625 TOWERS & HENDERSON, Mrs & Mrs S Alibren Galileo to Westervane JW SGWS

VHC: 3580 MILLINGTON, Mrs J Carneval Of Golden Duck-Cobey at Jarabees (Imp Ser

Class 915 OD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3536 GRAINGER, Miss S Amilone Flintstone

2nd: 3522 DUNBAR, Miss L & DUNBAR, Ms I Sh Ch Linirgor Tomich TAF JW

3rd: 3482 ARCHIBALD, Mr, Mrs & Miss F Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Abinvale Levanto

Res: 3491 BIRKIN-GREEN, Mrs S & GRIPTON, Mr J & GRIPTON, Mrs Sh Ch Sansue Keep the Magic JW

VHC: 3492 BOLTON, Mrs J & BOLTON, Mr R Stanroph Superstravegante at Shiresmill JW

Class 916 VD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 3637 WALDRON-SMITH, Mrs M C Loverock & Mrs L Lovissa Space Dust Sh.CM

2nd: 3490 BIDDULPH, Mr M & BIDDULPH, Mrs S Dibblesdae The Magic Goes On

3rd: 3526 ETHERINGTON, Miss S & STOKES, Mrs B Elkarima's Golden Harlequin Knight JW