• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Becci Hodge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Labrador Retriever Club 16th July 2022


Thank you to the Labrador Club for the invitation to judge dogs at this prestigious show.

Thank you also to my two fabulous stewards Barbara and Diane who kept the ring organised.

It was a very hot day but I was very impressed with the dogs and handlers for keeping themselves as cool as possible, most coped and it didn’t bother me if a few tails stopped wagging!

Having not judged males in a while, I was a little concerned at some of the head shapes and eyes, the breed standard asks for ‘skull broad with well defined stop’. I had a few with very little stop. Pleasing not to find any overdone heads on the plus side.

Coats were mixed, but forgave. Movement was variable, I did have 3 or 4 unsound. I didn’t ask for excessive amount of movement.

I was very happy with my lineup for quality, thank you for bringing them. I shortlisted 4 and any one of them would have been worthy of the CC.

All joint decisions in full agreement with my co judge Fiona Brandon.

BIS Hopkinson’s Rocheby String of Pearls

RBIS Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver

BPIS Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor

BMPIS McLellan’s Saranden Montgomery

BVIS Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey

Special Working Dog

1st Percival’s Ch. Wynfaul The Wizard, black, 8 years old, in excellent order. Soft masculine head and expression, showing his easy going temperament . Strong neck into well made front, topline strong with tail straight off, deep body with no excess weight, good bone and feet. Moved easily, covering the ground.

Field Trial no entries.

Veteran Dog (5,1)

1st Callender & Finney’s Carpenny Ship to Shore, 9 year old yellow who is in tiptop condition and did not look the oldest in this class. Lovely old style head, with pleasing expression. Flows from his neck to tail, good ribs and body, no excess weight, decent angles front and rear, and moved out with enthusiasm.

2nd McCrory’s Sh Ch. Millroseglen Make My Day with Meadovillabs, 8 year old yellow with gentle masculine head, good neck and front, decent rib and body, with tail straight off, enough hind angles, not the leg length or as free moving as 1.

3rd Young’s Potterspiney Killian.

Minor Puppy Dog (11,4)

1st McLellan’s Saranden Montgomery, 8 month black, well grown with good leg to length ratio. He has a lovely head, just right for his age, with appealing expression. Decent front, correct body, level topline, with well set tail, good hind angles, correct coat. Moved very freely, has a bright future, if he keeps maturing along these lines. BMPIS.

2nd Manning’s Marchurch Imperial Topaz, 8 month yellow, different type, really liked him, sweet masculine head, reasonable lay of shoulder, good body and ribs, with a little length, but not unbalanced. He has good bone on straight legs down to decent feet. Coat and texture good.

Moved very well.

These 2 were the best movers in the class.

3rd Edwards Kimbajak Prince Charming

Puppy Dog (7,3)

1st Harvey-Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor, yellow almost a year old, head balanced, enough for me, with a kind expression. Well made front, good lay of shoulder, good rib cage, short coupled, well angled hindquarters. In good coat of correct texture. Moved easily and straight. Promising future.


2nd Hopkinson’s Rocheby Havana , smaller stamp of dog, more immature than 1, with still a lot to come in body and size. Pleasant head, good lay of shoulder, short coupled, enough bone, weaker in pastern, coat and texture ok. Moved freely.

3rd Boulden’s Rumhill Firecracker

Junior Dog (8,2,1 wd)

1st Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah, black, 14 months, plenty of head for age, has enough muzzle, good expression and eye. Strong powerful neck into good shoulder, has length of rib, short coupled, reasonable hind angles, good topline and tail, well boned, and moved well when settled. In good coat. Think when he has finished maturing he will be an impressive male.

2nd Allen’s Timouron Secret Liaison, black, 13 months, pleasant balanced head, good length of muzzle, kind expression, good lay of shoulder, spring of rib, short coupled, adequate bone, moved freely and straight, just preferred the scope of 1.

3rd Shirton’s Woolman Day Dream Believer

Yearling Dog (8,1) a difficult class with mixed heads, sizes and movement.

1st Digweed’s Willokin’s Whistle Blower, yellow with well balanced head, eye colour and shape, good pigment, strong neck into reasonable front, good ribs and depth of body, well set tail, good hind angles, in good coat, steady mover. Won on overall balance and shortlisted in final 4.

2nd Allen’s Tylersgreen Narsil at Timourin, black of different type, more scope, masculine balanced head, kind expression, reasonable front, good ribs and depth of body, short coupled, decent amount of bone, good feet. Moved out steadily and straight.

3rd Morley’s Carpenny Paddy at Rockledge.

Maiden Dog (5,2)

1st Boulden’s Rumhill Firecracker well grown chocolate, who will take a while to fill his frame, head to mature, but shape good and eye colour darkening. Good shoulder, rib and topline, and tail set, well angled hindquarters, moved freely and straight, in good coat.

2nd Mount’s Buckholt Hornpiper Hector, yellow with lovely head and gentle expression, good eye shape and pigment, good shoulder, longer cast and tends to lose his topline, good hind angles, adequate bone, moved freely.

3rd Bill’s Saranden Thunder Road

Novice Dog (6,1)

1st McFaul’s Bogarie Gunner, 2 year old black, with pleasant masculine balanced head, good eye shape, reasonable front angles, good body and depth, correct hind angles, tail well set, good bone and moved freely and straight. Coat not at its best.

2nd Mount’s Buckholt Imber Court Jester, black, preferred 1s head and eye, close decision on body, reasonable angles, well set tail, not in best coat, moved easily.

3rd Young & Parkes Potterzuri Chip of the Old Block

Undergraduate Dog (4, 1 transfer)

1st King’s Linthwaite Theodore, well grown yellow with pleasant head, good shoulder, ribs, depth of body and topline, would prefer better hind angulation, moved straight in front but could have more drive behind.

2nd Hutchinson’s Glosmere Ragamuffin, black, completely different type, short, cobby in body, stronger head, adequate bone, he is over angled in rear, and moved a bit wide. Coat blowing and harsh.

3rd Sadler’s Talifen Gentleman Jack

Graduate Dog (7,2+1wd)

1st Woodley’s Alkamhurst Moment of Truth, 2 year old black in top condition, he has matured into a strong masculine boy, with nothing overdone, sensible balanced head with good expression, strong neck flows into deep balanced body off good ribs, and decent front, well set tail, which is thick and ‘otter shaped’, short coupled, good bone, and moved straight and true with enough extension and drive. Delighted to award him the RCC.

2nd Hill’s Kimbajak Full Golden Monty of Waggador, yellow, lovely head, good body and ribs, well set tail, in good coat and condition, shorter in leg, adequate bone, moved easily.

3rd McFaul’s Mallorn’s Arainn Bogarie

Post Graduate Dog (7,1)

1st Wilson’s Stelainros Westpoint, old fashioned black, with lovely gentle moulded head and expression. Strong neck leading to good lay of shoulder and front, longer cast than 2nd but balanced, excellent bone, feet, tail set. Moved very easily, perhaps a bit much overdrive in rear, won on construction and type.

2nd Ellis & Matulla’s Dolwen Stargazer, yellow who is different in type, shorter and more compact, good head shape and eye colour, and pigment, not quite the front of 1 or bone. Well rounded ribs, and good depth of body with no excess weight. In good coat, and moved well.

3rd Perkins Carromer Tegulia by Keeninspires

Mid Limit Dog (8)

1st Rawlinson & Balshaw’s Shanorrell Black Sabbath at Halshimoor, black with pleasing masculine head and expression, neck flows into level topline, with spring of rib and depth of body, well set tail, good front and rear angles. Enough coat, moved straight with extension and drive.

2nd Lawrence’s Dunnabbey Step Outside, yellow with well moulded head, would prefer a darker eye, well sprung ribs, short coupled deep body, reasonable front, good bone and feet, well angulated hindquarters, moved out easily.

3rd Mullett’s Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore

Limit Dog (6)

This class and the open were the best, rightly, and on another day places could change.

1st Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver, lovely gentle masculine head, with correct length of muzzle, pleasing eye colour and shape, set on clean neck, which flows into a good shoulder placement, and onto a level topline and tailset. Sensible body proportions of length to height, correct weight, giving enough depth. Good bone and feet, well angled hindquarters, allowing him to move with drive and extension. Thought he was on form today, and delighted to award him his 3rd CC and RBIS.

2nd Mills Lembas Maui, gorgeous head and soft expression on this black, heavier and deeper built, but on handling is not overweight, has good angles fore and rear, spring of rib and short coupled, good bone and hindquarters, moved well and in full coat.

3rd Climpson’s Othamcourt Heathcliff

Open Dog (7+ 1 transfer)

1st Dodd’s Carriegame Moonshine, black with lovely balanced head and kind expression, clean neck into well made body, reasonable front angles, he has good balance of leg to length ratio, decent spring of rib. Good bone and feet. Well angled and muscled hindquarters allowing him to move straight and with drive. His coat is of good texture but just too much at this time giving him a ‘scruffy’ appearance. In my final 4.

2nd Meredith’s Tweeedledum Off the Record, black with the kindest of heads and expression, good body proportions, spring of rib, short coupled, reasonable front angles, good topline, and tail. Not the hindquarters of 1, moved well with drive and straight. Coat texture ok, possibly not in full coat.

3rd McLellan’s Saranden Pensacola

Champion Dog (2,1)

1st Percival’s Ch. Winfaul the Wizard. As per sp.working

Stud Dog (1 abs)

Jackie Hodge