• Show Date: 03/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Bev Dummett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (Field)

I would like to thank the exhibitors for a quality entry and their sportsmanship.I first met the breed as a young girl as Don and Margaret Nicholls, Lydemoor, lived in the next village to me and we all went to the same dog clubs. I have followed the breed with interest ever since. Breeders are doing a good job as they are breeding to the breed standard and maintaining the breed specific points which other breeds sadly are losing. The depth of quality in the majority of classes was impressive and I find it surprising that the breed is often overlooked in Group and Stakes competition, which is a shame. I heard that my BOB and BPIB were shortlisted in their respective groups so hopefully placings wont be far away. All exhibits were fit and healthy although a few a little fond of their dinners. Decisions were very close and placings could well swap on another day.

Veteran D/B (1) BVIB Tyes Sh Ch Thandiwe Last tango of Tymora. Handsome chap now 10 years young and one I have done well before and still like, but today maybe he was feeling the heat as didn’t quite have the show attitude of the other winners, but a worthy champion. Has the noble, chiseled head, well off for bone, has good front and depth of chest and presents a balanced outline. In lovely coat and moved with drive.

Puppy D (1) BPIB MacBain & Brewers Fecimus son of a gun. 10 month pup full of life and fun. Bit raw still but has a pleasing head and expression, presents balanced outline when he did stand still, once collected on the move showed drive from behind. A real character who has promising future.

Junior D(4). Exciting class of youngsters. 1, Moss Ewtor the wizard loved his outline, so well balanced. Noble head. Good neck leading to correct shoulders and front, well off for bone. Moderate stifle and muscular rear. Once he finishes in coat will get his title for sure. Well handled. 2 Osborns Elgert back to the future, so close up to 1, and similar in type. Also has good neck and shoulders, well off for bone and good profile, Moderate rear. Not quite as positive on move as 1 in this class but came back more settled in next class. Son of BOB. Also should make up. 3 Housemans Flyenpeg first sight.

Post grad, D (7). Another great class. 1 E back to the future. 2 Hardings Kingsmist the black knight. Noble head and expression with chiseling. Well off for bone, good body, well ribbed with good rear. showing nice profile when stacked, just needs to mature up and come together on the move and will title for sure. Well handled and presented. 3,Davies Gadhelic rum tum tigger to Benbreac completed a trio of stars.

Limit D(4) 1 Mosedale and Rossiters Elgert Disco inferno at Knightsbay, eye catching stunning black dog who presents a lovely profile. Loved his head and expression, good neck leading to well placed shoulders.Good depth of chest, Well off for bone. Presented and handled to perfection. Shame in the challenge he didn’t put his best foot forward as was so close up for a top award. His day will come soon for sure. 2 Saundersons Winfarthings nice one Cyril at Walwal, Imp can. Different type to 1 and slightly smaller, but still full of quality and breed type. Classic head which I preferred to 3 and 4’s, holds outline on move, well ribbed and moderate stifle, shown in hard muscular condition. Once fully matured will do very well. 3 Shipton Broomeece firecracker over Mishules, again completed a lovely trio of dogs.

Open (7) What a stunning class. Im sure all must have CC’s, such was the quality here and it was a shame 2 had to go cardless. Here I found my BOB . 1 , DCC, BOB Bennetts Sh Ch Jesham Baronet, right in his prime, handsome noble head with chiseling, good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulders, lovely outline and moved with good drive from rear. Moderate stifle, good hindquarters. Is passing on his type. 2 RDCC Davies Elgert lets dance at Benbreac, mature boy also in his prime and close up to 1 as similar qualities. Handsome head, good neck and shoulders, looks good stacked showing correct outline. Moderate stifle and good rear, moved with drive, well handled. 3 Holgates Prince Arthur vom belauer at Navadin.

GCD/B (1) W nice one Cyril at w. from Limit class.

Puppy B(1) 1 Smith Beautilicious Donna, raw 6 months pup at her first show and having fun. A real cutie who needs some more ring training but am sure will get there. Could use more weight but has a good coat coming.

Junior B(2) 2 different types here who probably swap places. 1 Adams and Hirds Irisbel English rose, adapt name for a feminine pretty headed girl who has good neck and well placed shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed and good outline held on the move. Nicely handled . 2 Channon Clandrift glitter in the air for Thandiwe, slightly bigger girl all round but well off for bone and also held good outline on move. Muscular rear. Lots to like but no 1 had bit more ring presence but 2 nice girls.

Post grad B(4) Another nice class of ladies. 1 Bowen Clandrift Destiny , daughter of one I have admired before and has her qualities. Feminine head and expression, substantial body, good depth of chest. In good coat and condition. Shows promise. 2 Barkers Navadin Yirki at Tumblebar , also a daughter of one I have done well before. Similar remarks to 1, good neck and chest. Liked her profile, just carrying a bit of extra weight today but again promising girl. 3 Watts Elgert Surprise surprise, no disgrace here was splitting hairs with all 4.

Limit B(5) Quality class. 1 and RCC Holgates Navadin Exclusive JW, lovely liver, gorgeous head with chiseling, good neck ,shoulders and rib, holds lovely profile. Moderate stifle, good rear. Moved with unhurried drive, just needs little more coat to finish the picture but close up for CC. 2 Hardings Kingsmist Miss Marple JW, unlucky to meet 1 today, but close up. Nice black, slightly heavier type but well off for bone. Good shoulders and depth of ribs, strong through back and loin. again moved out well showing drive. Should also get her title. 3 Lewis Irisbel Cherish you. Another pleasing girl.

Open B (3, 1A) Another quality class. 1, BCC Osborns Sh Ch Elgert Private dancer. What a cracker this girl is. Holds lovely outline, full of breed type. Loved her head and expression. Another with good neck, shoulders and deep chest.Strong hindquarters. Moved well with drive and full of show attitude. Very tight between her and dog for BOB, could have gone either way but he had the edge on final move. Another day could be other way round. See she is sister to limit dog winner, so a good litter. 2 Holgates Sh Ch Navadin Wenhaver JW, lovely liver who is proving her worth in ring and whelping box. Liked her before but today carrying a bit more weight than her daughter which tipped the decision for RCC. Feminine head, good neck and shoulders, correct outline and presented in good coat. Moderate stifle. Moved out well.