• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becky Johnson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Veteran Groups

Veteran Groups.

I should like to extend my most sincere thanks to the Officers and Committee for entrusting me with all seven Veteran Groups and Best Veteran in Show. I had the most wonderful weekend, the hospitality was superb and the veterans that I was afforded the luxury of judging were all a great credit to their owners. I thank you all very much indeed.

Toy Group

1st : WYATT, Mrs Christine Sydney Ch Bobander Too Kool For Skool JW - BICHON FRISÉ. Very smart all through. Up to size but beautifully balanced with correct pigmentation. Well arched neck. Strong body. Well muscled hindquarters. In immaculate coat and condition. Strong, driving movement.

2nd : IRONSIDE, Miss Alison Hawksflight If You Dare Sh.CM - MINIATURE PINSCHER. Very close to winner. Super balance. Excellent head and ear set. Clean through neck and shoulder. Well shaped body and muscled hindquarters. Moved well on good stride.

3rd : MORRIS, Mr & Mrs Wayne & Gaynor Ch Classy cleo ShCm VW - HAVANESE. Very sparky with great “big ring” attitude. Well balanced all through with strong body and well muscled hindquarters. Excellent coat and condition. Moved with drive

4th : DARLINGTON, Mrs E D J Royal Fantasy Sacred Sunset Of Featherfalls TAF - CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL. Very well balanced with good topline held standing and moving. In excellent coat and condition. Very pretty ruby bitch.

Working Group

1st : LINDLEY, Mrs J Ch Hyerdunscar The Big Tease JW Ir J Ch CJW16 - BULLMASTIFF. She caught my eye immediately. Power without being coarse in any way. Well shaped head with strong neck. Well laid shoulder with good width of chest. Well made hindquarters with moderate rear angulation. Excellent muscle. Strong hocks. Powerful, driving movement. In the final for BVIS she put in an excellent performance and push the Dalmatian all the way to the wire. RBVIS.

2nd : LOADES, Mrs S J Ch Snowolf Black Ice Buddy - ALASKAN MALAMUTE. Strongly built but not coarse. I could imagine him working through the snow and ice! Well shaped head. Powerful forequarters. Strong body. Moderate rear angulation. In excellent coat and condition. Moved with great drive.

3rd : ATKINS, Miss S M Akna Peechee for Qimugta* - CANADIAN ESKIMO DOG. Well balanced maintaining good outline both standing and on the move. Well boned with level topline and good tail carriage. Moved well on an even stride.

4th : WYNNE, Miss Shelley & WYNNE, Ms Linda GLENBRANTER SUMMAT SPECIAL AT MYDISA (JW) (ShCM) J - SIBERIAN HUSKY. Good overall balance. Strong in body. Correct forehand construction. Well muscled hindquarters. Very fit for purpose.

Pastoral Group

1st :SHORER-WHEELER, Ms Jenny Ch Maidofcopper For Koromandel (Fin Imp) JW - NORWEGIAN BUHUND - I loved this bitch for her type, construction and overall moderation - nothing over done - just what you saw is what you got. Square in outline. Well shaped head. Clean limbs. Moderate rear angulation. Lacking undercoat but despite that performed extremely well to win this strong veteran group.

2nd : COLLINSON, Mr & Mrs Norman & Jacquelyn Ch NIKARA DIAMOND JUBILEE WITH NORJACK - SAMOYED. Pushed the winner all the way. Excellent outline showing true breed type. Super head and well placed ears. Well laid shoulder with corresponding length of upper arm. Strong in body and hindquarters. In excellent coat and condition.  

3rd : THORNE, Mrs R S & MR J R Ch Belshanmish Pretty in Pink at Pyrajay Sh.CM ShC - PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOG. Quality all through. Well balanced and moved so lightly around the ring. Well shaped head with small ears. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder. Good depth and width of chest. Strong topline maintained in movement with good tail carriage. Excellent coat texture.

4th : GIBBONS, Miss Sarah & SPENCER, Miss Paige Ir Ch UK Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wisp - AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD. Excellent balanced outline with front legs well under the body. Good head shape with correct ear placement. Moderately turned stifles. Excellent coat. Very sound movement.

Terrier Group

1st :MAPSON, Mrs Lorraine & MAPSON, Mr Gary Ch / Am Ch ABIQUA WILD JACK OF HEARTS Sh.CM Re (Im - SOFT-COATED WHEATEN TERRIER. Excellent outline. Well shaped head with strong jaw. Good width of chest. Well sprung ribcage. Short loin. Broad, well muscled hindquarters. Excellent coat texture. Moved out well with good drive.

2nd : BANNISTER, Mrs Y Ch Miteymidgets Going Global JW Sh.CM - BEDLINGTON TERRIER. Excellent overall balance. True head of good length and correct ear set. Correct topline and underline. Well turned stifles. In excellent coat and condition. Moved out on a good stride.

3rd : BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova Sh.CM ShCEx VW - CESKY TERRIER. Very hard to believe she is 12 years old as she looks fabulous. Correctly proportioned all through. Head of correct length and breadth. Elegant neck with well laid shoulder. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well with great sense of purpose.

4th : GRAINGER, Miss G Perrylands Bentara - SKYE TERRIER. Lovely outline. Large head with well set ears. Level topline maintained in movement. In excellent coat and condition. Moved out well on a steady stride.

Gundog Group

1st : DAVIES, Miss M J Katmistsky's Soul Dream - RETRIEVER (NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING). Well balanced all through with true breed outline. Correct head shape with good ear set. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder and corresponding return of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Topline held well on the move with correct tail carriage. Strong, well muscled hindquarters. Moved with great drive.

2nd : ATTWOOD, Mrs B & Mr K Kylowen Demelza - SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER). Very typy sound bitch. Excellent head with soft, pleading expression. Well laid shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm. Well ribbed back. Correct topline and tailset. Well made hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Moved out well with good tail action.

3rd : MERVYN, Mr Tom & MERVYN, Mrs Ann-Marie Ir & Int & Lux Sh Ch Tomanipoint Schumacher - GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER. Good overall shape - short backed standing over a lot of ground. Well shaped head. Neck leading smoothly to well placed shoulders. Good width of chest. Correct rib cage. Strong hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Moved with drive with good open side gait.

4th : BAMBROOK, Mrs Karen & BAMBROOK, Mr Carey & HARVEY- Linjor Sessile Oak At Ravoakar Sh.CM VW - RETRIEVER (LABRADOR). Soundly made all through. Masculine head but not coarse in any way. Strong neck leading to well laid shoulder. Good depth of chest. Correct ribcage. Strong hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Very sound on the move. Excellent coat texture.

Hound Group

1st : CADMORE, Mrs Elizabeth Ch SOLETRADER RITA ORA TAF - BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN (PETIT) - a huge character in a small package! Excellent overall balance. Head with well defined stop and square muzzle. Well laid shoulders with elbows close to the body. Level topline. Strong, well muscled hindquarters. Good rough coat. Moved out well with good head carriage.

2nd : SCOTT, Mrs Jackie & SCOTT, Mr Tim Ch Arushkhan Dancin In My Heart At Ambeshan JW - AFGHAN HOUND. Pushed the winner very hard all the way. Whereas the Petit was “impudence” he was “dignity” personified. Long narrow head carried well. Good length of neck leading to well sloped shoulders. Level topline with prominent hip bones. Excellent turn of stifle. Moved out well with smooth springy gait.

3rd : WILLIAMS, Mrs K H Ch Bermuda Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice At Winton VW - SALUKI. Hard to believe that she is 12 1/2 years old. Elegant all through. Smooth head of good length. Deep in chest. Correct topline and tail carriage. Well muscled hindquarters with moderately bent stifles. Moved effortlessly and lightly 

4th : JONES, Mrs Lesley & JONES, Mr A Multi LASERNA STORM IN A TEACUP JW - BASSET FAUVE DE BRETAGNE. Excellent overall balance. Head of medium length. Strong neck. Good width of chest. Well ribbed back. Well muscled hindquarters - used to advantage on the move. Excellent coat texture

Utility Group

1st : NEATH-DUGGAN, Miss S & BAKER, Ms S Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW - DALMATIAN. What a superb dog. I just loved him. Nothing flashy at all. Just everything where it should be. Excellent overall balance. Head of good length with ears set high. Clean, slightly arched neck leading to correct forehand construction with elbows close to the body. Well sprung ribcage. Powerful, well muscled hindquarters. Quality bone and excellent feet. Correctly spotted all through. On the move he is just effortless - easy to imagine him running with a carriage. Commanded attention at all times with his superb ring presence. Won a strong a very strong veteran group and ultimately Best Veteran In Show.

2nd : LOGAN, Mrs V R Ir GB IR,GB,CH,Miamilady Warrior Zivva Sh.CM - JAPANESE SHIBA INU. Very smart with correct breed outline. Head of correct shape with definite stop and furrow. Deep in chest with level topline and moderate tuck up. Long in stifle with parallel hocks. Moved out well. Excellent coat texture. I liked her a lot.

3rd : 4251 HICKSON, Miss Natasha L & HICKSON, Mr Colin Ch Kichigai's Only The Lonley - KEESHOND. Well balanced and compact all through. Foxy head with small ears. Strong neck. Compact in body with well sprung ribcage. Strong hindquarters. Moved on a brisk stride

4th : 4545 PLUMMER, Mrs Karen & PLUMMER, Mr Gary Tetsikarma Stargazer Sh.CM ShCEx VW - TIBETAN TERRIER. Sturdily built all through. Good head shape with strong muzzle. Well furnish forequarters. Level topline with flat croup. Correct bone and flat feet. Excellent coat texture. Moved out well with drive.

Best Veteran In Show

The last final of the day and in they came. All very worthy Group Winners. All with a chance for the top award. It was almost heart wrenching as they all gave such a good performance in excruciating heat. However decisions have to be made - and ultimately the Dalmatian took top spot with the Bullmastiff a very worthy runner up. Thank you all for coming back on the final day and contributing to what was a truly memorable weekend.

Becky Johnson.